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OrbofAntioch's Reborn


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I like painting large blobs together, which makes this slightly painful: ~50 odd warriors, about 40% complete. 



When they are done they will look something like this:


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* The riders for the Skyweavers and Shining Spears are commissioned. I've only painted the bikes since I didn't enjoy painting those little elves. The outfit is called Unlimited Colors and they've done a really nice job:






** My GF's photoediting app way overexposed all of my own photos photos but I'm too lazy to take proper pictures myself.


Now these boys & girls I did personally:




A few finishing touches to be done, and about 30 more only half painted, but since they mostly shack up in my venoms anyway I don't really urgently need to have a lot painted for gameplay... they mostly just explode out of their ride, die, and then get recycled to hop out of another venom... hahaha...

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Absolutely wonderful! The bone and the green go very well together indeed!


I cant help but think that the wraithfighter could do with some of your lovely pattern work that you did on your jetbikes though.


Thank you sir! And yes, I do plan on doing some additional patterns on the Hemlocks soon as I have the whole air wing finished. 


These venoms are in the same boat:

(I built and primed these a while time ago so the build quality didn't get a lot of love..)




Some more jetbikes in the WIP pipeline:



The original plan was to run Skyreavers, Shining Spears, and Reavers in the same army but the FAQ kind of threw a monkey wrench in that plan. 

I suppose it can still be pulled of if I ran Soaring Spite and Red Grief outriders although Troupe Masters and Succubi will either need to hitchhike or just sit behind paying taxes. 




Archon riding dirty

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