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Daemon Prince Marbas

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I'm thinking amongst the cast of characters in the Warband having a defeated planetary rebel, Chaos Pirate, a Khornate Renegade Guardswoman, a Slaaneshi Dark Tech Adept, a Nurglite mutant, Daemonhost, a Beastman from a daemon world, an unsanctioned psyker, and later a Renegade Armiger pilot.
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The Daemonhost is possessed by a Daemon of Tzeentch whom will both aid and lead astray the main cast with it's "advice" to fall in line with Tzeentch's fickle, ever-changing nature. The Rebel main character fled into the Eye of Terror after a failed uprising by his planet that was put down by the Astra Militarum. The Chaos pirate and his fleet are recruited with the promise of loot from raided worlds. The Khornate Guardswoman is the vitriolic lieutenant of the pirate. A Dark Magos calls for aid when it's Dark Forge World gets raided by another Warband and pays them back in with the Slaaneshi tech adept and others in exchange for their role as custodians of the Hell Forges after they drive the raiders off. The Beastman is forced to join after getting defeated in the battle. He teaches the psyker how to create a Daemonhost plotting to use it to escape later. The Nurglite mutant and female unsanctioned psyker are the main characters companions from the start of the story. The mutant was part of the rebellion the main character partook in. The psyker is on the run from the Inquisition. The Renegade Armiger pilot is from the Dark Forge World motivated by power and usurping the noble family he used to be a part of. He's a bastard child and so anyone with a grasp of Medieval lore knows how bad that is for bastards. He's a very Shakespearean character. The Throne Mechanicum and his ancestors' voices are driving him insane though.
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