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=] 12 Months of Hobby Challenge 2019 [=


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Nice.  I am hoping to get Conquest when it comes out over here and I believe that comes at some stage as part of the kit.


If it does, be careful putting it together and if you have a spare sector mechanicus set you'll want to put an extender on the part above the central forge. I should have tested it prior, but just want to make the kit, but the space in front of the forge is too small for a standard knight.

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Escher gang nearly done. Couple to finish off then faces & bases. Hopefully finish on time. Rubbish picture but shows progress so far.



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Can't you just buy another pot?


And looking forward to seeing the finished Eschers, Dwango.



With a much bigger margin than I expected, I've finished the aberrants. They look like this:




I'm pretty pleased with them, especially the hypermorph and the guy waving his hammer over his head. Which means I'm fully expecting them to get wiped out in turn one next time I play. Which in turn leads on to this:



The Abominant, who'll be there to babysit. He's my pledge for April, but once again I'm planning to make an early start, as I really need him done before the middle of April. So:
I, Rogue, continue the Twelve Months Challenge by pledging one Abominant, to be completed by the end of April (or sooner).
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Can't you just buy another pot?



Turns out, past-Jono has future-Jono covered, as I found a new, unused pot waiting for me :thumbsup:


Hey Grotsmasha? Hate to be a pain, but I notice you never put what my vow was for March :laugh.:


That is my bad, I'll fixit now :thumbsup:


EDIT: So it turns out, I'd updated my excel spreadsheet, but not the March post, so there were quite a few who weren't up to date:blush.:

Edited by Grotsmasha
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No image right now but I'm almost done with this month's model - and on time for a change!


How is everyone else getting on? All on schedule?


Well my vow for march is done, getting set up for next month where I'm going to at least get a bastion and aegis line done. Prep work is already underway.



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I humbly present my first fully painted and based model in about a decade. No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!


Vow complete.





Edited by Crovan
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The first of many? Or is that you done for another decade or so?

:biggrin.: :biggrin.:


He is the first of many.  I am working on a concept for an army based around the Last Wall, so there will likely be iconography from a few other IF successors making appearances alongside the normal black and white of Dorn's angriest boys.

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Oh, and my vow for this month!


I, Chaplain Dosjetka, vow to fully assemble, paint, and base Pious Vorne before 31st March 2019. Failure is not an option.


(Starting pic whenever I get round to painting the gal.)

Heeeeeeeere weeeeeee gooooooooo for that bronze Speed Daemon badge! :devil:




P.S. It has been great to see the progress and completions of others over the past month. :thumbsup:

Edited by Chaplain Dosjetka
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Aaaaaand done.






Quite chuffed with the work done on this model, though the pictures are a bit crap (the skin looks very flat, for example :(). Ah well, I'll take better pics once I get my hands on my camera once more. :)

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I declare my March Vow complete. Phew, that one took forever, or so it feels like.


General view



Front and top



Back and engine




Now onto the next job and finish the other three tanks for L&T IV, and only two weeks to do so, gulp, thankfully they are smaller.


I think I will want something much smaller and simpler after that so my April vow will follow once I have finished L&T duties.


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And at the Last minute again:




I intended so much more this month but I procrastinated the month away... again...  Well, there is always next month.  Randomise me up for April please Grot.  If it comes up Heresy, Dark Eldar or one of the other guys I don't have I will paint terrain instead.

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