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Cornelivs Maximvs Renegades - Bane of Genestealers [WIP]


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I have been writting down the fluff for my Lost and the Damned army which has a focus on hunting down Genestealer Cults and Tyranids.

It is still a work in progress and although I have most of it thought in my head, it will likely take a while to write it down.

Comments and Critics are appreciated.

Some parts intercept with some fluff I had written in the past for some space marines (written down somewhere else at the time) and info about the one pulling the strings will be revealed gradually.


Captain Cornelivs Maximvs is a mutant originally from a mining world in the Imperium. For many decades he worked underground extracting ore for industrial production, never seeing the light of the stars. All this changed when a Genestealer Cult uprising in his planet forced him and his colleagues to take up arms and defend themselves as they tried to escape from the already overrun planet. A voice led him to a trade ship which rescued the few surviving miners and took them off-world. Cornelivs vowed revenge from genestealers and tyranids as a whole. While travelling through space the trade ship was attacked by some pirates but after a fierce Cornelivs and his warriors were able to subjugate the pirates and turn them into his followers. He then left the trade ship, thanking the trader for rescuing them and begane his life of piracy, leading the ship's crew to wherever the tyranids or genestealer cults appeared. As he fought on his forces grew in number with recruits from the worlds he assisted filling up his ranks. Gangers, former civilians, militias... joined him as his fierce tactics often lead them to victory.


Septimus, the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son. Originally from a desertic feral world, Septimus is a powerful psyker with a focuse on pyromancy. When his tribe expelled him and hunted him down after some tribesmen were consumed by his flames, another psyker took him in and trained him in the arts of a psyker. For a long time he taught him how to protect his mind from invasion and how to better control his natural pyromancy skills. One day his master simply vanished and a few days afterwards Cornelivs appeared searching for Septimus, once more guided by a voice in his mind. Septimus joined the forces of Cornelivs but the mystery remained as to who was guiding the captain.

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