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WIP World Eaters-Hounds of Istvaan


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Originally had these posted on WAMP since I wanted to focus more on painting, but realized the forums are pretty much dead. Still have the link to my old WAMP thread from a few years ago when I could paint and photo better as mentioned in the posts.
So wording is going to be a little weird at first since this over two days, but going to post progress here going forward. Probably need to size these photos smaller going forward. Always open to advice.
Day 1
Just finished painting 2k worth of Sisters for a tournament and it really made we want to improve my painting. Not really painting anything for 5ish years really shows when comparing my old Canoness in the army against the new characters. Granted Valorous Heart isn't the flashiest of color schemes, but I know I can do a lot better than this.
The tournament in general really sparked my passion for warhammer again and getting back in to painting. While my sisters are not the prettiest army its the first time I've ever had a fully painted army. Not even my Malifaux crews I think ever reached full painted status. So with the itch to get back in to the hobby, I decided I wanted to redo the army that got me in to wargaming, World Eaters. Not just any World Eaters though, I want to do them Heresy style. Mostly because I think their Heresy color scheme looks way cooler, and the gore pops so much more. Downside to this from a gaming stand point is that I'm kinds of restricted currently in building lists since i want to stay away from the more Daemon aspects of CSM. From a hobby perspective besides needing to do some conversion work which I'll get in to later, I also want all my infantry in Mk3 power armor. I also need to relearn how to do White well again, on top of just getting back in to the groove of painting. For reference on me somewhat knowing what to do, my old painting thread. IT also shows I used to know how to take decent mini photos.
So my currently goal for the Hounds of Istvaan is 1k points of the following.
-Exalted Champion
-24 Berzerkers
-3 Rhinos
-Other (Probably a Hellbrute)
To start with got a pile of Mk3 marines off a friend that are currently taking a simple green bath.
First thing is going to be breaking the arms and/or shoulder pads off all these guys. Every body is going to need their left should off because they are all getting the Forgeworld World Eater shoulders. It hurts to do since a bunch already have Iron Warrior shoulders on them. For now going to need to break all the arms off the ones that are going to become berzerkers. The easiest solution I've figured out for getting melee arms on to mk3 armor is to use Bloodreaver arms. Currently looking to see if any AoS players got bits before I buy a box myself. Went with Victoria Miniatures Chain Swords and Axes to cover their load outs, and Legion Vexilla to cover Icons of Wrath. For the guys not carrying bolters, there are 6 guys with plasma, one heavy bolter, and 2 melta guns. Enough plasma to do a Chosen squad which is nice, and the Melta guys could get their backpacks swapped to be Raptors. Sadly don't have any plans for Mr. Heavy Bolter
Shame I don't have a lot of use for many of the characters. Guy with the powerfist will probably just become one of the berzerker champions, but also debating if I go full WYSIWYG and swap the pistol for a chainsword. Guy with the sword on the far right will probably be the Exalted Champion, since he seems like the kind of guy walking around with THE MURDER SWORD. Could maybe use Banner guy as a Dark Apostle. Don't have a lot of options for the thunder hammer guys since only Characters get them in Chaos. We also don't get Storm Shield which is sad since the shield guy looks sweet. Could just say its how he gets his 4+ invul. The apothocary basically has no use in chaos.
So decent amount of stuff to get cleaned up and start with. The fun part right now will be figuring out what guys are resin and which are plastic. Got enough basic dudes to work on that I should get the feel of painting white again. Rather than spraying a pure white and using a grey wash like I did for most things in my old thread, going to try grey-white with pure white edge highlighting and black recess shading. As an added bonus I'll also remember how to paint flesh well since every berzerker is bare armed.

Bonus Picture, my cat Tika being an :censored: while I try to take photos.

Day 2
So most of them have gone through the simple green and my game of "Who is resin and who is plastic" become "what the hell were these primed with". That metal paint is not coming off. Not the end of the world since should be able to prime over it easily enough. It'll be like painting pewter models without the chipping. The guys I'm more concerned over are the ones still sitting in the simple green. Power fist guy is still in there mostly because the paint is coming off him really odd. The other guys are primed black and may just need a long soak since some of its coming off one side, but the other side is like the metal primer. Mostly concerned since likely going to prime these white or at the very least grey and would prefer not to build that up over black.
As for the Iron warrior shoulders, managed to salvage 16 of the 17 there were. 17th is probably fixable at least if somebody really wanted to get use out of it. Put the shoulders up in a local warhammer group to anyone who wanted them for the cost to ship them.
Special weapon guys were the easiest since all I needed to do was get the left shoulders off them. Two of them also had their left arms broken off in the process. Easy fixes at least and I have enough spare arms from the other guys to find ones that work well with the weapons.
These guys are currently doing their best Abaddon impressions while I wait for bits. Two of them had their torso cracked off while getting the arms off. One of the them also broke the lower piece of the torso off. Should be simple enough to fix but it makes me hesitant to do complete reposes. I'll likely use the two who separated as the first pair to convert to get an idea if its worth reposing. Its not exactly a dynamic kit so if I do anything may just redo heads. Unsure if I'm going to use the power fist guy as a berzerker champion or not. Turns out he's the Narik Dreygur model from 2015.


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So forgeworld stuff showed up, and besides getting all my shoulders also got my Khârn



Only one problem with 30k Khârn is that his scenic base is for 25mm



Don't want to scrap the scenic base since it will be a nice display piece, so need to figure out the best way to get him on to a 32mm. Figure the best would be to design a simple ring around a base and just use a magnet to keep it in place. Figure just do marine helmets and/or skulls to keep it simple. Just not sure if the best way to approach that is by putting the scenic piece on the the 32 and surrounding it, or the 25mm base.



It'll be a while before I do the full scenic piece, but'll I'll definitely need to get the entire thing built so I can get Khârn positioned on his 25mm piece correctly.


Remaining crew in the simple green are slowly getting the primer off, and paint is coming off more normal on Narik Dreygur . If I had to guess Narik wasn't cleaned well before priming and its that silver primer that has been coming off him. With the Shoulders in I could also start doing some testing of my colour scheme on the special weapon guys since I don't need to wait on more bits for them. After taking a look at Khârn, debated if I wanted to mix in some Mk7 "Frowny" helmets in with the Mk3 helmets but decided against. I like the more gladiatorial look of World eaters in Mk2 and Mk3, and even the more Fantasy style helmets from the current berzerker kit. Also just don't want to wait on getting more bits.


Your Canoness is well done.

Thanks, its the only metal model I kept when I switched my Soritas to Raging Heroes models for the infantry. It'd be nice to look at it and go "look at how much I improved over 5 years", but its more "look at how good I was able to paint 5 years ago". Need to get the rust off and get back to that quality.

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Got some paint down on a future Chosen to figure how I want to do all the colours.


Followed the color layout from the various books, and how Forgeworld does the Rampagers. Few things I change before going in to recess shading and edge highlighting was change the entire backpack to Blue, and doing the majority of studs in white. I also messed up and did all my blue in highlight color instead of my base color so needed to repaint all the blue areas.


Definitely need some practice with recess shading to get the shade to go where I want it. The end result after highlighting





Similar to my shading, definitely need more edge practice. The plasma is halfassed since didn't really have anything to get a decent one. Just went with a blueish-green then dry brushed some blue interference paint over it. Doesn't really show in picture. Will likely just do the classic paint white then shade when I do the rest of the chosen unit.


Also got the 32mm insert for Khârn done.


Probably should have gone with a weaker magnet in the 25mm base since its pretty hard to get a part. May not be an issue when Khârn is attached to it. Need to also see how well the skulls hold on with just plastic glue. May need to add some putty to give them more grip if they pop off a lot.


At this point mostly just waiting for stuff to show up so I can start kit bashing the berzerkers.

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All bits finally showed up so can actually start getting some berzerkers together. Scale on the Victoria weapons were a bit smaller than I was expecting, especially the axes. Smaller size makes sense for a company known for guard bits.



The Chainswords are easy enough to do, but the axes are a bit more trouble. Either need to cut right to the hand and pin the axe in like the guy on the right, or cut the weapon and just put the head on. Best approach will probably be to mix the two methods, since the head method while easy doesn't work on axes I need to cut fairly short to look right. End up with Chain Hatchets if the handle is too short. I also need to watch where I connect the arms and shoulder pads since the reaver arms a bit shorter than marine arms. I remember seeing a thread that did this same conversion, so I'll need to reference it again to get an idea how to approach this correctly.



Ended up with an influx of unbuilt Mkii marines after I'd already had my bits ordered, otherwise would have just ordered axes on their own. It has given me more bits to customize units with, like addind the brushes on to my Champions to help them stand out more. Kind of like how this guy ended up looking like some old school metal model with the pose.


Easy solution for Icons of Wrath are to just to use Legion Vexilla



Also finished putting together Khârn, his scenic base, and his 32mm base. Replaced the alternate skull pattern will all jawless since it let the smaller base sit better. Also replaced the magnet in the 25mm base with a smaller one to make him easy to remove. Don't want to worry about snapping his leg every time I put him on the display piece.


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So made some attempts to fix my stumpy arms and axe issues. The best solution for the axes looks to mostly just cut right to the hand and use and drill into the hand slightly. Only problem with the method is the closest drill bits are either a little too small or too large. So using the slightly larger one and a bit of putty to get them to sit will. Unlike the swords, the axes look weird without a pommel at the bottom, so adding the skull pommel back on when a hand doesn't have a natural one.


First attempt was to cut the regular Mk3 bolter arms at a joint to repose them, and then add a bloodreaver hand. While it works getting the hand to sit well is finicky and its really easy to damage the plastic on the left hand as you can see in the picture. It also has pretty limited posing options.

GTCbahX.jpg 1SxIghG.jpg


The other option which I think is the best way to go is but the shoulder joint off the bolter arms and the bloodreaver arms and attach the bloodreaver arm at the end of the shoulder. Depends on the bit how big of a difference it makes but i think it gives the best look and solves most of my options. Really helps that the Mk3 shoulders are really good at covering the connection point.



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Was originally planning to paint today, but decided to finish building berzerkers for Tempus Belli instead.


Dread isn't really part of it, but decided to throw him in to the shot since he will be part of the 1k list. Still needs some work to make him less loyalist and more World Eatery. Figure I'll just cover him with trophies or something, so far just have the one hook with a skull on it. Thinking of going for kind of an Ironclad look with a banner. Between this banner piece my friend has, and a chaos sprue I found should be able to jazz him up some.



Finally took the remaining models out of the simple green, so here is the would be Exalted Champion


Don't know if you'd be able to tell from this and the original picture but switched torsos with the standard bearer. Whomever assembled these before do the heads and arms opposite than how forgeworld has them. 


Took me a moment to notice it, but it explained why I couldn't seem to get the arms to sit right after they popped off when switching in a World Eater shoulder. Thought about swapping the heads to match the site picture, but they are glued in solid. Actually like the laurels on the sword guy since he gives off an Emperor's Champion vibe.


If I needed to make a unit out of my favorite berzerkers it'd be these guys.


Like how the first guy looks to be mid cleave, and the third guy doing the Butcher's Nails cover pose. Already mentioned how I like that the champion ended up looking like some rogue trader metal with the pose. The rest just turned out a lot more dynamic than the others.


Only things really left to do before I start throwing paint on them is give them a once over to see when I need to do some coverups with putty. Waiting to get some fresh eyes on them before doing touch-ups.


Also have 40 more unbuilt MK3 marines to work with now. Mostly just planning what to do with them in regards to Raptors, Chosen, and Havocs for the next time I do a big bitz order. Right now focusing on finishing the helbrute, and getting all this painted. After that it'll be getting my hands on some Rhinos. Hoping the Helbrute will give me a good idea on how to approach the Rhino. As hard as white is to paint, painting it on large flat surfaces is terrible.

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Bit of a painting lull, so not much on updates. Hoping to get the boys primed tonight so can start getting them painted. Something to work on for the upcoming painting event. Did have my Dad make me a painting shelf to free up some desk space.



Kit-bashed my Dark Apostle as well.


Swapped his left arm with one of the commander arms from the regular mk3 kits. Hand is from the power sword, and Crozius is a combination of the champion axe from the bloodreavers and a banner from a lizardmen kit. His Disciples are just reavers on smaller bases. Figured Musician and a dude with weapon hands seemed like a good pair for him.


Another thing I got my Dad to help me make was a insert for an old Army Transport I had no foam for. Plan is to put removable shelves in that can then double as a display board. Rough idea of the end layout for the 2k army I'm going for.


Need to do a proper markup once I finish getting the next batch of models built after these are painted. Lizards need to get replaced with Chaos lord on foot, Jump Chaos Lord, 15 Warp Talons, and 15 Missile Havocs. Warp Talons are stretching my thematic goal, but after the work getting the berzerkers made, warp talons will simply be way easier than raptors. Just source some jump packs, and get some Vanguard lightning claws and call it a day. 

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Still no real progress, but more prep


Everybody is not primed and ready for paint. One guy took a spill of the back and needs his sword fixed after the primer dries some. Not my cleanest priming, but hard to gauge how even everything is when all the parts are different colours. Also the air brush was spitting pretty bad. Thought it was my pressure was off at first, but turns out the needle guard was working against me.


Worked pretty well after taking that off.


Also acquired some Rhinos from a friend. Was told to just pay him a fair price for whatever I can salvage and whatever can't be will just get turned in to wrecks for terrain.


Currently they're soaking in simple green until I get the infantry done. Both to strip the paint off them and soften them up for disassembly. Need to crack the side doors and the front plate off all them to replace them with Forgeworld ones.  Based on the one I already cracked open a bit their either super glued, or the plastic glue isn't overly strong. Also need to clean up the pintle weapons on them, and the top plate in general. Have a pile of extra stormbolters from Immolator kits, just need to file the fleurs off them. My concern with using those would be them looking too small and also need to close the hatch. Worry about that once the berzerkers are done.


Upside to the work lull is pretty much all of this can go towards ETL.

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First painting session for my ETL Vow, also finally got in on the wet pallet hype. For somebody who works mostly in whites and other fast drying colorurs it was worth the change.

20190602 210957 HDR

So far just getting colours figured out for how I want to do the berzerkers based of the one plasma guy I did.

20190602 214904


Going forward I don't think I'm doing the leather in brown, its too close to the copper I do for the metal so the weapons run together. Took a look at the Slave of Nuceria cover art after and thinking I'm going to switch to white weapon casing, steel handles, and red for leather.

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Trying to dedicate at least an hour a night to painting. Went through some old stuff to sell and really disappoints me how well I used to paint. Got another guy up to pre-highlighting


Switching the leather and weapon casing colours helped a lot. Also the copper trim on the chest I think looks better than leaving it white. Not sure if I need more or less caffeine in my system to do these lines steady.

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First two guys done for everything except bases. First guy I painted took a bit of spill before the photos.

20190617 224532 HDR

20190617 224521 HDR

20190617 224507 HDR

In true World Eater fashion, cover mistakes with blood. Toned down the weapon blood on the most recent guy. Originally did it with the technique used for fantasy weapons, but changed it to something I thought would fit chain weapons better. Heavy gore on the blades and towards the base of the weapon and high amounts of splatter. Still working on my splatter technique but thinking I'll leave bloodying everybody up until I also finish bases. That way I can get splatter on the bases. Also slightly altered weapon colours. Liked the white casing on the chain sword, but switched the chain axe casing back to copper. Considering that World Eaters are known for them, made sense to make it a little fancier. Also eyes look like crap on the latest guy because I realized after doing all the blood I forgot to do his eyes.


Overall took about 2 hours to paint the most recent guy. Last night cleaned up my priming on the remaining guys so they are a lot easier to get painted. Still need to clean up my brush work to get cleaner lines, but getting a better feel for the colours I'm working with now.


White is missing shades. Model looks flat. I advice to cover white part in grey. Then to use white-grey to cover model leaving decent areas painted in grey and create highlights in true white. 

Everything so far has been pre-shading. Prime White, go over the white with White-Grey then spot wash recessed areas with Nuln and pure white on edges. My old method was hard prime up to white, do a diluted Vallejo grey wash over everything, then edge highlight spots back up. May go back to that if I'm unhappy with how a squad turns out with the current process.

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