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ETL VII Master Artificer  

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This is second ETL Master Artificer" poll. The ETL VII Master Artificer is a title to be decided by the B&C community at large much like last year.

The list above contains the names of the ETL VII participants that obtained the title of the Artificer in alphabetical order, and is the group from which the Master Artificer will emerge!

Vote which one(s) you prefer, and to help you decide, I have included below, pictures with examples of the Artificers' work with pictures made and approved by them.

A few pointers"
  • Any member of the B&C is welcome to vote - you don't have to have participated in the ETL to do so. This is open to all.
  • Vote on the basis of the quality work done (personal criteria obviously) - not on the basis of the in-Universe faction you prefer
  • You do not have to justify your vow. If you want to leave comments however, feel free to do so.
  • You may vote more than one option! You don't have to choose only one - unless of course you like only one option over and above everyone else.
This topic will remain open until Sunday, September 15th, where the rank of the Master Artificer will be awarded to one of the above Artificers!

1. Baron Sebas: The green green Knight of the Household

2. Chris521: Death(watch) in the woods!

3. Iron-Daemon Forge: Iron forged daemon!

4. keeblerartillery: Finding your marbles!

5. Kenzaburo: The agencies of Terr(or)

6. Lostrael: Dark, dark Angels - and a white one!

7. Major Nesse: Helverins in hell!

8. MaliGn: Malicious & malevolent!

9. Prot: Teal death do us apart!

10. ShatteredRose: Diamonds are forever!
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Thanks for posting the poll, Captain! I'm so happy to be part of the entries above. There's a lot of great craftsmanship on display again from all the Artificers. Good luck to all the entries! :) I for one feel happy to be among you guys. 

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At that time, this thread will be locked, and the badge of the Master Artificer will be presented to the winner! 

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ETL VII MASTER ARTIFICER: keeblerartillery


This year's Master Artificer is voted to be @keeblerartillery with his amazing work of marble and gold! A total of 144 Frater voted and the result was REALLY narrow! in fact keeblerartillery won by just 2 votes ahead of Lostrael! Nevertheless, a victory it is, and let me be the first to congratulate keeblerartillery for his new, shiny badge! Please come and collect your Badge of Master Artificer:




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