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Mono God or Every God army?


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Hey everyone!


Just curious. I have not looked into my codex in a long time. Is there any benefit to playing mono-god or other than the army looking consistent?


I'm wondering if building lists with multiple gods might be better.


Thanks in advance!

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It feels like Daemons are a Multi-Detachment requirement for an army due to the Loci. 


If you are doing ONLY daemons It would benefit from 3 detachments with different daemons filling whatever slots you see fit for your list design. I think that is more or less the intent this edition. 


IMHO, I primarily use daemons as allies for my Chaos. My Thousand Sons have a substantial daemon presence and other factions I am eye-balling would use Daemons of the given mark as well. 

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Yeah, Daemons are a little schizophrenic. You want mono god detachments to get Loci and army wide buffs from your HQs, but you want to mix to be more flexible and not as one dimensional as a single god.

Same with our troops. You want them big to get the 20+ bonus, on the other hand you suffer from M7 and want many troop choices for additional Battalions (CP generation). Psychic Awakening might help, from what I have heard it helped the Traitor Legions a lot.

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Khorne is my god of choice for sure. Once I get my Land Speeder Iron Hands force all done I'm debating starting a small Daemons army around Khorne. Was just curious if it was better to go mono or just mix and match. Thanks a bunch for the advice!

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