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How do you base your undivided Daemons?

Bloody Legionnaire

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I am planning on having lots of undivided lesser Daemons to summon for my Word Bearers. I'm not quite sure how I want to base them though, so I'm looking for some ideas.


Towards the end of 7th I started playing KDK and I have a number of Khorne Daemon units from that army. The two ideas I have right now is basing all of the Daemon units with similar styled bases so that there is some consistency and similarity across all of them. I've also considered basing them individually by their allegiance (i.e. Khorne has a particular style of base, Nurgle has a particular style, and so on). I also plan on playing Khorne with my World Eaters and Nurgle with my Death Guard.. but as I stated the main army I'll be using these with will most likely be my Word Bearers. I don't really think I want the daemons to be based just like my Word Bearers because it would look odd with the other armies. One nice thing about them all being painted similarly is if I ever get around to playing undivided chaos I'd have a pretty nice looking chaos army. Any thoughts or recommendations? 

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