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2 Lords of Change.....crazy


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I run a mixed Tzeentch Daemon and Thousand Sons list. Do you think running 2 Lords of Change at 2000 points is completely crazy? The idea has been bouncing around in my head ever since I read about an AOS Tzeentch faction that can potentially summon two or three of them over a game. It seems like a lot of points in two models, but I figured I'd ask.
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I don't see any reason why one shouldn't bring more than one Greater Daemon. If you look at just the stats they are basically the daemon version of tanks. Lots of armies bring multiple tanks/dreadnoughts/flyer/whatever.

In fact if you want your Greater Daemon to do anything at all you kinda HAVE to bring multiples since otherwise it would probably get shot off the table before it reaches the enemy. :sweat:

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