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Dissuade me from army please


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I am jonesing for a new project and nurgle daemons have resurfaced to plague my every waking moment.


Please tell me all about how crap (or not) they are!


Thinking 2x30 plaguebearers, some nurglings, some buff characters to start. Then splurge on a GUO. Throw everything on movement trays 2x10 and 2x5 per unit.

1k, 1,5k to start. "Noob" army, something for friends to have fun mowing down with bullets and still lose to.


2k adds death guard artillery monstrosity?? But I won't get that far if you do a good job!

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They're fiddly to paint and you need to buy weird technical paints that aren't always easy to find.


They're heresy.


They'll result in everyone kind of hating your army because of that army-wide Feel No Pain roll, you'll be like Iron Hands.


They're HERESY.


Grey Knights can steamroll you. Grey Knights.

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I think Nurgle is so easy to paint! Start painting, mess something up, add tons of washes, slime, blood... and in the end they look good :)


Other than that:

I like Nurgle, but sometimes it feels like you are not doing much. Thanks to the Spoilpox you are not that slow, but as soon as you get into CC with a good save unit you might struggle doing damage. Your fighting style is more like dragging your opponent down into the dirt over time. I personaly like the idea, but it is not everyones bread and butter.


To get started I think 3 Start Collecting boxes are a good thing.

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Just to clarify, 90% of what Zephaniah Adriyen posted was pure sarcasm. Only the heresy part is somewhat serious. :D 


Yes, they are easy to paint if you want to and you of course don't need any technical paints.

Nobody will hate you for running Daemons. In fact people probably would like to see something else than Marines, Craftworld Eldar or T'au for once and they definitely don't have anywhere near the same issues as Iron Hands.

Grey Knights are somewhat tough, but to be fair Grey Knights got a significant boost with their PA book so they aren't a threat just for Daemons now (and you still have this unfair Stratagem to re-summon a unit destroyed by a Grey Knight unit lol).




Why should we talk you out of it? If you like Nurgle Daemons and really want to start such an army just go for it. It's a nice casual army that can prove to be an obstacle for people who underestimate their durability.

Just consider taking more than one GUO. I know Greater Daemons appear to be somewhat similar to a Knight on the board (and imo should be crunch-wise), but there's a reason why they cost only about half as many points. They are better compared to regular tanks of other armies than Knights and since Daemons don't really have any other kind of vehicles and Greater Daemons are all melee units, you gonna need more than one to keep your opponents anti-tank units busy and have them have any impact in your games aside from getting shot off the board.

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