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Finally made my own karanak out of a spare flesh hound and bloodthirster head.




Not sure how effective he will be compared to a greater possessed. Hopefully the psychic denial will be useful.


Anyone have experience running him? (I’m thinking of bringing a supreme command detachment of khorne daemons to boost world eaters)

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Karanak with 3 squads of flesh hounds (do not pay for flamers) is the most point efficient detachment available to Khorne Daemons. They will be the stars of your list more often than not, because enemies often either way over or under kill them, leaving just enough on the table to muck about with their psychic phase or keep an objective. In terms of killing power they're pretty middling to poor though. Karanak's lack of defenses, rerolls, and meh damage  means he can't relyably run down anyone with an invuln or more than 4-5 wounds.

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