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All that is gold does not glitter - Custodes project log

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I was going to ask about your painting recipe. But it look like you are doing NMM and I don't know that I can or want to do that. Don't get me wrong I want my models to look good, but "cheating" by using golds and so on just seems easier. 


Either way, what colors are you using?

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You are right that my minis use a heavy amount of NMM, but don’t let that discourage you. I’ve found NMM gold to be far easier than doing bigger areas of NMM silver. It just takes a bit of patience and care and thin paints.


Recipe as follows


- basecoat using Vallejo Heavy Brown (72.153)

- wash using Vallejo Sepia (72.091)

- reapply Heavy Brown to the areas you’ll build up reflections. There’s heaps of great tutorials and guides out there on where and how to place your paint for different shapes etc

- mix in a bit of Vallejo Heavy Goldbrown (72.151) and apply, then keep adding more and more Heavy Goldbrown until you’ve blended up to pure Heavy Goldbrown

- then do the same thing but with white mixed into the heavy Goldbrown

- add a final highlight of pure white


It really takes until the final couple of layers for the effect to start looking good, so don’t be discouraged in the earlier steps if you decide to give it a go

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