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Warhammer 40k Risk Announced


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I thought GW went bankrupt.

Where do you get this info? GW seems to have a lot of spare cash to hand at all times and cleared their debts, according to their financials, or are you trolling?
I think he meant that the interpreted the "risk announced" in the title as GW going bankrupt, instead of the board game.

To be fair, that was how I immediately interpreted the title...

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This product is on the street now, so I'm moving this over to the Other Games forum.


The game is available for $49.99 (USD) at the USAopoly site and you can buy it on Amazon for $64.99 (with free shipping).


No reviews have been posted at the Board Game Geek yet and the rules aren't available for download so I'm not sure how it's different from other versions of Risk (2210 A.D. being my favorite of the versions that I've played, which isn't many).


If anyone has had the chance to play the game, a lot of us (well, me at least) are interested in hearing about your experience.

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