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Returning to the Hobby with Black Legion

Guest uk_crow

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Guest uk_crow

Hello everyone,


So I'm returning to the gaming side of things and looking at the Black Legion. I love the lore, their tactics plus black is my favourite colour! :ph34r.:


I don't know anything about what is good and what's not but I've bought the Vengeance Warband to get me going. The box contains the following:


  • 1 Terminator lord/sorcerer
  • 5 Terminators
  • 10 CSM
  • 1 Rhino
  • 5 Havocs


Nothing is assembled yet so I've got a pretty blank canvas, but i'm also looking at Abaddon, a squad of bikes and obliterators? Maybe even an allied chaos knight?


I'm not looking to make a bleeding edge competitive list but something that can hold it's own at local club level would be sweet.


Death to the False Emperor! :HQ:

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I'm not looking to make a bleeding edge competitive list but something that can hold it's own at local club level would be sweet.



Well, you can play whatever you like then. I´d recommend the new start collecting box because it´s the only source of getting the wonderful Obliterators (besides ebay of course). I love all the miniatures in the start collecting, therefore I bought it twice. :)


Some units I really like to field jut to give you an idea:


- 4+ Chaos Spawns led by a Daemon Prince

- 2-3 deepstriking Obliterators led by a Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour (combi melta, power maul => upgraded to black mace)

- 6 Bikers, all with chainswords, 2x melta, champ with combi melta

- a unit of Havocs (2 Las, 2 missle launchers) led by a sorcerer with Presience and Warptime.

- 2 Crawlers and a Defiler led by a Lord Discordant

- Abaddon sourounded by several units of Havocs and Plague Marines

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As far as competitive I'm not sure, been a few editions since I've used my brother's black legion. But I will second that if you are looking to expand your collection the new start collecting box is an amazing deal. A master of possessions (or a cool sorc proxy), 10 new but different sculpted marines, 2 obliterators, 2 greater possessed, and the venom crawler. That could add an HQ, 1-2 Troops, 1-2 elites, 2-3 heavy support. I will say the box is brand new and not going anywhere anytime soon though, so if you want to wait and paint what you got first there's no worry of it dropping off their website anytime soon. Oh and the new Abaddon looks pretty sweet haha.


Death to the False Emperor!

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