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Dawn of War 2 setup

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Hi all, don't know if it's against forum rules to talk about computer games, if it is please feel free to lock this down mods, but given the game is based on GW IP, it may be acceptable. Anyway I went to install DoW 2, and it set me up with a Steam account, and I accidentally purchased the game again online. I've since cancelled the download and requested a refund, but I'm wondering how I go about downloading the game without purchasing it again given I already own the disc. I bought the game from my brother, but it's a legal copy with a key. Any advice or assistance you could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Edited by Captain Smashy Pants
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For DoW 1? The steam version of the game comes fully patched. That includes using steam as a the default platform for multiplayer instead of (the now defunct) gamespy. Also after Sega took over for THQ as publisher they added a new multiplayer map.

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