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Gatling Macrocannons in BFG


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Gatling Macrocannon, the last wonderful devilry I have read about, three-barreled Macrocannon firing in rapid succession, apparently in BFG Armada they are present, only the Ark Mechanicus mounts them, I read about it here:


I also found them in the 3d print packs of the BFG Armada weapons.


Has anyone seen them or read about them somewhere?

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Gatling macrocannons aren't mentioned in any of the BFG articles I have for the Adeptus Mechanicus. The image in the site you linked looks like it came from the Rogue Trader RPG from FFG. If these weapons have a basis in official lore/rules, I suspect that it can be found in either the Rogue Trader game or in one (or more) of the novels listed as references on the Ark Mechanicus page at Lexicanum.
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