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Xenith's Xenos: On Crusade


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I've been working on the two Vypers I've vowed for Anger and Arrogance, in the new war-walker scheme of Tesseract glow over wraithbone, as my Striking Scorpion sprays have 100% died (they're like 20+ years old, I think the propellant has vented in 2020's heat, if that's possible?). The scheme isn't 100% what I was looking for, but it's coming together with the orange. I've also tried the wraithbone-braiding that's on my Falcon - lovingly ripped off from the Eavy Metal Ulthw

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Xenith, have you tried Escorpena Green/Scorpion Green/Scorpy Green from the Vallejo Game Color (72.032/72.732 in the Air version) line to see if that’s close enough to be a substitute for you? It should be very close to the GW Scorpion Green.

The Falcon, Fire Prism, and Vyper look great, here’s hoping you can come up with a color to match that you like! The War Walker turned out pretty well, but it has color variation that the tanks and heavy jet bike don’t have.

I have not! But that's an excellent tip, thank you - I was wondering about alternatives. Would the Vallejo cover well? If not, I might look at coat d'armes. Or maybe I just need to finally get an airbrush...

Thanks also, I'm not 100% sold on the walker yet, I need to try some more models in that scheme and see how I feel. It can always be painted over!

I love the bright green on those Eldar vehicles: really makes them stand out nicely on a table! Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

Thanks Dos! Haven't painted Eldar properly in a while, it's great to return to a scheme and army that I love!

I managed to get another game in on Monday, non-tournament this time against Ted's Orks. We played tempest of war, which is fun, and maybe how I want to play 40k going forwards. The Orks were dangerous, but some maybe poor target priority stifled my opponent, and my counter attack was too much for them - 10 guided warp spiders shooting a doomed unit of Nobz isn't pretty...though they only killed 4/5... The spiders then murdered the killa kanz that appeared from a tellyporta behind my lines - so they were definitely the stars of the show.

Honourable mentions go to my farseer who got crept up on and rokkited by the kanz...but used lightning fast, a fate save roll and a command reroll to take zero damage, then also my dual star cannon war walker that got charged by the warboss with killy klaw. I forgot to use my fate to hit dice in my turn...so I burned 2 of them on overwatch on the warboss, who took 4 wounds, wirh the farseer then flying over him with falchou's wing in the movement phase for the kill.

On the Ork side, the shooting was amazing, the KMB's pasted a falcon, while the star was the Mek with Shokk Attack Gun, who managed 11 shots, at like S10 on the fire prism and nuked it T1! I can only imagine the terror of the pilots as a dozen frenzied snotlings appeared inside...


I forgot how far trukk boyz can move and assault, and was way out of position, so these nobz charged my front line, but went into the [expendable] bikes and war walker.



Sneaky-sneaky killy Farseer.


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The Escorpena/Scorpy Green should cover pretty well (likely use three thinned coats for good coverage, depending on the undercoat), but maybe not quite as well as the GW paint did - I recall that line of GW paints being on the thicker side, while my experience with the Vallejo Game line is they are thinner than the equivalent GW paint.  That could just be my faulty memory and feeling like my GW paints were always too thick - however, this may have been the result of crappy pot design, not an actual paint issue, they had just dried out more.


I will say that I definitely like my airbrush, but it’s a lower quality one off Amazon, so I have only used it for basecoating and terrain at this point - haven’t even busted out the 0.2 mm needle and kit yet to see if I can layer with it.  I do like the under and base coat results I get with it though.

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I've completed my Anger and Arrogance vow of two Vypers. I'm away this weekend, but when I get back I might revow, I've just undercoated some rangers, so these are prime candidates.

I, Xenith, vow to complete two Vyper Jetbikes for a total of 6 power on or before the 16th May 2022.


Calling this vow finished! These bikes were ebay rescues so didnt come with canopies and were missing a gunner, as per the unpainted shot - you can see helf of my third Vyper next to them to compare ym old and new schemes.


Here's a full image with the third Vyper. Still not 100% on the scheme - I think I've got too fixated on the spray scorpion green, I might try and paint one by hand, and see if it's as painful as I remember.


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Been working over the end of last week on some old schhol rangers/pathfinders for my Elves - Back in 4th when I played Eldar regularly, my 2 compulsory troops were 10 guardians and 3 jetbikes. Suddenly in 9th, I have one painted troops choice, and I need 3 to field a batallion. This unit is painted using contrasts only (will get more pics up soon) while I have another unit I started ages ago in a darker scheme that will be traditional paints with some weird space elf camo.


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Cross post from the Hive Fleets - I lost the tournament semi-finals to my Death Guard opponent! Very tough and close game.

3rd game of the tourney vs a tough Death Guard list - this was the semi final and I got drawn against maybe the worst list for me to face.


2x1 blight haulers

1x1 drone with fleshmower

2x PBC's

Death Guard

Primaries - 45

Grind - 9

Engage - 14

Spread - 6

Painted - 10

Total - 84


Primary - 45

Stranglehold - 12

Interrogation - 9

Banners - 3

Painted - 10

Total - 79

Really close and hard fought game - There was no way I could out shoot or out fight the Death guard, and I really had no answer to Morty, so I just had to go for board control. In the end, the -1D on everything, and appalling rolling from myself were just too great obstacles for me to overcome - The Hive guard rolled a single 3 for damage over the course of 3 turns double shooting, so maybe 30 wound dice, and a single 5+. Likewise, 3 on the super smite, then a single 5 on damage for the tervi claws. Similarly, opponent was unlucky with hit rolls for multimeltas and the like, but was on fire with morty's 5+ fnp - in my turn 3, a super smite and psychic scream did no wounds.

Zoans were stellar again in holding morty up - they tanked his damage output for 2 turns before falling back to let me try to shoot the plague drone with the hive guard (no wounds).

My opponent played extrememly well, he knows this army and went 4-1 at the feb team tourney, and was possibly robbed in the game he lost - this was always going to be a tough match. In the end the scores were way closer than I had ever imagined, based on our lists, literally a couple of rolls would have changed the outcome - faling to spread the sickness in turn 2 and failing to deny one interrogation would have won me the game. Likewise, failing a single save on a ravener would have cost me 2 turns of holding an objective.

I keep going for banners. I dont know why, it never works for me - this game was way too close and personal, and my units too squishy. A single homers in their DZ would have got me more, though not enough to win. Any ideas on a decent third secondary option for nids?



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More updates from the Hive Fleets - I've made my vow for A Bug's Life 2022 - A decent 34 power leve, though thankfully concentrated into 4 large models and one character - Looks like I'll need to stock up on Akhelian green this summer!

On another note, in for a penny, in for a pound of biomass.

I Xenith, Swarmlord of Hive Fleet Jabberwocky, vow to paint One Tyrannocyte, One Mawloc, One Carnifex, One Exocrine and One Parasite for a total of 34 Power Level before the 22nd August 2022.



June and July are really busy for me, but I hope I can knock some of these out at the weekends.


Updated to here.

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