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Sources for Epic, basing material question


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I recently managed to obtain quite a large lot of Epic miniatures for a decent price on a dutch auction site. (SM + Orks +  terrein / tokens etc)

I started looking for additional models on ebay, managed to grab a new box of Eldar (Epic eldar warhost)and some blisters with vehichles. (Falcons, titan, wraithlords)

Can someone point out to me places where I can look for epic models? I am looking to expand mostly the Eldar faction. Ebay only has a limited offer. I know there are most likely auction sites non ebay similar to the Dutch Marktplaats and would like for help of others pointing those out. (Most stuff on ebay also comes from USA translating into a 20+E shipping cost on top of a 20E model. I don't mind paying decently for a model but it sucks that the shipment cost equals the cost of the miniature =/.)

I also have some minor questions, one of the thing thats on the back of my mind is the basing of regular infantry. I am thinking that the regular basing I use (pebbles) are to big for an epic scale. Does anyone have a decent suggestion for a 6mm base pebble thats preferably dark greyish? 

Also if someone knows decent tufts for 6mm then I wil gladly hear it, the army painter ones that I use for 40k are way to big for my taste. I would like to avoid using flock as that stuff just looks messy in general and the quality deteriorates over time a lot faster compared versus tufts.

I also notice that the wraithlords and contemptor dreadnoughts that I got seem to be without bases. Is this correct? Is there a place where I can order bases for epic ? As I see a lot of models offered online that seem to be missing some bases.


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Since Epic was discontinued by GW many many years ago, you can either find the original models on second hand venues or alternative ones from 6mm manufacturers.


For alternative models, you can check https://vanguardminiatures.co.uk/ They also offer bases for infantry.


For original models, you can indeed check eBay (but they can be quite pricey, especially when taking shipping and customs into account), other second hand venues, or some of the Epic-dedicated forums which have some exchange/buy/sell sections, and, often, links to other resources.




https://miniwars.co.uk/ with an interesting database linking old models and current proxies when available


This one in French lists some links in "epic sur le web" and also has various sections related to rules or model building/painting



Pebbles are indeed too big for basing 6mm models, baking soda and sprues cut into small pieces can help. Some people posting wip or finished models use tufts for basing and might give indications as to where to find these.


Original epic dreadnoughts in plastic had a very small rectangular base, the metal models did as well. It was always best to glue them to some larger bases. I use pgb-fasteners for that purpose.



There might be some basing conventions but I never looked into that.


I hope this helps.

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Epic models often didn't come with bases because multiple models were collectively based on stands, the size of which were determined by the player. You would simply buy or create something suitable and then glue all of the models in a unit to a stand. Some models were based individually, such as dreadnoughts and the like, and these were typically based on washers, coins, metal/wood/plastic discs or squares, or whatever. You might even look at small craft tiles (but these are often very thick compared to what people normally use).


For basing decoration, I recommend the low tech option of using sand. Sand comes in a range of options, from very fine sand to sand with small rocks and larger granules. Simply apply glue to the base and then dip the base in the sand. Craft stores and hobby stores typically offer a variety (but it's far cheaper to find a patch in nature, if any is available to you :wink: ).


You might also look at model railroad suppliers. I think N scale works best for Epic, but you might look at going up to HO or down to Z.

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I can't really add much to what the guys have said above, as they have covered most of it. 


I'll second the Vanguard Miniatures recommendation - there are other miniature lines appearing as well (Onslaught are a good one) but Vanguard I think have really been a breath of fresh air to the game. You now have proxies for almost every line, and I think this has also had a good secondary impact of helping to force down some of the ridiculous eBay costs, which had been getting higher and higher over recent years. 


Another option for bases, if you're not bothered about the slanted plastic ones, is to go for small wooden bases - these are usually available for 3-4 euros a bag on eBay.


An example I based some Orks in this way, with some of the Tamiya mud effect (although just some PVA glue and sand would work as well)




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Vanguard Miniatures is a good start for proxies. Their Eloi range (which is used by many to proxy for Eldar) works rather well for this. At the moment it's a bit limited, but there is already work happening on expanding that faction. Hopefully a more complete army can be built with that range in 2021. 


As for how to do the bases, the whole cracked ground effect might be right up your alley? Check out this tutorial!

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I settled on getting some mud texture paint from vallejo, just need to wait untill its delivered.

The 2mm tufts are nice, I am going to check at a nearby shop later on if they might actually sell this (it focusses on train miniatures and such so might actually be a chance)

In terms of bases I did some searches online but nothing decent, Vanguard sells the round bases suitable for the miniatures but I already started putting some on the old bases thus I like to stick to the same shape. I think I will just grab a bag of fantasy square bases as I still have a ton of fantasy lying in my bitbox for random reasons so the bases shouldn't cost a thing.

Thank you all for your time pointing this out, it gave me some food for thought.

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