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Fiends of the Apocalypse - Mortals


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Hello all, this will be my WIP thread for my homebrew Tzeentchian LATD/CSM army. I have been working on them for a while; it originally started as a lore project for a Liber challenge years ago. It's gone through significant revisions, as I have been kind of updating the lore to better match the models I had my eye on. When I first developed this army lore (2015), my son was a newborn, the Great Rift was still just the Eye of Terror, the Age of Sigmar was just begun and a whole bunch of awesome models hadnt been released.


Now it's 2020, and my gosh has GW released some sweet conversion bait.  I've only really gotten my CSM/TS stuff painted up, but I wanted to share the conversions I've done so far.


Crow Sisters

The first of these I'll showcase (although they are the latest of my mortals, and still WIP) are what I call Crow Sisters. A coven of low-level female psykers, the warband uses them as assassins' and covert warfare.




This is actually my latest one I have completed, and the one that inspired me to start this thread. It inspired me because, although I quite like it, the pose is absurd lol. I used Warcry Cypher lords as a base, with Tzaangor pistols and Kairic Acolyte blades. The heads are from Maxmini, which recently reopened!. Whilst on the rest of these I replaced the entire blade with the Kairic swords, due to the pose I only modified the right sword by cutting off the end and adding in the tip of a curved Kairic blade.




Just like its Warcry base, I imagine this one as a unit leader of sorts. Though its kind of hard to see, I replaced the fan with a Kairic dagger. If R&H get more expansive rules, or a suitable fandex comes out, I could see it as a type of HQ unit.






I find the Tzaangor pistols fit really well onto these arms. Unfortunately, I didn't have a left hand auto pistol left for this last one. Though you cant see it, I did glue some extra shuriken onto her back as a "counts as" autopistol. My idea for them being low-level psykers includes the ability to launch the Cypher Lords chakram and shuriken bits through telekinesis.




This last one showcases the whole "shuriken as autopistols" idea.


Overall, not sure what role these would really fill with our current Legends rules. I could run them as pistol/ccw cultists, but they just seem a bit too fancy for that (and I have a different group of converted models to cover that idea). I think they could make good stand-ins for Tzaangors, particularly to represent pistol/ccw Tzaangors, though that is less of a R&H thing and more Thousand Sons.

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Thanks for the feedback! I don't think they will really work as Disciples since Disciples' can no longer take pistol/ccw iirc, but they can definitely work as Marauders in that case. These ladies definitely seem a bit big for cultists, as the Cawdor figures I'm using for a different set of R&H infantry are notably smaller. 


I'm really happy MaxMini is back up. They had a ton of great bits.

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I finally got these gals painted. After thinking it through, I decided to use these as counts-as Tzaangors as opposed to cutlist, mostly because they look a tad more elite then other cultists.





The bottom left mini is my counts as icon-bearer. I used the headdress from the Cypher Lords leader to create the magical flaming stick thing.




I ended up using the leader as a counts-as Tzaangor Shaman with a spare top plate from the Tzaangor Enlightened kit.


I think this post probably should of been in the Thousand Sons forum, but it is cultist related and a continuation of my previous post. Hopefully nexttime I'll have my Cawdor cultist conversions painted up

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