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Sons of Medusa Army build.

John John

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Thanks for the comments guys, it keeps me motivated, i have put varnish on the dash screens and all is looking well !

Been working on a few colour concepts in the mean time: see pic.

1 assault captain and 1 plasma captain, not sure what colour plasma to go for (ive tried blue purple red, none very effective) and im going to try yellow/orange next, and see how it goes!

any other ideas on colour, obviosly i cant use green . . . :wink:



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We’re running out of rainbow! Personally I think yellow/orange will be good. Will have to be a bit orange to prevent yellow being too close to the green. But I guess you want to highlight to white without it looking “peach” or “apricot” so I guess orange to yellow to white is the way?


I think lilac could also work but is this already close to the purple you tried?


Final idea: who says plasma coils have to glow? Maybe he’s not fired yet. Metallic coils could work.

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Hello people,

Just thought i would share a proof of concept pic for the next 4 squads of my army build, i am going for:

5 scouts with shotguns (or a counts as!)

5 Hellblasters

3 Eradicators (which will total 6)

10 Assault intercessors

P.S. i still have not finished the flyer :whistling:



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Got Feirros finished up, and a few others, finished the scouts as well but have no photo, ill sort one out tomorrow.

I wonder what happened to my earlier photos as well, i guess they are just lost to the ether :ermm:





P.S. . . .still not finished the flyer:   :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

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Quick pick of the scouts all together:




And 2 other unit's, Pics previously from page 1.






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I know what you are thinking . . . if you look closely there is something missing :huh.: :huh.: :huh.:


So what happens to first born space marines now we have primaris , . . . . why they get hacked up for conversions of course.


I wasted at least an hour of my life sticking wires into this little guy: :biggrin.:



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