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Caladius Grav-Tanks


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I'm picking up one of these fabulous tanks this Saturday, but according to BS it has two options - with the Accelerator Cannon, or the Magna-Blaze cannon. Few questions from this:


1. After looking at Forgeworld, is the Caladius Annihilator the same as the Caladius Grav Tank with the Magna-Blaze option?

2. If 1 is true, how can you get both turrets separately without paying 200 dollars each?

3. Ease of magnetisation, if 2 is possible?


Thanks in advance!

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When purchased from FW they are separate models

Unfortunately you cannot buy the turrets separately

If you could the you could switch them out easily


You could possibly kitbash the alternate weapons with a bit of creativity. However it would be trickier to magnetise the weapons.

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