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2k 8 model count "Nidzilla" List


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With three Hierodules and about to have two more dimachareons to my Nidzilla collection.... for a 2k list


Outrider Detachment

Hivefleet - Kraken


The Swarmlord

   Power: Catalyst, Power: Onslaught, Power: Smite

3x Dimachareons



Spearhead Detachment

Hivefleet - Leviathan


Hive Tyrant

    Power: Paroxysm, Power: Psychic Scream, Power: Smite

    Lash Whip, 3x Monstrous Boneswords

3x Scythe Hierodules



Silly list but I figure since I have the models why not? Thoughts on strategies or ideas on how you'd play this list?

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