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2000 point Mars List. Tried to be thematic!


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Hey all. This is the latest iteration of my army. I'm hoping it sees some action over the next week, and am planning a few games against various factions and lists. I will be familiarising myself more with the codex. I've tried to keep it varied and free from spam, but also for it to pack a punch.



-Belisarius Cawl, Master-work bionics

-Skitarii Marshall, Exemplar's Eternity

-Tech-Priest Engineseer, Mechanicus Locum, Cartogrammatist



-20 Skitarii Vanguard, Omnispex

-20 Skitarii Vanguard, Omnispex

-6 Kataphron Destroyers, Plasma Culverins, Phosphor Blasters



-10 Corpuscarii Electro Priests

-10 Sicarian Infiltrators, Flachette Blasters, Taser Goads

-Cybernetica Data-smith


Heavy Support:

-4 Kastellan Robots, Heavy Phosphor Blaster, Kastellan Phosphor Blasters

-Skorpius Disintegrator, Ferrumite Cannon

-Skorpius Disintegrator, Ferrumite Cannon



Any feedback is welcome!

Edit: Fixed Typo

Edited by Ishagu
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