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Custom Custodes Shield Hosts?

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I was wondering about the Shield hosts of the Adeptus Custodes, and it seems that the lore only shows 5 or so of them and they consist of only a couple hundred each. That accounts for maybe 1/10th (1000) of the 10,000 strong Adeptus Custodes. I think that leaves room for Custom Shield Hosts.


I find the idea of painting all my custodes in solid gold with the variation being a purple or red pauldron to be an incredibly boring notion.


While I don't know what I'd call them, I was thinking about a dark steel base color for the armor with gold on the iconograpy and a metallic purple for the accent color.


What say you all?

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Sounds great, the standard gold is IMHO way over the top on gold overkill. A dark armor with gold highlights sounds great.

It's actually the same scheme I'm using for my Stormcast Eternals and with the amount of iconography on Custodes I think it will actually look much better.



I'm sure we'll get custom shield host options once their 9th edition codex drops. Whenever that will be.

I wonder what they'll look like. I also wonder what the 5 named shield hosts will get.

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