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The notifications options includes an option for receiving notifications, either via email (which has been disabled, so that option won't work until we fix the issues forcing us to disable the email system) and/or by notification, when someone quotes your post.


I have never tested it, but I assume that it only works when someone uses the Quote or MultiQuote button to quote a member (I get a ton of notifications already so I've minimized the triggers for notifications). There are two other ways that I know of to quote people that probably won't work. One is to copy and paste, something I have to do when I want to quote a post from one discussion in another discussion. The other is to just use the BBCode, manually entering the quote.

The notification system doesn't support notifying you when your name is mentioned in a post. In practice, that wouldn't work quite as well considering the number of members whose names double as common phrases or characters or whose names are often abbreviated or turned into acronyms. Your name, Joe, for example, wouldn't work quite as well because you would then receive a notification every time someone entered the word "Joe" in their post, whether they were referring to you or not. The Emperor's Champion, meanwhile, could refer to the member or the character. Grotsmasha, on the other hand, has a fairly unique name that would likely only be used in reference to him. "Brother Tyler" isn't likely to be used except in reference to me (though I can think of a few cases where it might be used otherwise). However, people occasionally shorten my name to either "Tyler" or "BT" in posts. There are multiple other members whose display names include "Tyler" and "BT" is more often used to refer to the Black Templars. So notifications for mentions of names doesn't seem likely.

If anyone is curious enough to see when they are mentioned in posts, most can simply use the search engine. That, too, has its issues as it only works with search strings that are four or more characters in length (so you're out of luck again, Joe - you should have stuck with one of your previous display names :wink:).

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…that’s a thing?


Huh. I…may have to turn that on (for notifications at least).


Not that I’m a very quotable person :tongue.: , so I doubt it’ll actually come up much.

You never know when someone might quote you. :wink:


This presupposes I remembered to actually do the thing. ;)

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