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First buy from Forgeworld for custodes, what should it be?


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I´m thinking to buy my first minature (or minatures) from FW and I´m wondering what piece is best to start with?


As they cost a lot of money I can´t buy all at once and I want to start with the one that gives most to the custodes army.


Right now I´m thinking about the Telemon but it seems lot of people have had succes with venataris too. What is your advice?

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If I buy things from forgeworld, my thoughts turn to the future, and whether the unit I buy will be a safe investment from that perspective. However, with Custodes there are four options you absolutely must have in order of preference: Telemon, Venatari, Achillus, Sagittarium. 


Telemon - Durable firebase with the storm-cannons/illastrus culverins being prefferable due to the Drukhari/Admech menace. If he's armed with one Caestus, he's probably the only thing in your arsenal that wounds Mortarion on 2's. 2+, 4++, 5+++ on top of the Vexilla giving him a -1 to hit banner. Relatively safe investment, however I can't shake the feeling they might lose the CORE keyword - be wary of that.


Venetari - Very good unit to deal with marines, where their 6's to hit generate 1 additional hit for shooting with the buckler/pistol option. I'd look past the lance tbh, as you'd be sacrificing a native 2+ for a 3+. Pair them with the superior fire pattern strat and Trajann to re-roll hits and wounds of 1 to absolutely shred anything that is within 18". Probably something you should get in large quantities off the bat. Their data-sheet has been updated in early 9th, so unless they remove the superior fire pattern strat for pistols, they are a safe investment. There still will be plenty of venatari blobs running around with our codex, imo.


Achillus - Looks cool, and the only unit that's also likely to kill Mortarion in a single turn. 2+, 5++, 6+++, and very scary in melee with a S14, -4, D3+3 spear, with 6 attacks. Pair him with Dreadhost (6's generate additional hits), and any vehicles are sent quickly to their next game. Solid contender with the telemon for melee reasons only. He can also be armed with a S5, -3, 3 damage gun for 4 shots. His lance is also a mini-melta with S8, -2, 3 damage for 2 shots. Also safe investment.


Sagittarum Custodes - The other alternative to the Venatari. Armed with a combi weapon that has two profiles - S4, -1, 2 damage at 36", and the other one at 18, S5, -3, 3 damage weapon that can be fired simultaneously. Good at dealing with Blightlord Terminators and MEQ units. Can't go wrong with either of them. Safe investment.


Honorable Mention: Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought - I haven't personally used him, but some bat-reps run him, and he seems to be durable to deal with HEQ blobs such as poxwalkers due to his flamer in his sword, and an extra D3 attacks due to his blade, on top of a 2+, 4+++ and an inbult -1 to hit. He's also has a 6+++. Personally I prefer the achillus, but you can't go wrong with either of them to be honest. Safe investment, however I don't see a spot for this one when our codex drops, IMO.

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