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Survivors of Istvaan regroup on a long dead world.


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++I don't know the name of this world. It died decades before my world even knew of the Imperium. Like a million before it and a million after it, it breathed it's last breath in defiance. We found a records hall shortly after we arrived, it told of how the giants from the stars had come, great crimson warriors with tales of humans beyond the stars. The world was what we would refer to as "post industrial" simple aerocraft, slug throwing weapons not even a satalite system. They were made the same offer that all human worlds given. Join us, give up your Gods and embrace the Emperor, or die. 


They died.


They had apparently put up a valient resistance for such a primitive world but like every world before them it hadn't been enough. The last issue of the news paper was spotted with grime its paper fragile and weak. It made somber reports of their deployment of crude atomics against the invaders.


Savir looked around the ruins of the hall his squad stood in, he knew better than to get into an atomic pissing match with the 9th. Plant life had reclamed the city, creepers winding their way over redbrick walls hiding faint remenents of adverts for long lost produce.


What irony that they would hide here in the tomb world of a fallen people who's only crime is they wouldn't give up their faith to their God.


"Safir, the albino has reported another patrol has entered our sector we must move!" he droped the ragged paper and rejoined his men, the few troopers of the 12th who had managed to track them down were easy prey, he could hear their panting breath even now. ++
















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++We arrived on this world in the dark days after the route at Istvaan. A small flotilla of ships from the surviving loyalist legions, we split our forces in two, the space born forces disapeared deeping into the system to strike from the shadows as the Fleet captain deems best. The second portion of our forces made planet fall to lick our wounds and bury our dead. The first pursuit entered the system four weeks after us, the Fleet captain punished them for days with hit and run attacks before the broke off and made planet fall. Now it's our turn, we have broken camp and headed into the dead city to stalk our foes once again.++









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These guys are looking great, you've managed to get a decent mix of colours in without it looking too scrambled or garish. The squad and apothecary have some great details (love the use of the Mor Deythan) and you've really nailed the technqiue for the skin.

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Hey sorry @Sarabando, I love all your heresy stuff, this is no exception.


The high point for me is that skin tone on the Ravenguard. Also, how did you do that strap on the bolter? Looking for criticism? Drill out the silencer, maybe?

hey nothing to appologies about, the bolter with the strap is printed. its a real pain as where the front sling point attaches its really thin on the model and it broke on several of the prints i made. i always struggle with drilling barrels if its not perfect it bugs me always to the point i want to bin the mini so i usually avoid trying.

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Test mini for the Iron hands portion of this force, i wanted to use the more blue and red looking IH that show up in several pieces of artwork over the years to make the a little different from the Raven guard. The shoulder chequers do make him look rather 1st legion however.









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Safir's second fire team moved into position survivors of an under strength support squad had brought their plasma guns to supplement the sections lack of fire support.






The support section from squad Peden appeared in his heads up display taking up position to his flank.




Squad pedan had been hit hard and was made up of survivors from all assignments in the legion such as tunnel fighters and support personnel.


A click in his vox bead and the flash of an IFF marker signaled that his reinforcements had arrived. Reconnaissance veterans from the Salamanders legion slinked into position their gaudy camouflage paint blended surprisingly well when they took up positions in the crumbling ruins.






A few moments later his reserve forces checked in a small detail of the Iron hands was in the area and offered their support to his attack. Safir raised an eyebrow the Iron 10th had mostly kept themselves to themselves and barely joined in on joint operations these days.



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