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++ Thanas Drakoi: Iron Warriors ++


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++ Twice our legion broke its own back fighting against themTwice. As if once had not been shame enough. Perhaps it would have been different had they been at Istvaan, perhaps the war would have swayed in our favor. Alas, that was not meant to be. They stayed by His side and we faced the consequences of their stubborn defense. Aye, we made them pay in kind for their audacity, yet our mauling could have been avoided had our father not listened to the fetid whispers of the WhoreHorusGod Among Us, bah! A misguided child simpering for approval and it set the whole galaxy ablaze. He lay himself before these...creatures...in supplication and they took him. Again, I say, a whore. It should have been our father who led the charge, one deserving, no, worthy of it. Instead we got the failure of the Luna Wolves, the failure of the Son's of Horus, and now we have the failure of whatever Abaddon's mongrels call themselves. Perhaps things would have been different had we not followed Horus at all, had we shown them how truly superior we are by saving them. Oh, what a sight it would have been, to see the Praetorian on his knees weeping at his salvation at our hands? Glorious. It would have been glorious....but that is not to be, nor was it ever to be. What is to be is this existence within this miasma of torment, this rotten ocean. Forced to kill our brethren and strip them of their failing arms so that we might survive another assault by things from behind the darkness. It is not the Emperor that I hate, no, it is not even his sons. It is the Whore and the Praetorian and all those in between who made the choice for us. So now we kill, not out of honor, not out of strength, not out of want, but out of need. We kill to survive. We simply kill. We no longer have purpose my brothers and that has set us free. Let our father have his solitude and his melancholy, we shall have victory against the Whore. We will kill. ++ 


Kharos the Smiling Mountain - Warmonger of the Thanas Drakoi 





Stygius - Silencer of the Thanas Drakoi 






Phaestus the Worthy - Mortal Armorer of the Thanas Drakoi 

++//INLOADCOMMENT: Note the carry handle welded onto the back of his carapace, this is for rapid extraction by other members of the fire team during tactical withdrawal. Phaestus' supernatural ability to warp and mend metal has seen him protected by these gene-wrought goliaths and has earned the ire of several other traitor astartes. //++ 






One-Who-Laughs - Nemesis Enforcer of the Thanas Drakoi 






The Thanas Drakoi awaiting reinforcement from their Engagement Cadre 





Thanas Drakoi reinforcement conflux- majoris-perditia//SINDRAAG-THE-HAUNTED&BLOODY-GRENDL++ 





Thanas Drakoi reinforcement conflux- majoris-perditia//YAROJ-THE-DEVOTED++ 
"The Bearers are not the only ones with faith cousins! Yaroj too believes! Yes! Yaroj believes in the iron that shrouds him! Yaroj believes in the steel he bears into battle! Yaroj knows his prayers of battle are heard by the gods of war! Falk once touched Yaroj upon the shoulder, yes. A grand day. Many praetorian lay dead at his feet and the Blessed One gave unto him the divine. He feels it stir within his breast, waiting, feeding. One day Yaroj will be reborn in metal and fury and until that day, cousins, Yaroj will continue to pray. Come, it is time for the sermon!"
-- Yaroj the Devoted would often preach to the Thanas Drakoi whilst under fire by enemy operatives. The Canticles of Reloading were considered primus-prayer to the Devoted. He would later unravel genetically in the face of the obliterator virus as reward for his piety towards the Omnissiah and the Lord of Iron. Yaroj was also never seen without the flayed skin of an Imperial Fist officer, whom out of all the foes from Istvaan, the Siege, and the Cage, came the closest to killing the Devoted. 





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++ I fought across the Istvaan dead. I purged the mountains at The Siege. I have spat in the Corpse God's feet and made his Sons cry tears of blood. I defy with my hate. I survive with my spite. I call this hurricane of nightmares home and I will not break before it. The War must be fought, and it is Long. Enemies surround us. The choice is simple. Fight or die. ++




Dominar Heriot the Dour Golem, War Zealot of the Thanas Drakoi. A humorless specter that rears its head into any and all forlorn hope, this brutally efficient right hand of Kharon has seen every major conflict the Iron Warriors have engaged in since turning Istvaan V into a slaughter. With every atom of his being he denies the daemon hosts they are forced to dwell alongside within the Eye of Terror.




I wanted to try my hand a more 'blanchitsu' style muted theme for this guy given his nature. For the flesh tone I wanted to convey the steady creeping corruption of the Warp and what it could do to an Astartes flesh without full blown mutation. I always felt the more pale look was not befitting of the Eye of Terra, I imagine it to be a riot of radiation and color exposure for the most part. 






I've been working on my free hand hazard stripes in preparation for the rest of the warband. I like to think I got a decent spacing on them without using hobby tape! (The Chainsword was the first thing I painted on him a few months back and it was nerve wracking to get right lol)




++ I was there. I was ten paces from him. The Praetorian. I spat at him, I goaded him, I shot him. I would have faced him in single combat had Guilliman's children delayed their interference. Bah. Such a waste of effort. To have Rogal Dorn so close yet so far. I was..this..close. I've killed champions. Heroes. Daemons...damn I want a Primarch! ++




One-Who-Laughs, Nemesis-Enforcer of the Thanas Drakoi and his delusions of grandeur.


I wanted to have him be far more physically intimidating than his brethren, who are already all true scaled up past Primaris height, so I figured a mountain of skulls to stand on was just the right kind of trick to get what I needed. 





Here is the Thanas Drakoi as they currently stand. With how many projects I have on the go the painting burn is a slow one. There are currently another Five members of the Thanas Drakoi to complete and then the warband for the War For The Eye project will be completed...for now. 



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Great work.

Fantastic conversions and I am a big fan of Blanchitsu style!


Thank you Valkia the Bloody, I am trying a few different styles with this squad to push my limits to different heights. I want them to feel like individuals as opposed to just Iron Warrior #3 lol 


Good stuff, I like what you're doing here. My favorite is thatissle launcher guy, super imposing!


Thank you space wolf. I do admit he is a favorite, the IH torso really helps sell the pose with all that extra armor. 

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