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++ The Calamity: An Alternate Heresy Ultramarines Log ++


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I decided to have a crack at something different. Alternate Heresy Ultramarines. I will be focusing on the prideful aspects of Slaanesh's influence over the more...traditional and tentacly variety. 


Here is my take on the Bringer of the Ruinstorm, Chaplain Janus. A counterpart to Erebus in the canon setting, he is the link between the Dark Prince and the Father of the Legion. This individual was responsible for orchestrating the Calamity of the Word; the near-destruction of the Word Bearers Legion lured under false pretense to Calth. 




Here is the first of my 1000pt Zone Mortalis Force "War Born". Hastati Squad Callidus, head hunters of the tunnels of Calth. Still have several members to bash together. Considering a basing for this army that consists of skulls and rubble. 








Tried some new work on 'upscaling' them. They stand at the same height as Primaris without being goofy in proportion like some of the FW Marines can seem when paired with other bits. I find the MKX shoulder plates really add some good bulk to the MKIV to make it more of a dominating silhouette. The coming force is as follows: 


Remus Ventanus - The Butcher of Calth 

Chaplain Janus - The Herald of the Storm

Appian - Principes (MKIII Breachers w/ Power Swords)

Callidus - Hastati (MKIV w/Bolters & CCW)

Hadrius - Velites (MKIV w/Volkite Chargers)


The paint scheme for these will be an experiment in iridescent blue and gold. 






It became a byword for slaughter. Murder. Evil. 


One that Appian would wear with pride upon his armor, his skin, and his soul. 




Monarchia should have been message enough to the XVIIth Legion; the humiliation of being forced to kneel before Guilliman and the Emperor whilst their city burned should have crushed their spirit. It did not. 


Appian expected the Wolves or the Sons to be sent to tame the Five Hundred worlds, not the Word Bearers. It was poetic and a fitting end to the song of Lorgar. Appian took a very personal pleasure in hunting their officers down and challenging them to single combat amongst the radiation winds whilst his Principes watched.




Any who refused the challenge were gunned down on the spot by Callidus and his Hastati. Those who accepted died on their feet and he took their swords to decorate his chambers. He took their skin to decorate his battle plate. Janus took their souls to feed the storm.


His Principes followed in his wake hacking and cutting and killing. Appian would remember the smell and sounds of the days on Calth before they cracked the sun and burnt the planet to a crisp. He enjoyed those days. He didn't enjoy the darkness so much, the hunting in the bowels of the planet, the roach stomping. That was Hastati work and it bored him. He considered it droll. Without honor. 




It was message enough to the Emperor, to burn the surface with his Word Bearer children upon it. To Horus. To them all. Come to our Empire, challenge our King, and we will kill the very stars themselves to erase you. 




After all if the Sons of Ultramar were willing to sacrifice one of their beloved worlds, what then would they do to the homes of their enemies? 

Appian couldn't wait to find out. 






WIP of Appian, Tessarius of the Principes of the War Born. For tabletop he is the Sergeant of my Breacher Power-sword Unit. 

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Remus Ventanus - The Butcher of Calth




"Sad. You do not see it yet. How could you? How could you see the truth when you are buried in the filth of lies, of false promise? It is here on Calth where you die. This is where you, the Bearers of the Word, are ended. Your Emperor cannot save you here, pray as you will, it falls on deaf ears. He is not listening, He never was, Monarchia should have been all the proof you needed. Flee, fight, it matters not. You will not meet the noble end you hunger for, you will not be vindicated, or avenged. You will not be remembered. This is simply euthanasia. You are unfit to call yourselves Astartes. By our hands, by our purity you will be unmade and all that will remain is the silence that follows. The Imperium will always remember Calth, however you, you will be forgotten, like a whisper in the wind. If you wish to accomplish anything on this day then die well, cousin."


I am considering adding some flair to his helmet or powerpack to give him some difference from the base model. Maybe in the form of some horns or a cloak of chains. What do you think would make him stand out in my force of Slaanesh Ultramarines? 

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Decided on a basing theme for my Ultramarines of the Golden King. I am going for a T2 Judgement Day feel to them and will eventually build a whole display piece for them to slot into. It is going to involve...a lot of skulls. 


I have some more shots of the UotGK to snap when I get home. Appian's Principe squad is built as well as a final version of Remus Ventanus that I'm happy with. I want these guys to come across as menacing but not gaudy. Their fall to Slaneesh begins with pride and vanity over sensory indulgence. 

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Posted (edited)

Lovely stuff, can't wait to see your progress!


Thank you Naryn, here are some more shots of most of the assembled force so far. I have the rest of the MKIV squad on the production line. 




The Ultramarines of the Golden King - Cohort of the Butcher of Calth - The War Born




The Butcher, Remus, watched with passive grey eyes as his men spread like a fire over the radiation blasted plain before him. Howling cries of war and the grunts of dying men joined with the clash of swords and hum of the nuclear fallout. It was like music to his ears. For the briefest moment he allowed himself to smile. It was a minute display of satisfaction on an other wise marble static face. It was the merest tip of the iceberg of sinful pride that roared and swelled within his heart at the sight of these weaklings falling like wheat before the scythe. 





The sword work was endless for the Principes. The hacking and slashing, the stabbing and slicing. To be sure, noble sons of the Golden King were felled in the rout, yet to the stern eyes of the field commander they deserved to die. Their failure would not pollute the lines of the chosen. 







Callidus resented his position beneath and behind Appian of the Chosen Princes. Held in reserve and used purely for inglorious dispatch work he conducted himself with as much valor and honor as his position could muster. The lions share of the glory was forever denied to him in the shadow of his brother. This growing enmity was known to his betters; however they simply did not care. His duty as a line officer was to perform. He was no hero. He was not chosen. 


The dark shard within his chest slithered its splinters deeper into him, stoking the fires of resentment. One day there would be a reckoning. 








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