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Name Changes? I'd like to be called "THE EMPEROR"

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Just kidding! haha

I've never used the suggestion box before and if someone has already covered this or if I'm in the wrong place please let me know.

So, I've had this account for years and the name is really old. I'd like to change it but couldn't figure it out. (not to The Emperor I promise) Then I googled it and saw on old thread from '19 about it being done at certain times? 

I was just generally curious if it's possible to change names and if so, how? If there isn't a way maybe there could be? 

I'll probably feel real dumb if I just missed it.

lol thanks in advance!

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We generally only allow display name changes on certain occasions or under certain conditions. The next period during which members will likely be allowed to change their display names will be when we complete the software upgrade.
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