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Alright folks!

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Hi all! I'm a long time lurker so I thought I'd join up as this seems like a pretty cool community. I'm xenos scum from Northern Ireland, formerly a poster on Warseer, a bit on Dakka and TGA. Been around the games since Rogue Trader with Eldar and Nids, stopped playing around 5th edition but carried on collecting, lore and painting, mostly focused on Nids. I've had a game of 9th recently and I'm very much looking forward to the arrival of the Leagues of Votann as I did have squats for a bit and I'm a big dwarf fan. Expect overexcited posts around the space dwarfs in the future..

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First ed vet who likes Squats??? *hugs* Your home now Brother... 


You may wanna check out Doghouse and Apologists work, inspirational isnt even a good enough word. :wub:

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