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Improving a technique for the ultimate in bug wings?

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Oh boy, Evil Eye has bugs on the brain again!


Anyway, whilst there are many options for wargaming-suitable insect wings on the market (Plague Drone wings, various insect kits from Fujimi and Bandai, 3D printing etc) I recently discovered a technique made for making faerie wings that would be ideal for a real display piece. It uses a clear gel glue called Diamond Glaze over clear plastic sheet (in this instance with printed "veins") to build up a 3D appearance.


(Note that the video is quite long, but hopefully you'll get the idea of how it works fairly quickly)


This looks good and all, but I had an idea for making it look even better. Simply put- cut out your wing patterns, sculpt on some thin veins/support structures using putty (on both sides obviously), _very carefully_ prime and paint just the opaque sculpted bits (Vallejo surface primer might be good for this as it works quite well by paintbrush) and THEN apply the glaze, one side at a time, to the "cells" to build up the 3D organic effect.


Would this work? Is there a quicker/easier/better way of doing this I'm not thinking of? Has anyone used this product before for their own miniatures? I'm tempted to pick a bottle up to experiment with...

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