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About this blog

A slow-burn Blog/Plog of everything not anywhere else.

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Session One

SESSION 1:   Just a quick one since I had some time today, and so I went delving in the boxes shuddering from fear and fright in the back of my attic, and I found the hull of a Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader with a goodly few bits.   This fired up a few neurons, and I pored through the pages of Imperial Armour IX and found a very intriguing bit of artwork, namely the Howling Griffons Land Raider Prometheus. Well, you know, the FW kit has been out of production for ages, and th

Mazer Rackham

Mazer Rackham in General

Session Zero

SESSION ZERO:   Welcome to the Blog!    This is basically intended as a collection of projects - which likely won't ever get finished, but I don't want to clog up the WIP/HOH with my inane and meandering nonsense. You can see my very small pile of shame here, which consists of half an Infiltrators kit (Technically a Phobos Kill Team with the upgrades - I can't even remember the name), a Bladeguard kit, and two Intercessors. They've been sitting around for a while, doing not mu

Mazer Rackham

Mazer Rackham in General

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