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  1. 40,000 Heroes

    40,000 Heroes is a Warhammer 40,000 multiplayer expansion focusing on Custom Characters using Chapter Approved 2018’s rules. It is designed for 3 or more players with each controlling a lone Hero.
    The idea started at one of the Hong Kong Warhammer Stores as a post-Christmas Boxing Day bash. It's been a tradition for the Store Managers to design a special scenario for all the players in town to celebrate the holidays together and this year's turned out to be so much fun and surprisingly balanced that the players urged the Store Manager to make it a regular event, perhaps with a new mission each month.
    As such, please see this as you would perhaps a game that's totally playable, but still in Early Access. When in doubt, please refer to the current 8th edition rules, including the Multiplayer Battles section in the main rulebook. If an issue is still unclear, please choose a solution that makes the most narrative sense and/or fun for all players.


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  2. Cooperative HoR Undead Campaign

    This is a 12 mission cooperative campaign designed for use with Heralds of Ruin's Kill Team expansion for Warhammer 40,000.
    It contains full rules for running these missions and generating undead as well as moving and attacking with them. The undead basically fight by flowchart, the players can run them during the undead turn. I'm not explaining it very well here, check the doc and find out.


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  3. Titan clash

    Work in progress rules for using epic scale models in a D10 system


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