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  1. In conjunction with the Brotherhood of the Lost Project, I've decided to finally put these ideas to written form. Good thing I was in the process of writing this before it all got moved to the special Projects section! The Scions Hospitalier + "None Shall Impede The Emperors Vision For A Perfect Humanity!" http://i.imgur.com/L7eatHt.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6DL2HgT.jpg Fluff: Hidden Content Upon the Ocean World of Iona did the Primarch Pionus' Gestation Capsule Land. Unremarkable in its appearance, beneath the surface, within massive, sprawling Hive Cities did the Human inhabitants of Iona Live with a Single, Artificial Island connecting them to the surface. Created during the Dark Age of Technology and having remained largely unscathed by the events that transpired throughout the rest of the Galaxy. As such, their societies benefited fully from the scientific advancements; though being primarily a Genetic Research World, most of their Technology was made for that purpose, lacking much in terms of warfare equipment. They were not, however, without their own means to protect themselves. While they were under no threat by Xenos -- or even Human -- invaders from beyond, they still had to contend with the local Fauna: Oceanic Predators. Some bred or created by the genesmiths and scientists of Iona, some the result of pure evolution. While the majority of Ionians would never have to venture beyond the walls of their Hive, there were still times when it was required: To repair external damage to the hives, explore old, abandoned hives, research stations, caverns, etc. Mostly due to the inhabitants having long done away with any independent automata instead relying on their refinements to the human structure to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible. Equipped with Archeotech-Grade Power Armor and Weaponry made for Hard Void -- repurposed for aquatic use -- would these individuals roam the exterior of the Hives performing their duties and slaying Ancient Beasts who predated Human Colonization. The Genesmiths of Iona would, however, never dare alter the human form beyond its standard form. Where Gills and other Aquatic Mutations would have definitely helped, they opted, instead, to make the Lungs more efficient, the eyes more sensitive to low-to-no light vision unaffected by exposure to salt water, the bones and muscle mass more hardy to resist the crushing pressures found at the ocean floor upon which their Hives were built, blood vessels and internal organs capable of resisting rapid pressure changes. These were but a few of the improvements the genesmiths affected upon the human population of Iona over the course of hundreds -- if not thousands -- of generations until these changes were all but natural for the inhabitants of the Water World. The few unique STC's found on Iona only pertained to medical and medical research equipment. While not what the Nascent Imperium and Mechanicum would have been hoping for, they were still invaluable additions. +++ Pionus, luckily enough, would crash land into the water a scant few kilometers away from the sole artificial island present on the planet. Recovered by a Scientist and his Teenage Daughter out on a trip to examine surface based lifeforms and general relaxation, he would then go on to be adopted into their family and enrolling in the Schola Genetica within the Primary Hive at the age of 7 when his Primarch Traits and abilities marked him out as extraordinary. While his family life was without a doubt ordinary, his studies and work at the Genetica were all but. Seemingly blessed with a talent for understanding the craft, he would go on to innovate in nearly ever field of study; the greatest of his achievements being the prolongation of the average Ionian Lifespan from ~100 years to well into and possibly above ~250 Years before the need for Juvenant Treatments. And through his supremacy, his mastery in the field did he rule Iona. And, of all the inhabitants on Iona only one would ever attain his level of mastery: his Adopted Sister Inna (gratz if you get this reference WITHOUT GOOGLING!). A Genius in her own right, while she could never truly match the Primarch in any respect, she still performed leaps and bounds above any other "mortal" and as such was the only true peer to Pionus. Though, Unlike him, she would constantly experiment on herself. Perhaps it was a way for her to bridge the gap between her and Pionus? Ultimately, the Truth is only known to Inna herself, this account can only offer speculation on the subject. +++ It was +++REDACTED PER IMPERIAL EDICT+++ years after having landed on Iona that the Emperor and his accompanying Fleets of Legiones Astartes finally arrived in orbit above the planet. Through no bloody battle was the world brought into compliance, nor was Pionus bested in any feats of greatness by the Emperor. Both Delegations met upon the singular Artificial Island Installation. The Delegation of Iona comprised of Pionus himself, the greatest mind of the planet, Inna his peer, adviser and confidant and top Genesmiths of the various branches of the field were in attendance. Opposite to them was the Emperor, a Small Guard of Custodians with Valdor in attendance and The Legion Master accompanied by 5 Preatorians of the XIXth Legion: The Stygian Phantoms (LOOK THIS TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO COME UP WITH DEAL WITH IT BEING TRANSLATED TO "DARK GHOST" ) All that it took to sway Pionus Santor was the Answering of Two Questions by the Emperor: Who was He and why was he looking for Him? The answers to both would prove sufficient for the Young Primarch, always having known that he was anything but ordinary and being imbued by a greater purpose -- not that he didnt find his work and studies on Iona beneath him. He was then Introduced to the Leaders of the XIXth Legion which, as the Emperor informed him, he would be taking control of and set about bringing human worlds into compliance for the Imperium of Man which Iona would join but maintain liberties few other world would due to its nature as Primarch Homeworld and soon-to-be Legion Homeworld. Now reunited with his Gene-Sons and at the head of the Stygian Phantoms but being of Pragmatic disposition, Pionus saw no reason to undo the current structure or how the Legion Operated. Much like his Genesmithing, he would, overtime slowly improve upon what was present. It would take decades before these changes became apparent but, due to His Nature and the way that these reforms were conducted, no rift was formed between the Terran Pre-Primarch Legionaries and the Ionian Legionaries who would soon swell the Legion in Size; in part due to their already advanced physiques being bolstered by the Astartes Induction Treatments -- the same Gene Therapies Pionus would offer freely to any Terran Legionaire so that no Favoritism or Disparity existed between the two Groups. It is only after Two Decades in Command of the XIXth did Pionus Santor rename the Legion. Gone were the Stygian Phantoms -- The Heraldry of which he awarded and even imposed on Veterans lest their roots be forgotten -- and in their place were the Scions Hospitalier. The Swelling of Legion Numbers can be attributed to their increased average lifespan, being Hardier than the Average Marine and reduced recuperation time for the wounded due to the Legions Growing Specialty in Genetics -- specifically that of an Astartes -- coupled with increased Apothecary numbers all of this in no small part due to Pionus. While the Stygian Phantoms did specialize in Support Ops aiding other Legions in a secondary role during campaigns, they also performed Exfiltration Ops aiding fellow warriors -- be they Mortal or Astartes -- to successfully escape from extreme danger zones. These High Risk missions would take their toll on the Legion with Casualties being most notable vs Orkoid or Age Of Strife-level Human bringing them down to just under 70000 Marines by the time they reunited with their Primarch. Their Numbers would soon reach well over 150000 Marines by the Time of the Heresy. With the advent of the reunion, a marked decrease in casualties was noted and their Exfiltration Ops became more daring and extreme in their nature adopting a "No Man Left Behind" Stance. Another Specialty of theirs that often came into play in a Post-Primarch Discovery environment was their increased specialty and mastery of Combat in 3D Spaces most Notably Hard Void or Oceanic Combat. This was due to the Legions relocation to Iona where, coupled with the nature of the Planet and its Fauna made training in such environments more than adequate. As such, the Legion was Oft employed alongside The Drowned* of the XVIth Legion for both complemented each other in this field and made it night impossible for enemies to claim victories. *It is of Note that, under agreement of both Primarchs of the XVIth and XIXth Legions that a Portion of the Legionnaires of the XVIth would be allowed to train alongside the XIXth upon Iona due to the Unique environments the Planet Possessed. What effect this would have in the Dark Days to come is anyone's Guess. Upon these Specialties did Pionus Build but, so too did he ensure that the Legion was always capable of Executing any form of warfare they would be called upon to persecute. Though not a Specialty of Theirs, a behavior to note was that the XIXth would oft volunteer for missions dealing with Abhumans, Genetic Deviants or other such form of society perverting the basic Human Form, fighting with a Ruthlessness and Vigor unmatched among the Legions even when combat was against Xenos. As such, they were the Legion to Employ when such a Planet was Consigned to Death. This had the consequence of the Scions Hospitalier refusing to fight alongside or even aid Imperial Army and even Auxilia forces that employed Orgyn, Ratlings or other Equivalents of any Kind. Thus was the XIXth Legion Unleashed Upon The Galaxy. END +++ Rules and Characters: Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Legiones Astartes:Units and Models with the LA(SH) special rule may always attempt to regroup at normal leadership regardless of casualties sustained. -The Scions Hospitalier: All Models with the LA(SH) special rule gain the Feel No Pain (6+) and Move Through Cover Special Rules. -Magna-Apothecarium: Models Equipped with a Narthecium or an Iona-Pattern Narthecium possessing the LA(SH) special rule permit them and the squads they've joined to re-roll a single failed Feel No Pain roll once per phase. The Primarch Pionus Santor and Inna Santor can never benefit from this effect. -No Man Left Behind: Units with the LA:SH special rule suffer a -1 modifier to Sweeping Advance and Fall Back rolls. This modifier increases to -2 once the unit has suffered 25% casualties. Additionally If the unit contains a model with a Narthecium, Iona-Pattern Narthecium, The Saviour or Ultima Narthecium Array they may not add their Initiative score to Sweeping Advance rolls, this replaces the former modifiers to Sweeping Advances rather than being in addition to them. -Loyalty and Purity Above All: Models with the LA(SH) special rule gain the Preferred Enemy (Xenos) special rule as well as Hatred (Traitor Legions) Legion Specific Wargear: Hidden Content -Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack:+ A Special Pattern of Jump Pack produced on Ionas Forge-Moon of Obscura, this type of Jump Pack was void and underwater operable and capable of longer, sustained flight. + The Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack confers the Bulky Special Rule and ignores the negative effects Jump Infantry would normally be subjected to in Zone Mortalis Games where the Hard Void Rules are in play. Additionally, This type of Jump Pack can be used in both the Movement and Assault Phases. + A Model Equipped with an Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack gains the Shrouded Special Rule on the Turn they arrive from Deepstrike Reserves. + Any Independant, Non-Unique Character with the LA(SH) special rule may Purchase an Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack for +30pts. Any Independant Character unable to be ordinarily equipped with a Jump Pack may not Purchase this item. -Iona-Pattern Narthecium Array: + A Special Type of Narthecium created by the Scientific Minds of Iona under direct supervision from Inna Santor, this suite boasts much improved Medical Tools and Sensors capable of treating even the most grievous of wounds. + A Primus Medicae Consul and Legion Apothecaries with the LA(SH) special rule may purchase this item for +30pts and +10pts respectively and permits Units joined by a Primus Medicae to re-roll all failed Feel No Pain Attempts (This overrides the restriction present in the LA(SH) rule). + A Model Equipped with an Iona-Pattern Narthecium grants themselves and their unit Feel No Pain (5+) and successful wounds caused by Poison and Fleshbane attacks must be re-rolled. -Wave Blade + A Wave Blade is a Power Sword variant native to Iona made from an Ore found only in the Deepest Oceanic Ridges. The Resulting Metal is of an unmatched Glacial-Blue and the Blades are only allowed to be created by the Greatest of the Legiones Armorium Artificers. It is due to this that the weapon isn't as widespread throughout the Legion being mostly found in the hands of Legion Officers. It has also been used as a Gift presented to the Commanding Officers of exceptional Inter-Legion Operations involving the Scions Hospitalier (CREATIVE LICENCE FOR Y'ALL TO GIVE THEM TO SOME OF YOUR OWN CHARACTERS) + A Character with the LA(SH) special rule with the option to purchase a thunderhammer may, for +40 Points, exchange their Chainsword/Combat Blade and/or Bolt Pistol for a Wave Blade. + A Wave Blade has the following Profile: Range: --, Strength: +2, Ap3, Melee, Specialist Weapon, Rending, Duelist's Edge The Primarch: Hidden Content Pionus Santor 480pts The Healer, The Ocean Walker, The Perfector, The Immovable Object, The Atlantaean WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 7 5 6 7 6 6 4 10 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (Unique) Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Character) Wargear: -The Leviathan:+ A Trident of Unmatched Splendor Created specifically for Pionus by Daer'dd, this Weapon was Presented to the Former at their first meeting, this Weapon would serve him unerringly though innumerable conflicts and the dark times that would soon Follow. Imbued with a sophisticated Teleporter attuned to Pionus through Arcane means, this permitted him to Throw the Weapon and have it return to his hand without fail. The Leviathan has the Following Profiles: Range: 15", Strength: 8, Ap2, Assault 1, Pinning, Blast (3"), Haywire. Range: ---- Strength: +2, Ap2, Melee, Two-Handed, Disembowel*, Haywire, Instant Death. Disembowel: On a To-Wound roll of a 6+, a Model that suffers one or more unsaved wounds must take a Strength Test at -2 (to a Minimum of 1). If failed, the Models Attacks Statistic is reduced by -2 (to a minimum of 1) for the Duration of the Game. This does not affect Bonus Attacks granted by Rage and Rampage Special Rules. This Effect is not cumulative with itself or Similar Modifiers. The More Powerful Rule (The one that reduces the statistic the most) is always chosen should a model be subjected to multiple rules of this nature. -Opalescent Ward: + This Suit of Artificer Wrought Power Armor of Pionus' own Design was created in a Long-Lost Forge, dating back to the Dark Age of Technology, far bellow the planets surface where the pressure would strain even the mightiest of Starships. The Resulting Armors Sturdiness and Durability was unmatched throughout the Imperium. The Opalescent Ward is also equipped with powerful Grav Compensators to make the Armor essentially weightless. This has the added effect of greatly improving the Primarchs Mobility represented by his classification as Jump Infantry. The Opalescent Ward confers a 2+ Armor Save and a 3+ Invulnerable Save. The Armor also permits Pionus to Ignore the Effects of any Special Rule that would Negatively modify Pionus' Initiative. Confers the Move Through Cover and Relentless Special Rules and reduces the Strength of Weapons Hitting Pionus in the Shooting Phase by -1 to a minimum of 1 unless their Strength Value is 7 or Greater. Additionally, once per game, Pionus may overload the Grav Compensators present on the Opalescent Ward; this action can be performed in the Shooting or Assault Phase (even if Pionus is Locked in Combat). However, until the end of the Next Controlling Players Turn, Pionus may only move at Half his normal movement, cannot perform any shooting attacks and has a -4" Modifier to any Charges he and any unit he's attached to may attempt to perform. + Graviton Overload: Pushing the Grav Compensators on his armor to the brink, Pionus causes a single attack with the following profile to every model within range. Range: -; Strength: *, Ap3, Assault 1, Blast (5" Centered on Pionus), Haywire, Concussive, Hyper-Dense Graviton Pulse*, One Use Only. Hyper-Dense Graviton Pulse: Wounds caused by a weapon with this special rule always wounds on a 4+ but otherwise follows the normal rules for Graviton Pulse However, any model attempting to move through the Resulting Marker immediately stops and may not proceed further until their next movement phase. This Includes models already inside the Marker. -Ultima Narthecium Array: + All units within 10" of Pionus Santor with the LA(SH) Special Rule may Re-roll any failed Feel No Pain rolls they are called to make and may make Feel No Pain rolls against wounds with the Instant Death Special Rule and a Strength Value of 8 or lower only. Additionally, any Depthstrider Unit joined by Pionus gains the Eternal Warrior Special Rule. + Confers the Feel No Pain (4+) Special Rule to Pionus Santor and any unit he joins. Pionus Santor may never re-roll Feel No Pain rolls under the effects of the Ultima Nathecium Array. +The Ultima Narthecium Array also permits Pionus to re-roll failed It Will Not Die! Rolls Twice Per Game. -Plasma Grenades Special Rules: -Primarch -Very Bulky -Independent Character -Sire of the Scions Hospitalier: + Units Entirely Composed of Models with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitalier) special rule within the same army as Pionus Santor may use his Leadership instead of their own so long as he is present on the Table and not Embarked in a Vehicle. + All Squad Sergeants with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitalier) Special Rule and part of the same Detachment as Pionus may opt to purchase a Narthecium for +20pts. + Phantom Squads and Depthstrider Squads may be taken as Troop Selections in an Armies Primary Detachment containing Pionus Santor. -Beacon of Salvation: + Any Friendly Unit making a Fallback move within 24" of Pionus automatically pass their Regroup Test and gain the Stubborn Special Rule until the end of the next Controlling Players Turn. -Crashing Wave / Enveloping Sea: +Crashing Wave: On the Turn that Pionus and his Unit Charges, they may Perform D3 Hammer Of Wrath Attacks (A single roll is used for the entire Unit) resolved at S: As User, Ap4. Additionally, the Unit may re-roll any failed Charge Distances +Enveloping Sea: Pionus May perform Overwatch attacks with the Ranged Profile of The Leviathan even though it is a Blast Weapon. Additionally, Pionus, His unit and any models with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitaliers) within 12" of Pionus perform Overwatch Snap Shots are BS3 Instead of BS1 so long as Pionus is not locked in Combat. Post-Insurrection/Battle of Terra Primarch: Hidden Content Pionus Santor 700pts The Undying, The Everliving Son, The Leviathan Having somehow survived his fateful encounter with his closest Fallen Brother, Morro, the Scions Hospitalier used all their influence and power at their disposal to look for a way to restore their Gene-Father or at least keep him among the living. It is through secret, hidden and means obfuscated beyond all measure that the adepts of a branch of the Mechanicum were able to produce a "Body" for Pionus to inhabit. The Price, however, was the abandonment of his flesh and blood and to transfer his essence, consciousness and ultimately, his soul into the construct that would save him. Whilst the ingenuity and technological mastery of the Mechanicum wrought a body for the Primarch, it was through the combined efforts of the finest artisans of the Iron Bears and Crimson Lions, Niklaas among them, that his new form was bedecked in the finest armor the Imperium has seen short of the Emperor's own Warplate. It was with great chagrin that the unanimous decision was made among the Primarchs closest advisers to go through with the procedure; placing more value on their Primarch being among them and the living than consigning what little spark of life remained in his mortal shell to death. WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 8 5 10 8 8 6 6 10 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (unique) Unit Type: Gargantuan Monstrous Creature Wargear: The Lion & Bear The Atlantean Cerement Soul Gazer Grenade Harness (unlimited) The Lion & Bear: A pair of masterfully wrought Power Talons, the Bear & Lion bear the names of the Legions who created them, imparting some of their own Legions Identity into the weapons, molding them slightly into the heads of their respective animal. The Extra Attack from being equipped with both weapons has already been included in Pionus' Profile. Range - Str - Ap - Type - x2 1 Melee, Instant Death, Master Crafted, Shred, Sunder, Deathblow* Deathblow: Pionus may elect to cut his attacks down by a Third (rounding down) minimum of 1 to increase the Strength of his attacks to Destroyer (S:D) for the duration of that turn. The Lion & Bear each contain an In-built Irradiation Engine and Graviton Imploder respectively. The Atlantean Cerement: The Armor made for his "Body" through a combined effort of the Crimson Lions and the Iron Bears, the Atlantean Cerement is made up, in part, from the Recovered Shards of Pionus' Opalescent Ward painted in the colors of a Black Pearl. Confers a 2+ Armor Save and a 4+ Invulnerable and Two Void Shields.Soul Gazer: On his "Face", in place of eyes, sits a pair of Enormous, Ever-Swirling Opals and a single Ruby of the Deepest Red on the Forehead. The Soul Gazer has the following profile: Range ---- Str ---- Ap ----- Type Template 7 4 Assault D3, Torrent, Synaptic Shock Synaptic Shock: Models that suffer unsaved wounds from a weapon with this special rule must immediately take a Leadership Test at -2 or be forced to Go To Ground! Regardless of Special rules that would prevent them from doing so; ie the Fearless Special Rule Grenade Harness: Pionus may choose to fire D3 of either Frag, Krak, Haywire, Plasma or Rad Grenades in the shooting phase, not counting towards his maximum allowance of weapons being fired. Only one type of Grenade may be fired per turn. Special Rules:(Did not list duplicate entries found in the GMC and Primarch Special Rules) Primarch ( Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Adamantium Will, Fleet, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion) Does not have the Independent Character Special Rule. Gargantuan Monstrous Creature (FNP (5+), Hammer of Wrath, Move Through Cover, Relentless, Smash, Strikedown) Sire of the Scions Hospitalier (per his original entry) Beacon of Salvation (per his original entry) Psyker (Mastery Level 1) Psyker: Due to the Nature of his new Body, Pionus Santor's Latent Psychic Abilities (present among all Non-Blank Primarchs to an Extent) were activated. Haunted by Whispers and voices of Unknown provenance, the only way his Psychic Abilities have manifested was through what he calls, a Silent Scream. He otherwise has access to no other Psychic Disciplines or Powers. Silent Scream: Warp Charge 2 24" Nova Power This Power forces all models, friend or foe, within its area of effect to immediately take a Dangerous/Difficult Terrain Test, regardless of special rules that let them ordinarily bypass taking them, that is failed on a roll of a 1 and 2. Only Invulnerable Saves may be taken against failed Tests. Additionally, any Models with the Flying/Flyer type that is not in either Hover or Glide mode takes an immediate Grounding Test or Immobilized test, whichever is appropriate for the model. Psykers Hit by this Power with a Mastery Level of 2 or Lower suffer an Immediate Perils of the Warp with a -1 Modifier to the Table. Visually, Think of a slightly smaller-than-a-Knight Contemptor but with subtle Eldar Smoothness and Lines to it. The Adopted Sister and Adviser to the Primarch! Hidden Content Inna Santor 200pts The Peer, Confidant and Adviser to the Primarch, The Medica Prima of the Scions Hospitalier WS BS S T W I A LD Sv 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 9 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (unique) Unit Type: Infantry (Character) Wargear: -Artificer Armor -Iron Halo -Master-Crafted Archeotech Pistol -Master-Crafted Paragon Blade -The Savior:+ A Narthecium of her own Design, The Saviour Confers Feel No Pain (5+) and grants Non-Independent Character Models in her unit with the LA(SH) special Rule an Extra Wound to a Maximum of 4. Additionally, the Savior can, once per game declared at the start of the controlling player's turn, opt to increase Inna and any models with the Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitaliers) special rule in her unit's Toughness by +1 for a single phase of the Controlling Player's Choice. The Extra Wounds Granted by The Savior can only be granted to the First Unit she joins at the beginning of the game. Any Squads she subsequently joined to not gain an Extra wound. The Savior has the following Profile: Range: --, Strength: As User, Ap4, Fleshbane, Poisoned (2+), Specialist Weapon -Frag, Krakk and Rad Grenades Special Rules: -Eternal Warrior -Master of the Legion -Independent Character -Harvesting Test Subjects: + Any enemy Independent Character or Monstrous/Gargantuan Creature Slain By Inna or unit where she slays the last model Grants an additional Victory Point on a successful roll of a 5+ This additional VP always counts toward the secondary mission of any particular game. -Non-Astartes: + As naught but a perfectly augmented human, Inna knows her place in the Legion despite garnering Great respect from the Astartes of the XIXth for her work and deeds and being Given official Authority by her Adopted Brother Pionus. As Such, Should Pionus or an HQ Selection with Legiones Astartes (Scions Hospitalier) be present in the Army, she can never be Warlord or counted as a Compulsory Selection. The First Captain, Former Legion Master: Hidden Content Antonidas 205pts The Shadow, Legion Master of the Stygian Phantoms, First Captain of the Scions Hospitalier WS BS S T I W A LD SV 6 5 4 4 5 4 4 10 2+ Unit Composition: 1 (unique) Unit Type: Jump Infantry (Character) Wargear: -Void Borne Artificer Armor+ Hardened Artificer Armor permits failed armor saves against blast and template weapons to be re-rolled. -Iron Halo -Frag and Krakk Grenades -Melta Bombs -Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack + A Special Pattern of Jump Pack produced on the Forgeworld of Obscura, this type of Jump Pack was void and underwater operable and capable of longer, sustained flight. + The Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack confers the Bulky Special Rule and ignores the negative effects Jump Infantry would normally be subjected to in Zone Mortalis Games where the Hard Void Rules are in play. Additionally, This type of Jump Pack can be used in both the Movement and Assault Phases. +A Model Equipped with an Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack gains the Shrouded Special Rule on the Turn they arrive from Deepstrike Reserves. -Volkite Serpenta -Hoarfrost + A Paragon Arm-Blade of unknown Provenance, Hoarfrost is made of a nigh-indestructible material that is said to be as cold as the void. + Hoarfrost has the Following Profile: Range: --, Strength: +1, Ap2, Melee, Specialist Weapon, Murderous Strike (5+), Chill of the Void Chill of the Void: A Model that suffers one or more wounds from attacks with this special rule must immediately perform a Toughness Test on 2D6. If Failed, the model permanently loses 1 Initiative for the rest of the Game. Special Rules: -Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Deepstrike -Master Of the Legion -Independent Character -Specter of Anatolia +Before his rise to Legion Command, Antonidas was known among the Legions of Terra as the Specter of Anatolia a grim Shadow who would ruthlessly hunt down and exterminate any voices of dissent. +Antonidas and any Phantom Squad he joins may choose to Mark a Target at the beginning of the game. Antonidas and his squad may deploy using the Infiltrate special rule, with the following alteration: Antonidas and his squad may make a disordered charge against their Marked Target during the first turn of the game which they are on the board. Warlord Trait: Child Of Terra (per LA:CAL) Now, Moving onto Legion Specific Units, we've got 2 and a Vehicle: The Phantoms, Depthstriders and Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle. First Up, the Phantoms: Hidden Content Phantoms 165pts WS BS S T I W A LD SV 5 4 4 4 4 1 2 8 3+ (Phantom) 6 4 4 4 4 2 2 9 3+ (Specter) Unit Composition: 4 Phantoms, 1 Specter (Character) Unit Type: Jump Infantry Wargear: -Void-Hardened Power Armor+ Failed armor Saves against Blast and Template weapons must be re-rolled. Ignores the Hard Void rules in Zone Mortalis games where applicable. -Obscura-Pattern Jump Pack -Hooknet & Lancea (pretty much like the Dark Eldars Shardnet and Impaler) + The Hooknet & Lancea has the following Profile: + Range: --, Strength: As User, Ap3, Melee, Paired, Hinder Paired: Always gains +1 Attack for being equipped with two weapons Hinder: To-Wound rolls of a 6+ causes an opposed Strength Test between the model (Phantom) and its target. If the Targets fails the Test, its initiative is Halved and has -1A until the end of the next Assault Phase. -Frag and Shroud Grenades Special Rules: -Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Furious Charge -Deepstrike Options: -May Include up to 5 more Phantoms for +30pts each. -The Squad may be equipped wtih: + Nuncio-Vox +10pt -One In Five Models may exchange their Hooknet & Lancea for: + Thunderhammer +15pts -The whole Squad may be equipped with Melta Bombs for +50pts -The Specter may exchange his Hooknet & Lancea for: + Wave Blade and Power Dagger +20pts + Power Weapon and Bolt Pistol +10pts + Thunderhammer and Power Dagger +20pts -The Specter may take: + Void-Hardened Artificer Armor +10pts + Rad Grenades +10pts Next Up, Depthstriders: Hidden Content Depthstriders 340pts WS BS S T I W A LD SV 5 4 4 5 4 2 2 9 2+ (Strider) 5 4 4 5 4 2 3 9 2+ (Divemaster) Unit Composition: 4 Striders, 1 Divemaster (Character) Unit Type: Infantry Wargear: -Cataphractii Terminator Armor -Power Weapon -Volkite Charger Special Rules: -Legiones Astartes: Scions Hospitalier -Fearless -Night Vision -Monster Hunter -Chosen of Pionus:+ May be Taken as a Command Squad for Pionus Santor in an army where he is the Warlord. Options: -May Include up to 5 Additional Depthstriders for +45pts each -One in Three models may exchange their Volkite Caliver for: + Volkite Culverin +20pts + Missile Launcher with Rad Missiles +15pts -Any Model may exchange their Power Weapon For: + A Thunderhammer +15pts + A Wave Blade +20pts -The Whole Squad may, instead swap their Volkite Calivers for Irrad-Cleansers for +50pts + And Irrad-Cleanser has the Following Profile: Range: Template, Strength: 2, Ap5, Assault 1, Rad-Phage, Fleshbane -The Divemaster may be equipped with: + An Iona-Pattern Narthecium +20pts + A Grenade Harness w/ Rad Grenades +10pts -Dedicated Transports: + Land Raider Phobos (5 or less models) + Spartan Assault Tank (5+ Models) + Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle (5 or more models) Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle:+++ Note: For those wondering why the majority of my Units use Volkite/Beam/Energy Weapons: Its because they are of better use, in my mind at least, in Underwater and Void Based Situations than, say, conventional bullets. Also, this Vehicle was made to be Underwater Operable per the fluff. Hidden Content Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle 325pts BS F S R HP 4 12 12 12 4 Unit Composition: One Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle Unit Type: Vehicle (Flyer, Hover, Transport) Access Points:+ The Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle has Three Access points: One running the Length of the Side Hull on each side and One Underneath. Think Star Wars LAAT (google it) but more Grim Dark and Legion-y...and Storm Eagle-y. Special Rules: -Deepstrike -Assault Vehicle -Independent Turret Fire -Machine Spirit -Reinforced Structure + Confers a 5+ Invulnerable Save -Rapid Insertion + This Rule acts like the Storm Ravens "Skies of Fury" Special rule with the following changes: + The Models Scatter 1D6 instead of the Normal 2D6. Jump/Jet Pack Equipped Units do not Scatter, Terminator Armor Equpped Units may not perform this action. + May be Performed even if the Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle is Zooming. However, the unit scatters 2D6 (1D6 for Jump/Jet Pack Equipped Modes/Units) and may not Move, Run or Assault the turn they arrive if they are deployed in this manner. Terminator Armor Equipped Units may not Perform this action. Wargear: -Two Wing-Mounted Twin-Linked Lascannons -Two Turret-Mounted Twin-Linked Volkite Culverins (One Nose/Front Mounted, One Rear Mounted) -Extra Armor Transport Capacity: + The Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle has a Transport Capacity for 22 Models and may Carry Jump/Jet Pack Equipped Models so long as they follow the Normal Rules for Transporting Models with the 'Bulky' Special Rule. Options: -The Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle may purchase the following upgrades: + Ram-Jet Diffraction Grid +25pts + Flare Shield (Active in Hover Mode Only) +25pts + Chaff Launcher +15pts + A Single Depth Charge +75pts -A Depth Charge has the following Profile: + Range: --, Strength: 10, Ap1, Bomb, One Use, Armorbane, Large Blast (7"), Massive Massive: A Bomb Weapon with this Special Rule taken as an Upgrade for a Vehicle has its Transport Capacity reduced by Half until it has been Fired. Rite of War: Hidden Content Rite Of War: Extraction Force Primus. +Effects: Any Unit Capable of taking a Rhino, Land Raider (any type) or Spartan Assault Tank as a Dedicated Transport may instead take a Storm Eagle or Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle as a Dedicated Transport instead. Assault Squads and Phantom Squads may take a Phaeton-Pattern Storm Eagle as a Dedicated Transport but must use its Rapid Insertion Special Rule on the turn it arrives from Reserves. Reserve Rolls may be made at the Start of Turn 1 and failed rolls may be re-rolled. Infantry Units with the LA(SH) Special rule and Dreadnoughts part of this Detachment gain Counter-Attack, Hit & Run and Fleet on the Turn they arrive from Deepstrike / Reserves including disembarking from a Transport Vehicle that arrived in the same manner. Phantom Squads taken as part of this Army that numbers 10 Models may charge on the Turn they Arrive from Reserves. Depthstrider Squads taken as part of this Army that numbers 10 Models gain Twin-Linked and Pinning on all their weapons on the Turn they arrive from Reserves, +Limitations: Squads that are capable of having an Apothecary Attached to them must do so. Apothecaries Taken in this manner do not take up an Elite Slot in the Force Organization Chart. Two Primus Medicae Consuls must be taken as Additional Compulsory HQ Selections and be Equipped with an Iona-Pattern Narthecium where applicable. If Taken, Inna Santor counts as A Primus Medicae for the purposes of this limitation. Any Unit/Models without the Deepstrike Special Rule or the Skimmer, Flyer, Jetbike or Jump Infantry type may not be taken unless they are embarked upon a Transport that fulfills the Criteria for being Included. This means that Vehicles such as most Tanks cannot be taken as part of a Detachment using this Rite of War. All units that are part of a Detachment using this Rite of War must start the Game in Reserves. Must take an additional Compulsory Troops Selection. Any C&C welcome no matter how Harsh (ok not that harsh, dont actively try to hurt my feelings )
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