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  1. I've recently begun a narrative campaign with my brothers and some friends and wanted to aggregate everything together in one place where each of us could update it as the campaign develops and we paint new stuff. To follow will be an accounting of each of our armies, including lore, painting progress, battle reports as the campaign progresses, and an outline of the narrative. I wanted to compile all the data together to construct a long term campaign we could return to since my brothers and I live in different parts of the United States. So, let this be my accounting. We'll probably see at least one other related thread on the chaos side. +++++++++++++++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CASE FILE: 338.67X.BA9.Zbv Please enter your authority code... ********************** Validating...... Thank you, Inquisitor. May the Emperor guide you. CASE STUDY OF ADEPTUS ASTARTES ASSETS IN THEATER ULTIMA SEGMENTUM LOCATION: MALEXIS SECTOR DATE: 152.M42 COMPILED BY LORD INQUISITOR AMELIA FIRENZE, ORDO HERETICUS INQUISITORIAL DATA FORTRESS, TROXUS PRIME, 138.M42 Founding Chapter: Blood Angels Founding: Unknown* Chapter Master: Malphas Home World: Iracundia Fortress Monastery: Arx Umbra Specialty: Assault, Close Quarters Combat Strength: Unknown Battle Cry: Lucem ac tenebras! THE MALEXIS SECTOR To trailing and rimward of Baal, the Malexis Sector lies roughly halfway between Sable and Quisto'rol, though closer to Angelis than not, just on the fringe of Segmentum Ultima. The sector itself is governed at Malchar Prime by the venerable Lord Governor, Quintus Proximi. Laying on the border of Ultima Segmentum, the sector is defined by its relationship to the fringes of the galaxy. The cold trade thrives here, and the exploits of Rogue Traders seeking buried secrets and riches beyond the blighted Ghoul Stars fill countless volumes in the Librarium Primus on the sector's capitol planet. Malexis has a proud history as a key supporting province and staging area for the Malcharian Crusade. Dozens of agri-worlds feed the hives across the sector, as well as the fortress worlds of Malchar IV, Oraxis, Thisellia, Rictus, and Sortia. The sector is home to six shrine worlds, four pleasure planets, and several dozen feudal and feral worlds. Notable Imperial assets include but are not limited to The Rictus Expeditionary Corps, The Malchar 25th, The Sortian 3rd (Shrieking Griffons), and the venerable knight house Alphyn, leige lords of the Justitian system. Finally, the Angels Apocryphal, in support of the Death Spectre chapter, bear the holy charge of defending the sector and maintaining the integrity of the Segmentum's borders from the greatest threats beyond the fringe. Drukhari raiding is common, as are the stranger, more sanity breaking threats that encroach from the dreaded Ghoul Stars. The Hive Fleet Jormungand, crushed by elements of the Death Spectres, bled several splinter fleets into the sector before it was defeated. Feral greenskins persist on a number of worlds within the sector, however a large scale incursion remains below the Imperial average. Heretic elements active in the sector include an unnamed Word Bearers detachment led by the Arch Abomination Orbus the Resplendent and most recently, unknown elements of the Thousand Sons led by the arcane heirophant Pho'tek Katar. IRACUNDIA Gravity locked with its parent star, the death world Iracundia is a subtly brutal place, lacking any forgiveness or mercy. Its atmosphere is surprisingly hospitable to human life. The two sides of the planet, however, represent its terrible extremes. The day side swelters at temperatures in excess of 60 degrees Celsi, depending on the season. Its inhabitants live underground, in vast compounds shielded from the star's unforgiving rays, and mine the precious metals deep below the planet's crust or harvest moisture in multilevel condensation farms and aquifers. No one goes to the night side, where the howls of ancient beasts stalk the shadows of cyclopean ice formations that have stood for millennia. Along the Meridian Primus lay the truly habitable zone. Travel long enough in any direction, and the sun begins to set. In such brutal heat, anyone would count the cooling temperatures a blessing. Eventually, the traveller will reach The Halo Sea. It is an ocean that circles the planet, crowned with an archipelago of fortress hives built atop lush, green forests that stand sentinel across the sea. Here, they guard the innocence of the day from the monstrousness of the night. At polar north stands the crown jewel, the Arx Umbra, a bastion of constant noble vigilance. Not much is known about the night side of the planet. The massive walls of Halo Bastion prevent any incursion beyond the ocean and into the tundra. From orbit, it appears as dark and lifeless as it's said to be on the surface. However, other stories also abound. Stories of what the locals call "Strigus," or the Ravenous, hint at ancient, cannibal hunters or some kind of vengeful spirit haunting the timeless canyons and ancient mountains of the planet. Local sources conflicted wildly, based seemingly on what they had grown up hearing. The case remains open at the Thisellian Enclave but no one seems overinterested in pursuing it because, as we all know, the Angels Apocryphal, while secretive, silent, and strange, are still a loyal chapter with every ounce the honour and nobility of their parent lineage. The people of Iracundia subsist at a largely stunted level of technology. Weaponry is exclusively solid projectile, with no knowledge of las or plasma tech. They rely also on fossil fuels to power their tunnel crawlers and lack the methods of refinement common throughout the Imperium. No means of mass production exist, leading to a staggering variety of mechanical and technological goods. However, all are invariably of low quality. The myriad tunnel clans fight among themselves for access to underground complexes, aquifers, oil wells, and mineral veins when not campaigning against the Rokushaki, a primeval breed of subterranean reptilian xeno also native to the planet. Other indigenous predators include the behemoths called dune dragons, the cyclopean gigapede, blood wyrms, scythe beetles, and shale spiders. Interestingly, scythe beetles can be domesticated and are frequently used as mounts by the more foolhardy clans on the surface. Recent surveys of life also note several strains of feral tyranid following the passing of Hive Fleet Jormungand, though no genestealer strains have been detected. The Halo Bastion, circling the whole of the planet in the green zone, effectively blocking passage from day side to night side, culminates at polar north in the massive fortress monastery of Arx Umbra. The first wall spans the coast of the Halo Sea. Behind it, generations of planetary defence forces have lived, mustered, and died keeping the general population safely ignorant of their place in the greater galaxy. The PDF are overseen by the 10th company's captain as something of a collateral duty. RITUALS AND PRACTICES The Angels Apocryphal have several rites that diverge from those of their brothers. First, and most notably, they have vowed never to speak to any lacking their gene seed. It was explained to me not as a matter of worthiness, but one of shame. Something compels the chapter to deny themselves communication with the Imperium at large. A notable exception to this is during wartime, but even then the commanders speak over encrypted vox channels through handpicked chapter serfs and intermediaries. Second, once selected for the reclusiam, potential chaplains must undergo a pilgrimage to the night side of Iracundia where they are expected to brave the killing cold and commune with the spirit of their Primarch. Whether or not they hear anything is unknown to all but those that make the journey. Out there, amid the terribly human howls of whatever beasts lurk the frozen landscape, the chaplains have sought out these arcane mysteries for millennia. Sanguinalia is something of a revelry to them, as it is with other chapters of Sanguinius' line. However, the somberness of the mass before the feast is something to note. The sermon is led by the chapter's Master of Sanctity, every verse punctuated by the slap and tear of bone studded leather against the backs of every marine in attendance. The blood that runs down their ragged backs collects in troughs in the floor and runs to the center of the floor in a pool at the base of the pulpit. At the end of the ceremony, the Master of Sanctity calls for the Vauldii, and every battle brother rises from his knees to drink from the pool. In this way, they reinforce their bonds of brotherhood to each other, the chapter, and the Imperium at large. Finally, the practice of tithing is something intrinsic to the Angels Apocryphal. Whenever the chapter saves an Imperial world from a given threat, they extract a tithe of people from the planet's surviving population, presumably to take as thralls back to Iracundia. No one actually knows what happens to these people, and the chapter's leadership certainly wasn't forthcoming with any information regarding them. I'm sure they don't end up as chapter serfs. These are the only rituals we've been able to document. There must be a great deal more, but they are an inclusive and secretive group. Much has been hidden from us, and the chapter's leadership are incredibly vigilant in keeping their secrets. KNOWN BATTLES The Devastation of Baal Two companies destroyed on Baal Primus, at the opening of The Rift. Golgatha IV The 4th Company, captained by Irad, invaded Golgatha IV after a cult known as the Illumine overthrew the local government. After partnering with a Black Templars crusade following the trail of heresy and death left in the wake of the daemon prince Orbus the Resplendent, Irad waged a five year war upon the cult and the detachment of Word Bearers that appeared during the war's prosecution. Finally, upon the spires of the governorial palace, Orbus was banished to the warp and a new threat was uncovered. Landrian Prime The 6th Company, captained by Vykus, confronted the forces of Uldrethi Skintaker, Archon of the Kabal of the Rent Veil. The foul creature had stripped several feudal and agri-worlds of their populations. In orbit over the skies of Landrian Prime, Vykus cast the alien from the observation deck of his own ship into the cold death in the void. Gathan Prime Most recently, while engaged with Tyranid splinter forces in system, Captain Forsus of 5th company discovered strange signals eminating from the planet's surface. Upon investigation, Forsus and his lieutenants discovered elements of the Thousand Sons led by the sorcerer Pho'tek Katar seeking something within the ruined city. Forsus and his battle brothers fought through wave after wave of Tyranid to reach the site of the incursion. However, upon arriving at the shrine the heretics occupied, Forsus fell to some unknown madness, charging headlong into the enemy line while his men sought to contain his rage. Forsus fell, and the surviving marines were forced from the battlefield. Attached are pict captures of the engagement. It is presumed by the Holy Ordos that the Angels Apocryphal will be mustering at this point to pursue this Pho'tek Katar, and discover his purpose here in the sector, as well as his connection to Orbus the Resplendent. Feel free to contact me for any further clarification. I hope and pray that this satisfies your inquiry, Lord Amarant. Be well. -as heck Forever Faithful +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++END TRANSMISSION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next up, painting shots taken over the last year. Current project, finishing up those vanguard vets. Hope you guys enjoy this. Look out for Pho'tek's contributions as well.
  2. Hello folks and welcome to my battle report thread! I’ll try to keep my reports tidy for ease of reading, so I hope you enjoy them. Hopefully they can help people see some uses of Deathwatch that they might not have considered; and I generally find that doing a post-battle analysis gives me greater insight into my own mistakes. For those who care: I don’t play actual Deathwatch, my Chapter is the Howling Griffons who are technically Ultramarines successors; but the Ultramarines rules don’t really appeal to me as representative of the Howling Griffons (so I use the Deathwatch Codex and before that I used Space Wolves and Blood Angels, as generic Space Marines just…lack any kind of flavour!) who are a pretty flexible Chapter (unlike the Ultramarines, we’ve actually read the Codex and use like camouflage!). Anyway, enough justification, on to the battles! I’ll be linking all of the various posts back to this first post, for easy reference: Game #1 – League Game #1; vs Orks (May 2019) Game #2 - Practice League Game; vs Drukhari (May 2019) Game #3 - League Game #2; vs Imperial Guard (May 2019) Game #4 - League Game #3; vs Salamanders Space Marines (May 2019)
  3. +++ Welcome to Prot's Chapter Keep of all things anti-Xenos. Here you will find the shared tactics, hobby ideas, painting, battle reports and (hopefully) the motivation you need to smite the xenos in the name of the Emperor. +++ +++ The gravest lessons are learned in defeat: What follows are various batreps of (typically 1850 points) in various levels of competitive environments. All battle reports are covered with pictures and a 'play by play' for your perusal. +++ + Tau Frustrations: Going back in time a bit here, this was the first full sized, non-allied, Deathwatch new Codex game vs Tau ITC style 1850pts: LINK + An 1850 Maelstrom game vs. the Orks: LINK + An 1850 Maelstrom game vs. the Eldar. This was not a 'hardcore' Eldar list but shows how nasty even a mediocre list is. LINK + 2 Battle Reports for the price of 1 ! ! !. This is not for the feint of heart. We have the first game against Tau, and the second against the Daemon Tetrad list. 1850 pts. LINK + The "New" Genestealer Cult Codex is chalk full of things that made me instantly jealous of such a well thought out codex. But nonetheless, the Xenos must be confronted. 1850 Maelstrom vs. Tyranid Genestealer Cult. LINK + The Deathwatch put a call into the Assasinorium and take on the Blood Angels with the assistance of the Culexus. LINK + Deathwatch continue using Custodes as an experiment and test a new Black Shield Config vs. Ork Wazdakka Biker Star. LINK + Prot's Deathwatch CAD and Skyhammer take on a no holds barred Tau Stormsurge List. LINK +++ Most of the articles/links below focus on finished models, but there are a few WiPs. +++ + First up a link to our first ever Painting Event. LINK + One of my faves... a Deathwatch Terminator Captain: LINK + Finished (and sold) Terminator Librarian, and Black Spear Strike Force Units: LINK + Added a squad of Painted Custodes: LINK + The squad above sold, so working on some more. Here's a WIP of the new blade I've decided on : LINK + After selling my first Custodes Squad, I knew I had to do another one. They're some of my favorite models in the line right now: LINK + Prot's buddy's Deathwatch army. Here's a couple of pictures of my friend's Deathwatch. The army looks really sharp and he's done it really quickly: LINK + 2017 WIP shot of some contents from the Watchblade Task Force in progress: LINK + 8th Edition and Shadow Wars inspired me to do 2 Figs as fast a possible with a decent standard set to them. LINK + 8th Edition WIP's using a more involved technique beyond Airbrush + Highlight. LINK + Final Veteran (6 man squad) shots of my more detailed attempt at Deathwatch: LINK +++ Below are links to special interest pieces in this thread or outside of it. Various topics including, rules, fiction reviews, art, etc. +++ + The Black Fortress Edition Codex. I take some pictures and discuss the lavish contents of the limited special edition codex: LINK + Deathwatch the novel by Ian St.Martin. This came out around the release of the codex and it has impressed me. Join in on the conversation here: LINK + My Deathwatch Print arrives! I also talk with David Annandale about his book from the Beast Rises series (where this print is from.) LINK ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. This is my Crusade Thread; basically a mix of kitbashes, painting logs, battle reports and short story pieces, chonologing the growth of my home-grown crusade. Hope you enjoy something amongst all the nonsense BIG EDIT: Photobucket broke all my pictures... they are back up again, but not sure if this is permanent. In the meantime, here is my library in case you really want to see anything particular: http://s1287.photobucket.com/user/matzeke/library/?sort=3&page=1 First, some background info on the crusade: (For WIP, scroll down to pictures) The brethren of what is now known as the Renascibilitas Crusade were thought lost by their fellow templars when their flotilla vanished into the warp while pursuing a particularly destructive pirate fleet of twisted Eldar sadists, after a long and bitter campaign to push the Xenos back. After many years had passed, the return of these missing brothers came as a surprise. More surprising was their reluctance to discuss exactly where they had been, or why their numbers had dwindled. This information was deemed only for the ears of the high marshal himself. Since their return, the fiery and stoic force have remained distinct from some of their younger and more excitable chapter-brothers. Nevertheless, they demonstrate an unswerving loyalty to the will of the Emperor, and hold strong to some clear truths: The Emperor is the single greatest triumph of mankind and loyalty to him and his design is their highest priority. The Emperor's wisdom is to be respected. He chose to employ certain sanctioned psychic individuals to further his great goals, yet he decreed that his loyal marines should be free from that great burden and temptation. Those battle-brothers who have forgotten this are derided and scorned publicly, and rarely trusted or tolerated on the battlefield. 'Friendly' warning shots have been fired, as have less-friendly ones. This suspicion extends to all pyskers to some degree, but while essential tools of the imperium (astropaths etc) are tolerated within strict boundaries, the reckless use of battle-psykers means that inquisitors and librarians are viewed as one step away from the Xenos and the Heretic. This hasn't stopped the pragmatic leadership of the crusade from working with various chapters, inquisitors and members of the ecclesiarchy, but more than one ally has found that the templars can be fickle in their support. The crusade brothers are closely bonded themselves, likely due to their unspoken experiences in their missing years. As an old brotherhood, they remember the old ways, and the emperors truth. They respect the greatest man to have walked the galaxy, ritualising and dramatising their faith in his mind and design. They crusade in the name of man, not of a god. Their faith and zeal burns bright, a cleansing flame in the dark.
  5. So now that the holidays are officially here, a few of my mates and I got together this week to play a few 1000pt games in the lead up to our yearly apocalypse game that includes our extended group of mates. This week I played 3 games, a 2 round match against Custodes and a game against Astra Militarium. The first evening was against my best mate and arch rival in all things gaming. He left Admech on the shelf (thankfully) and it became a showdown, Gold Vs Silver. My list was as follows: An ever evolving list that I call my all comers list at 1000 pts. The Adeptus Custodes: The Grey Knights battle had truly begun when we were rolling for first turn, and I successfully increased my chances of winning up from 27% to a whopping 49% chance if I played well, after claiming first turn! Hazzah! with 4 objectives up for grabs and a deployment of short edge to short edge, the board was long and narrow, with a fantastic set up of cover for both armies, I knew how tough the boys in gold truly were with their stat lines and I braced myself with my movement, I secured my home objective and moved half my army towards the 2nd objective. A poorly positioned Voldus nice and close to his body guard unit left him exposed and the following turn 1 from the custodes seen his warlord successfully charge him turn one. I was setting up screens and making calculating distances from his bikes, around terrain, not remembering his bikes could fly... Anyway, I managed to kill a bike with my dreadnoughts plasma cannon, and did 2 wounds to another bike with my razorback. Not bad for it's second outing. So a turn 1 custodes charge from his warlord into Voldus made me clench my cheeks and hold my breath. He zipped onto a second objective with his bikes, the one I was going for and held is back one with the 3 sagittarum guard. He really did well at pinning into my sort of half of the board, and I had to devote a lot of resources into his warlord. He had taken cut off the head secondary, that awarded more points the quicker he killed my warlord. 5 wounds later and Voldus was barely hanging on. I breathed a sigh of relief that he had weathered the ferocious fury of the shield captain and managed to survive another day. My second turn seen me gate Voldus out of combat and hid him away, limping on 1 wound, 5 termies the librarian and the 5 strike marines charged his captain, and I needed to kill him. My other 5 termies charges his bikes holding my second objective and the battle of minds begun. His captain tanked 5 of 6 mortal wound put onto him in a brilliant show of mental strength, much to my dismay. However I channeled my remaining psychic fury into my force halberds and swiftly cut of the brutes head. A cheeky interrupt of combat saw his bikes kill 4 of 5 termies in the ensuing combat, I couldn't believe it. I was left stunned and lost for words. A turn 2 deep strike with his dreadnought and a nasty stratagem of 3D6 rerolling charge, pick the highest seen his dreadnought set his eyes on my own dreadnought, but alas fate decided to laugh and he failed both attempts, statistical rarity. As that should of been in like flynn. 9" charge 3D6 pick the highest rerollable. Nasty! After having survived another turn, it was to know avail. My turn 3 was dismal and lackluster, I couldn't catch back up on primaries and my secondary's were measly. His turn 3 was a wrap up and a good game. But was fun none the less, as we both just wanted melee combat. A big relief from his oppressive bots. I quickly threw my glove down and asked for a rematch, already late into the night, he agreed and we began a second game. A big roll of a 6 gave me first turn and my chances again increased already. However, I didn't move at all, Just with the razorback I think, in my opening salvo of shooting, I killed two bikes with the dreadnoughts guns.. And its at this point, I'll give a shoutout to overcharging heavy plasma cannons, I absolutely LOVE them. They are half the price of the lascannon and gosh do they take the stress out of shooting. I've come away from every phase of shooting not wanting to smash my damn minis after failing with a 40pt lascannon. Anyway, back to business, I killed 2 bikes and called it a turn. He moved his bikes aggressively to me and footslogged his way down the other flank with his dreadnought and melee guard. Not much shooting happened and that was that. My turn 2, knowing I needed to do something drastic otherwise it would be a repeat of game 1 where I just get pinned to my deployment, and out scored, I decided to gate a unit of terminators into his backfield, 9" away from his sagittarum guard with the bolters, camping his home objective. A successful charge later and a handy fury of the first stratagem seeing me hitting on 2's I made quick work of the custodes and claimed that objective. This in turn, caused a rather unexpected move on the custodes second turn, he turned his bikes around and went back and charged the termies holding his home objective. Essentially splitting his forces across the whole table. He denied my warp shaping and I couldn't change from Tide of shadows to escalation, so here I was stuck. Much to both our surprises later in the fight phase. I mentally assaulted his dreadnought with the librarian, Voldus, 5 termies and not needing to cast atral aim, the dreadnought chipped in too. Now wounded, the dreadnought and his mighty heavy plasma and missile launcher rained down death upon him and destroyed the contemptor dreadnought. That was a surprise, but gosh, flat 3 damage is just great to see. No more stress. Even if I hit once, no more do I have to spend CP to reroll a 1 for my damage roll on a 40pt lascannon. My heroes charged his foot custodes with their body guard and a great clash of halberds followed. I think I killed 2 or 3 of the 4 models. His following turn 2, he charged my 5 termies holding his backfield with his captain and other biker. Knowing they were going to die, my brave terminators fought bravely, and with heavy cover, a defensible position and still being in the tide of shadows, they gained hope and nice +1 to their saves in melee combat, so as deadly as the charge was and even after the misrecordia's were swung, I had 1 brave justicar still standing. Defying death till the last. This in turn, left him stuck in combat and he couldn't consolidate back towards the centre. My turn 3 seen me wrap up the fight with Voldus and with him only having a captain and a bike remaining, we played it out, but the boys in gold were all dead by the end of round 3. Gold vs Silver is tied 1 = 1. What a great battle, and I walked away thinking man, tide of shadows actually saved my bacon. Although 2 wound smites really did push through in most of the rounds, against the toughness 5, 4++ invul saves of the custodes. They are so resilient and so strong. They just lack board presence and bodies. I imagine that both games could of looked drastically worse for me had he gone first both times and pinned me in. Both my mate and I have really put hard work into creating a ton epic looking terrain, for our games. With 2 fully painted armies, fully painted detailed terrain from GW looks epic. Alas I didn't take pics, but moving forward I should. My mate's army is superb. And the battlefields we create are fantastic! It's a joy to play and really is the icing on top of the cake. As much as the game itself. The second night I played another mate who brought Astra Militarium. Which in 9th edition, I haven't yet played. So a mechanised list with some heavy artillery was going to be a challenge for me. My list for this game was a bit different, as I needed something stronger to open up his tank hulls. I took another hammer on my Librarian and an NDK, with 2 guns and a sword to chop through tanks. (I already thought of a tweak here while discussing the lists after the game) And after play testing a lot of things, I can really see where points vs efficiency is for GK. I'll write up the next report tomorrow. Watch this space! Cheers for reading!
  6. Greetings, fellow Heresites! This thread will focus on my and my friends' battles set during the Horus Heresy. Maybe I'll edit this post when inspiration hits or if this thread lives longer than a few moments of internet life.
  7. Hi folks, So since I'm back in the Ultramarines' fold, I thought I would start a new thread to chronicle my battles and modeling/painting progress. My painting has, previously, been pretty damn slow and done in fits and starts; but now that Contrast is here, I'm hoping to get my models up to snuff much more quickly and efficiently. As for battle reports, I'll be joining up with my local community's league within the next month (possibly even next week) so should be able to get some reports in quite soon! Hopefully they'll be entertaining, at the very least, and might even give someone some ideas for their own lists. I'll keep this post updated with links to my battle reports as they come out, just for reference. I won't do that for my painting progress, though I might get some group shots in for here. I shall apologise up front for the potato quality of my photos: they're from my phone camera, which is hardly of the highest caliber! Battle Report Links: League Game #1, vs Astartes (Ultramarines Successors) [22nd October 2019] League Game #2; vs Nurgle Daemons [29th October 2019]
  8. Welcome to my hobby blog. Participating and failing in my first ETL has inspired me to engage more in the community. A few of the reasons I chose the Sons of Orar are: An above average amount of MKVI Corvus armour. A striking contrast in their paint scheme. Being an Ultramarine successor as I am a huge fan of 30k Ultramarines. Ravendove's painting log. (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/212123-sons-of-orar-blog/) A bit of lore I found by Keith Robertson (saved it to a notepad and lost the source) who created them: I will be posting hobby progress, how I am tweaking my list for the ITC format as I delve into competitive play and battle reports. Open to any and all constructive criticism for my painting and gaming! Thanks for checking out my work.
  9. Greetings fellow Unforgiven, After dabbling in a few other armies in recent years, I am excited to return to my favourite army, the First Legion. It's been over 10 years since I first started collecting the Unforgiven, so it's great to be back. This thread will (hopefully) serve to document everything about this fantastic hobby - naturally I will post up models as I paint them, but I also hope to include battle reports, tactics ideas, and even some fluff/fan fiction as my Ravenwing army grows. My amazing wife gave me this journal for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to recording my games in that as well. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my Ravenwing journey Prologue: On Ravens' Wings +++ Archive Retrieval Begins+++ +++Log Date: 256.M35+++ The air in The Avery was cold and still. Situated behind the observation deck on the strike cruiser Nevermore, The Avery housed the cyber-ravens used by the Dark Angels' Second Company. It also provided Jacques with a quiet place to think. The newly elected 151st Grand Master of the Ravenwing was still adjusting to his new role. Everyone, including Jacques himself, had expected Talonmaster Elijah to succeed the recently departed Master Arvhael. The oldest warrior in the legendary Second Company, Elijah had more than enough experience to lead, and as Arvhael's closest advisor, represented a familiar hand. But, in the words of the Supreme Grand Master, a familiar hand was not what the Ravenwing needed right now. The galaxy was changing, and a fresh perspective was needed in this difficult time. Dark whispers had reached the ears of the Unforgiven, and Jacques represented a new approach to combatting the new threats. As Huntmaster of a squadron of Black Knights, Jacques had earned a reputation for bold and innovative tactics, a reputation he was expected to maintain and extend as Grand Master. A cybernetic squawk broke Jacques' reverie - it was time. Time for Jacques to take up the leadership of the Second Company. Time to don the mantle of a Knight of Caliban. Time to Hunt the Fallen.
  10. Seems high time to revive "Nico's Treatise on Bayonet Stabbing" as I venture into 8th edition and rekindle by love affair with Imperial Guard. Today I fought my first battle of 8th. It was definitely a learning experience. I made many tactical errors and also got schooled hard on the new capabilities of various Eldar new abilities as I fought my friend who primarily plays Eldar. I also lost my half-written battle report to the warp! So I'm going to do more of a summary second time around and no fluffy narrative stuff -- it was pretty one-sided anyway and not really worthy of a full report. Here's a quick rundown of the forces (NB my force was basically me throwing together every painted IG model I own, and going all-out on wargear to get up to 1500 points, so my non-optimized list versus a very optimized list honed over about a dozen 8th edition games tells part of the story of the beat-down I received): EMPEROR'S OWN VALKAN RIFLES 1) Battalion Detachment Company Commander, power sword, plasma pistol Company Commander, power sword, laspistol Commissar, power sword, bolt pistol Ministorum Priest, power sword Infantry Squad, flamer Infantry Squad, meltagun Scions (10), meltagun x2, flamer Chimera - HFx2 Chimera - ML, HF Ratlings (5) 2) Spearhead Detachment Tank Commander - Vanquisher, lascannon, multimelta x2 Leman Russ Battle tank - heavy flamer Leman Russ Battle tank - heavy flamer Hydra - heavy flamer [7 Command Points] AELDARI XENOS SCUM Farseer with Ghost Helm (and probably other gear) 10 Rangers 8 Dire Avengers 9 Shining Spears 6 Howling Banshees 5 Fire Dragons Wave Serpent w/ 2x lance Wave Serpent w/ 2x lance Night Spinner [4 Command Points] We forgot to give our army leaders warlord traits (just realized this as writing)! We did Eternal War Retreival Mission and I chose old school long table edge deployment: The lasgun ammo tin is a proxy for my second Chimera which I accidentally left at home. Otherwise you've got tanks to the left, chimerae in the middle, platoon holding an objective/ruins, Hydra alone to the right (big mistake -- I should have deployed it last with a good range of fire and away from those Shining Spears who are gods in 8th edition, whereas they weren't so much of a much in 7th and I therefore woefully underestimated them). He has Wave serpents in the middle, and to my right the Night Spinner and the Shining Spears. We then deployed the "infltrators": Basically, Ratlings with a commanding view from atop the ruins left of centre and his Rangers in the ruins in front of his Serpents. I'm going to hit post now so I don't lose what I've written and do the game in the next post ...
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