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  1. Karrneshla & The Kabal of Seared Souls The Kabal of Seared Souls is a combined Craftworld/Dark Eldar society, the only one known of its kind.The Kabal's Supreme Archon is Lord Aerazabael Dethezara, who is one of the youngest Kabal leaders in Dark Eldar society (although, compared to most races, that isn't very young). Despite seeming to appear suddenly, The Kabal of Seared Souls has a long and secretive history which has led it to become one of the largest and most powerful Kabals. However, they are one of the youngest Kabals in Dark Eldar society in terms of "official" recognition. The last confirmed sighting of Karrneshla by Imperium agents was in The Liber Cluster. Imperium Report of Last Confirmed Sighting +++Scout Report 4E-O76+++ +525.M35+ ++Sub Sector Colvin++ +++Xenos Sighting+++ ++++Forward to Ordo Xenos++++ A lone Eldar craft was spotted by scout ships 3 days ago. Pict-captures are hazy at best. Reports suggest a large vessel, possibly a craftworld, although it was impossible to verify due to extreme range. Connection to other reports of Eldar activity unknown. Presence of Eldar could explain anomalies of the sub-sector. Advise Ordo Xenos and full investigation. +++End Report+++ ++EDIT++ Note by Ordo Xenos - This is the last known transmission from Scout Flotilla B59. Flotilla is presumed lost, suspected Eldar attack. Advise that a Deathwatch kill-team be dispatched. Origins of Karrneshla They say that Aerazabael Dethezara was once a powerful Dracon in The Kabal of the Black Heart. At some point it was discovered that he had secretly decided to form his own Kabal and try to split form Vects direct control, with his own beliefs and culture at the Kabals center. He had started by rallying together his followers and exiles, Kabal-hopefuls, and other rebellious members of the ancient Kabals. It would appear that the resources lost by the other Kabals over the previous years, literally lifetimes now, had been taken in secret by this new Kabal. It had hidden most of its members in the areas of the Dark City that the Kabals care nothing for, waiting until it had grown enough in strength to defend itself from the others. He named it The Kabal of Seared Souls and upon its discovery he led a rebellion aimed at taking the port of Commoragh. Given that The Kabal was discovered earlier than he had planned, Lord Aerazabael Dethezara, now calling himself The Supreme Archon of The Kabal of Seared Souls, aimed his rebellion at capturing ships at the port to use in their escape from Commoragh because he knew that his Kabal was not strong enough to battle Vect indefinitely in Commoragh. His plan succeeded in capturing enough ships to carry the majority of The Kabal into space. He left a contingent of the most fanatical followers, fellow exiles lead by former members of The Kabal of the Black Heart, to cover their escape, knowing that they would die before being captured. The Kabal of Seared Souls was outlawed by Vect for their rebellion. They traveled constantly, searching for a suitable safe heaven. And after being forced to spend prolonged periods in real space they found that their depravity from the time altering aspects of the webway caused their power and bodies to start deteriorating. Fortunately, they stumbled over a damaged craftworld and upon docking, they found the local Eldar asking for help. They had been ravaged by a tyrannid splinter fleet and had barely won the battle, but their numbers were reduced to a tiny fraction of their former strength. Given that both were in a crisis, they decided to join their forces and rename the craftworld Karrneshla. Despite the fact that these two races are very similar in how they feel emotion and yet they have both travelled down completely different paths, the desperation of their situations caused them to see the practicality of merging. Consequentially, they created a system where both races could live peacefully together and benefit from their union. In this system, the DE used their numbers to jumpstart the population and provide defense for the craftworld. The Eldar would help the DE by introducing them to the infinity circuit and using spiritstones to protect their souls, power, and longevity. The Eldar essentially become the stewards of the craftworlds inner workings and caretakers of the spiritstones, while the DE taking up the bulk of society, including the military. The Kabal of Seared Souls became accustomed to Eldar psykers as they depend on them for repairing the craftworld and protecting their spirits. The other Kabals curse and hate The Kabal of Seared Souls to this day for their blasphemous merge with Eldar. Above all other aspects of The Kabal, this has earned them the scorn and hatred of other Dark Eldar. In recent times, the Kabal has come to direct its spiritual focus towards the awakening Ynnead, the Eldar God of the Dead and have since become members of the Ynnari, seeking to follow the Seventh Path to save their race. They have come to regard Gyrinx familiars as holy spirits due to their new association with Yvraine. They also harbor a distrust of Lelith Hesperax, despite her new alliegance. The Kabal members now take peace in those that fallen whose souls now feed the Infinity Circuit, giving life to Ynnead. Organization The Kabal more complex hierarchy, which was brought about by its size and merge with the Eldar. Within The Kabal, the upper ranks/classes are more defined than in traditional Kabals and there is the addition of ranks/classes unique to the Eldar members. The Kabal is broken into Covens, each lead by an Archon or Farseer, which vary in size and determine the power held by its leader. Above these Archons/Farseers are the Kabal Lords, they are the leaders of The Kabal under the Supreme Archon, whose leadership they never question. This increased complexity has several benefits: The Kabal is easier to lead and maintain control of, ones standing in the hierarchy is clearly defined, The Kabal is more effective in combat and only the fittest survive. The Kabals tough history ( for both Eldar and DE) has made its members adept survivors. Together, the union of Eldar and Dark Eldar of The Kabal, of Karrneshla, have made them very powerful and unique. The Hierarchy of The Kabal Supreme Archon Lord Aerazabael Dethezara Kabal Lords (High Archons and Lord Seers) Archon/Farseer Hierarch Incubi Draconvar Dracon Trueborn Sybarite Warrior The Covens The Kabal of Seared Souls in broken up into Covens. Each Coven is led by an Archon/Farseer, followed by a Hierarch. Although the number changes regularly (this is explained below), there are about 18 Covens in The Kabal of Seared Souls and there is the Supreme Archon's personal Coven, called The Blessed. The Covens can operate with almost complete autonomy, but are dependent on the strength of The united Kabal for survival. Their dependence is maintained by never allowing a single Coven to grow large enough to challenge the Supreme Archon and his Blessed Coven. When a Coven reaches an alarming size, a number of its members are separated from it. They are either moved to another Coven or form the basis of a new Coven; the later of which must have the approval of the Supreme Archon. The Blessed Coven and the Kabal Lords are largely responsible for maintaining this balance. Trueborn and Dracons Both Eldar and DE are considered Trueborn. In The Kabal, Dracons are simply the leaders of Trueborn squads, they do not command the immense power of other Kabals' Dracons. As such they do not have the same access to level of equipment as other Kabals' Dracons. Hierarchs and Draconvars Hierarch Hierarch is a title given to a member of a Coven within The Kabal. The Hierarch acts as a sort of councilor to the Archon/Farseer of a Coven. They are the Coven leader's right hand, and are expected to keep ever vigilant against the threat of insurgents, and to enforce their leader's will throughout the ranks in the Coven. Hierarchs are similar to Craftworld Warlocks. The majority of Hierarchs are promoted from Draconvar, being the position in the Coven most likely to come in frequent contact with the Hierarch as a subordinate and thus have the best chance to kill them. Draconvar Draconvars rank above Dracons and below the Hierarch. They are the elite above Dracons and Trueborn and act as commanders. They are more similar to traditional Kabals' Dracons. Armour They usually dress very similarly to an Archon (although they are careful not to outdo them), wearing light, pressurized, neuroresponsive armor that has been customized with talismans, trophies, and ornate modifications in order to distinguish themselves and emphasize the importance of their rank to subordinates. In fact, most other races have difficulty telling Archons Hierarchs and Draconvars apart because of this. To make this mistake in the presence of one, however, is to almost guarantee one's own death, and perhaps even the Dark Eldar in question depending on circumstances. Wargear By the time a member of a Kabal has achieved the rank of Draconvar, they more than likely have attained access to the full armory of the Kabal, and as such are frequently seen equipped with the same incredibly advanced wargear, or ancient and valuable artifacts. In the event of a full-scale operation, one that would include the Archon in battle, Hierarch and Draconvars obviously must allow their lord first choice on any equipment they might want. Hierarchs and Archons have complete access to the armory. Archons and Farseers An Archon or Farseer is the highest ranking member of a Coven within The Kabal of Seared Souls. They are considered the single most powerful, ruthless, and cunning member of their Coven, due to the fact that if there existed anyone who held greater ability in these aspects, they would no doubt kill their Archon/Farseer and claim their title. Indeed, the singular power they hold over the members of their Coven make the title incredibly appealing to subordinates, and assassination attempts are not only common, but frequent. The average Archon/Farseer suffers dozens of assassination attempts before finally succumbing, and some have maintained their position even after well over three hundred attempts on their life. Farseers are less common than Archons but they are extremely powerful. Farseers are from the Eldar that The Kabal merged with. Weapons Archons/Farseers have access to the most powerful weapons, equipment, and artefacts available to their Coven, and as such are frequently seen using amazingly advanced technologies when they deem it necessary to appear on the field of battle. Although some arcane items of Haemonculi or Incubi are restricted even from the archons, as powerful as they are. In spite of the nature of the archon/farseer, everyone carries a splinter pistol. Though some may carry more powerful darklight-weapons such as blast pistol or even blaster. Some preferring close combat, may boost themselves with combat drugs more commonly used by wyches. They also may carry many kind of blades like djin-, husk- or just common powerblade. Whips such as agoniser and Electrocorrosive Whip are also popular. Armour Archons/Farseers, like the vast majority of Dark Eldar, feel that speed and dexterity are more than a replacement for defence, and wear only a light pressurised neuro-responsive body armour, allowing them to traverse vacuum when necessary and shrug off most civilian arms fire. Their suits, however, are usually covered in trophies and ornate fixtures that are better representative of their lofty position within the Coven. Nowadays archons may also possess lightweight Ghostplate Armour which also incorporates minor forcefield technology. More rare protective gear is also being used by Archons/Farseers. Very rare Shadow Field provides best protection of all Dark Eldar technology. There is also strange clone fields used by some archons. Retinue Archons/Farseers are almost always seen with a retinue in the field, and this retinue is usually the same group of Warriors or Incubi that work as bodyguards when in Karrneshla, protecting them and their estate from would be assassins or rival Dark Eldar. Kabal Leadership Supreme Archon The Kabal's founder and leader is Supreme Archon Lord Aerazabael Dethezara, whose rule over The Kabal and Karrneshla is as undisputed as Vect's rule over Commorragh. There have, of course, been several assassination attempts but all have failed. These attacks have mostly come from outside of The Kabal. In fact, compared to other Kabals, there have been shockingly few assassination attempts from inside The Kabal due to the members' high respect for their founder. Kabal Lords Under the Kabal's Supreme Archon, there is a small group of 6 Lords, also known as High Archons and Lord Seers, who form a council. They gain their positions either by direct appointment by the Supreme Archon or (more commonly) by simply being the most powerful Trueborn within the Kabal. Each Kabal Lord is the leader of one of the most powerful Covens in The Kabal of Seared Souls, ensuring that only the best sit on the council. Currently Undeveloped Content: The other traditional groups within Dark Eldar society, such as haemonculti and hellions, are also present in The Kabal. Their relations with The Kabal will be eventually be added but I have not gotten to the details. Special Thanks This is still a work in progress, but I like the second version. Special thanks to Cavash, Mushkilla and other sources from The Dark City community, where I originally posted this.
  2. +++WIP+++ "The Cinderborn" is now their temporary name, might change it or come up with a 40k language version. All of this is very much still in the brainstorming stage and as such is very cut up at the moment. General Idea: Ashen Claws/First Claw (Night Lords/Carcharadons inspired demi-legion opposed to Chaos. Your thoughts are welcome as I figure this out. Keep in mind I will work on this as I have time and as ideas come to me. ++Please be courteous.++ The Cinderborn "Only the Dead Truly Speak" - Attributed to Malgus Daalore, "The Black Warden" Founding: First/Various (see Ancestry) Primary Ancestry: Ashen Claws (Raven Guard), Night Lords, Heresy Era Blackshields Homeworld: Fleet-Based Loyalty: Independent/Renegade Overview The Cinderborn are a very large warband of renegade space marines drawing their lineage from the days of the Horus Heresy. Before its original members banded together, they were outcasts spawned of The Great Betrayal. Some were Night Lords of either Terran stock or among the first Nostramo recruits inducted after the legion's reunion with their Primarch. Others were formerly of the 18th Chapter of the Raven Guard, who became the renegade Ashen Claws. Among the last to join were Astartes of unknown lineage from the many Blackshield warbands that roamed space during the Heresy. Each and every Cinderborn is an outcast from their original brethen, their new brotherhood all they have left. The Cinderborn were drawn together by a bold but forgotten warlord known as Malgus Daalore, once a Astartes captain in one of the legions. None now know from which legion he hailed, for only the Spodusari have ever seen his face. The Inquisition, in its study of The Cinderborn, has tried to unravel the mystery of "The Black Warden" and believes he was a Terran born member of the Raven Guard or Night Lords. It is believed by the Imperium that the real Malgus Daalore died centuries ago and that the current leader of The Cinderborn is simply one of a long line of successors who have each taken up his mantle, always being referred to by his title in lieu of name and even wearing one his ancient suits of armor. But the death of Malgus Daalore is as much a myth as the man himself and "The Black Warden" of The Cinderborn has never once been seen without full armor. There are even some in the Inquisition who suggest this secrecy could be better explained if the original individual was an Alpha Legionnaire. Only one truth is known, that he brought his new brethen together through a singular unity: that they are outcasts with no allegiance save each other, all vehemently opposed to Chaos, though like the Night Lords they do use it within limitations for their own ends. Though they are renegades, they actively fight against Chaos warbands and despise all Chaotic corruption. One could say The Cinderborn walk the thinnest line between damnation and their freedom. Combat Doctrine Given that The Cinderborn are fleet-based warband and have collected many different classes of ships over the centuries, they have become well suited to naval combat. If they are not acting with a main fleet, their naval vessels usually operate in smaller strike groups; it is rare to see a Cinderborn vessel alone. Their ships are modified for both ship-to-ship combat and planetary assaults, typically using their force of astartes as the final hammer in such actions. As The Cinderborn are descended from factions such as the Raven Guard, Night Lords and Blackshields, they focus largely on shock assault and ambush tactics. It is typical for a force of The Cinderborn to quickly deploy from an orbiting naval asset by drop pod or drop ship, sending advance recon squads before striking hard at the enemy with a series of faints and ambushes. They utilize a large number of assault marines and raptors, supporting tactical infantry, with elites in reserve. While they do possess armor, they typically utilize it in support role, rather than in an armored assault, due to their limited numbers. Culture *Pre-Entry Notes, Disregard for now* Avoid combat with Imps, unless attacked Fight Chaos Usually fight for resources - newer war material, archeotech, ships etc Trade for above Organization The Cinderborn as a whole is quite large and is comparable in size to a small Astartes Legion of old. The standard initial size of the ancient legions was 10000 Astartes, although most grew to around 100,000 Astartes, the smallest numbered from 6000-10000, making the latter the most accurate estimate of the size of warbands like The Cinderborn and Red Corsairs. The warband follows the organization doctrines of the Legion Astartes with their own twists, many of which are drawn from their former legions. They do make use of specialist officers and units such as Equerries and particularly Recon Squads. However, while they have units reminiscent of Chaos units such as Raptors and Beserkers, they are naturally different because of their despise for Chaotic corruption, this also means that there are no Noise Marines, Possessed or other heavily corrupted units in their armies. Basic unit is 10 man Squads led by Sergeants (or Veteran Sergeants for Veteran Squads) formed into 100 man Companies led by Captains Companies are grouped into 5 Company Battalions led by a Commmanders/Corphyus 2 Battalions make up a 1000 man Chapter led by a Lord/Warsmith Known Chapter Names: II Dread Coils, IV Howling Falcons, VI Dawn Reapers, VII Void Steeds, VIII Steel Wardens, IX Midnight Crusaders, X Final Sons First Chapter all veteran, elite, "The Atraemorta", The Black Doom, led by the First Master/Atramenti include the 1st Company led by the First Captain the "Talonmaster", the 2nd Company led by the Second Captain the "Terrormaster", the 3rd Company led by the 3rd Captain the "Tithe Reaper" and Veteran Companies 4-10. There is also a Librarius with (in rising order) Librarians, Sorcerers, and Magisters led by the Arch-Magister, although they not true Chaos Sorcerers due to their philosophy on Chaos. The Apothecarium is made up of (in rising order) Apothecaries, Senior Apothecaries, and Surgeon Masters led by the Chief Apothecary The Armory is made up of Techmarines and Warpsmiths led by the Master of the Forge, while the Lord Alchemancer serves as chief Quartermaster. The Cinderborn make use of a rather strange version of a Chaplaincy charged with teaching their brothers how to use Chaos for their own ends without becoming corrupted by it. They are made up of (in rising order) Chaplains, Senior Chaplains, and Warseers led by a Grand Inquisitor, who enforce this will and also execute those who show signs of Chaotic corruption, especially mutation. Chief among the senior officers of The Cinderborn are the Praetors/Warlords and first among them is the Lord Preeminent, Interrex (Regent) of The Cinderborn. These mighty warriors, along with other chosen leaders of The Cinderborn, form The Spodusari, sometimes called the Ashen Court, the true leadership of The Cinderborn under The Black Warden. Chapter Fleet The Cinderborn fleet consists of vessels collected throughout the ages as well as a few newer vessels of unknown class and origin. Their large fleet is estimated to include around 531 ships total. Known Ships: Relic Gloriana class Battleship (Legion Flagship): Malefic Intent Battle Barges: Executrix (Chapter X flagship), Abyss' Truth (Chapter VI flagship) Battleships: Desolator class Second Death (Chapter II flagship), Oberon class Ominous Remuneration (Chapter VIII flagship), Unknown class Eleemosynary (Chapter VII flagship), Unknown class Oriflamme (Chapter IV flagship) Battlecruisers (typically Battalion flagships) (2 Unknown classes): Unknown class Chalice of Fire, Unknown class Tisiphone, Unknown class Reclaimer, Unknown class Admonitor Strike Cruisers (typiclally Company flagships): Warpsong, Talon's Embrace, Stormwind, Luminator Cruisers (typically Company flagships) (3 Unknown classes, Murder & Dauntless classes): Unknown class Star of Wrath, Unknown class Solumn Crusader, Murder class Soul Hunter, Unknown class Paramount, Unknown class Legacy of Forefathers, Dauntless class Peerless, Dauntless class Prosecutor, Unknown class Song of War, Unknown class Abysmal Gale Escorts: Falchion class Frigate Honors Precedence, Claymore class Corvette Raven's Wind, Claymore class Corvette Terran Son, Infidel class Raider Xarax' Retribution, Cobra class Destroyer Bombard, Unknown class Corvette Ghosts of Isstvan Relics The Augur of Xarax (pronounced Zaaraz, the second "a" is almost silent) is a truly odd phenomena. It was once the primary navigator of the flagship Malefic Intent, but early in The Cinderborn's history, while traversing the warp, the vessel was beset by demons, instantly killing the secondary navigator who was on duty. Realizing the ship and all within would be torn apart if they remained, the primary navigator, a woman named Xarax, woken by the attack, attempted to use her sight to rip the ship out of warp even though she was far from the protection of the navigator's sanctum. She was successful, lurching the ship into realspace, damaging it heavily and saving them from the grip of Chaos, but sacrificing her soul in the process. The Cinderborn Librarus, seeing what would happen and knowing the ship need its last navigator, performed an arcane ritual to bind her soul to the ship itself. Yet unlike some similar rituals attempted by others, Xarax did not become the Machine Spirit, as that had been miraculously undamaged in the struggle, instead her soul, now forever open to her sight, took up residence in the bowls of the ship which she had once called home before her mutation, creating The Augur of Xarax. Since then The Augur of Xarax has been used in times of great need as an oracle of sorts to guide The Cinderborn and help protect them from the schemes of Chaos. Its secrets have save them from destruction on many occasions since. Marine Images Color Scheme - Chapter Fleet
  3. I am going to do a Raven Guard successor chapter but i need help with ideas. i really did not take an interest in the Raven Guard until i started reading Deliverance Lost so iv been trying to read up on them. here is the very short list of ideas i have so far: Shadow Hawks Founding WIP The Shadow Hawks are a well equiped fleet based chapter created in the 2nd Founding from Raven Guard gene stock. The exact reasons for their founding are sealed, but their over-vigilance in hunting down the traitor legions suggests (which means it is the reason) they were created to bring justice to the traitors. They are known to frequently serve with AdMech Explorator fleets in search of RG research data and chaos activity. This relationship has benefit the chapter by providing their excellent war material, a rarity among RG successors. Since the introduction of the Primaris Marines, the chapter is being slowly transformed in an all Vanguard Marine force with a high emphasis on Vanguard Eliminator squads. Geneseed WIP i know that most the geneseed for the RG and their successors comes from Terra so the recruitment process would be slow. maybe they have taken time to recruit and grow in strength. growing to numbers larger than most chapters, but also operating in small units for most of their history, until now. Hatred of the Night Lords[/skullheaderhalf] The Shadow Hawks have a particular hatred of the Night Lords due to the Massacre at Istvaan V. Not only was their parent chapter nearly wiped out, but Konrad Curze nearly killed Corax. Additionally a large force of Shadow Hawks was ambushed and the slain (particularly the company Chaplain) were defiled by a Night Lords warband. These Night Lors then put the mangled bodies on display for the chapter to see. This event would become know as The Murder of Crows and combined with events of the heresy, has earned the Night Lords the eternal hatred of the chapter. Apothecaries & Legacy Research[/skullheaderhalf] The Shadow Hawks maintain a higher number of apothecaries than most chapters for two reasons. The geneseed of the RG, their parent chapter, and thus their own, is unstable and because of their gene research. The chapter actively researches the Raptors experiments of Corax based what little data remains from the RG and those apothecaries in their founding ranks who worked on the project. Beliefs They believe themselves and other successors of the RG to still be part of the legion/linage of Corax. Shadow Hawks believe the chapter master is a more honorary position in Corax's absence. They await his return, when he will unite the legion. As such, they have a great reverence for their Primarch. [skullheaderhalf=000000]Chapter Relics WIP relic relating to chapter master - Black Crown - literally a crown worn by the chapter master at ceremonies. it was created at their founding and services a symbol of the chapter master's place as a sort of regent of the chapter until Corax's return, until the remaking of the legion. RG stealth tech [skullheaderhalf=000000]Fleet WIP Battle Barges - Eternal Wrath, Fury of Deliverance Strike Cruisers - Raptora, Halycon, Emperor's Talon, Retribution's Claw ship of some class named Huntsman, Hawkspur? Marine Images will be more similar to Raven Guard post Massacre
  4. Judicators Founding: 3nd Progenitor: Dark Angels Homeworld: Unknown Allegiance: Loyalist Origins Imperial records do not verify that the Judicators exist, in fact there are no records at all of their founding. Even Dark Angels records lack any information on the Judicators except for their appearances on the battlefield. Yet all of this is a complicated, successful effort by the Dark Angels to conceal the existence of their successor chapter. During the Forgotten Wars, the Dark Angels lost one of their successor chapters, the Lions Sable. Afterward, they purposely destroyed all records of the Lions Sable existing in order to cover up the war. This later gave rise to the idea of the Dark Angels being able to create a successor chapter that officially does not exist, allowing it to pursue the Unforgiven's agenda "under the radar." Thus, when the Judicators were founded, they were sent on a mission deep into enemy space, and deliberately cut all contact and were presumed lost. The Dark Angels quickly eliminated all records of the Judicators and they were eventually forgotten by the Imperium. The only records of the Judicators existing are those possessed by the chapter and in the secret records of The Rock. Therefore, according to Imperial records, the Judicators do not exist. Yet the Judicators had secretly remained in contact with the Dark Angels to coordinate the "loss" of their chapter. This has allowed the Judicators to operate outside of Imperial authority and conceal their hunt for the Fallen. They cooperate with the other Unforgiven chapters, particularly their progenitors, to protect their secret and hunt the Fallen at any cost, even if that means silencing Imperials who ask too many questions. Geneseed The Judicators are a successor chapter of the Dark Angels and a member of The Unforgiven. Culture The Judicators are known as a highly monastic chapter which emphasizes their knightly heritage. The battle-brothers modify their weapons and armor to resemble those used by the knightly orders of Caliban and the Legion before the Horus Heresy. Even the chapter colors reflect those of the Calibanite marines of the Legion at the time of the destruction of Caliban. Helmets are made to resemble knightly helms, brothers wear robes and knightly totems, and every battle-brother carries a sword into battle. In this way, every brother is prepared for the honor of close-combat and is living image of their heritage. Favored weapons: Power swords, power mauls, power halberds, power morningstars, plasma weaponry Organization Like all Unforgiven, the Judicators adhere to the chapter structure of the Dark Angels, including their own versions of Deathwing and Ravenwing. However, the Judicators maintain 12 companies with non-standard numbers of marines rather than 10 codex-compliant companies. The larger number of marines allows the chapter maintain full codex strength. Their first company, The Lions, which is their Deathwing, has 150 marines, but 50 of them are reserves often attached to other companies. The Talons, their Ravenwing second company, is larger than the average company as it operates all fast attack vehicles of the chapter, requiring more manpower. All other companies, except for the scout company, maintain roughly 120 marines and are battle companies. The 2 extra squads usually include attached veterans or recon squads. The Judicators believe that all companies should partake in war so that all brothers are equally prepared for combat. Chief among all their warriors are the Hexagrammaton Companions, modelled after the Deathwing Companions of the I Legion, who are full members of the Inner Circle. These veterans are members of the first company and may be attached to other battle companies in specific circumstances, usually to hunt The Fallen. They stride forth amongst the chapter's Terminators and senior officers, clad in artificer plate, armed with relic power swords and master-crafted pistols to strike down the mightiest of foes. Variation of DA chapter structure:Companies are commanded by Captains Master is an honorary title often applied to great warriors or the best trainers Grand Masters are still leaders of the divisions of the chapter and members of Inner Circle Chapter Master holds titles of Commander and Supreme Grand Master As a symbol of honor, all Terminators & Hexagrammaton Companions paint their left shoulder black instead of bleached bone, in honor of their founding Legion and Primarch. Senior Officers are also granted this privilege. Fleet Chapter Barque/Fortress Monastary - Hope and Despair - named for two of The Lion's swords Battle Barges - Lion's Blade, Aegis of Truth Strike Cruisers - Samothrace, Vigilance, Rapier, Heart of Iron, Flamberge, Retribution Color Scheme Standard Color Scheme Colors: DA Green, Bleached Bone, Shining Gold, Charadon Granite, Red Gore Talons Color Scheme Lions Terminator Color Scheme Inner Circle Hexagrammaton Companions Marine Images
  5. Feedback Welcome! Void Wraiths Founding: Impossible to Determine Progenitor Legion: Unknown Known Descendants: None/Unknown Chapter Master: Phelan KalligSpecialization: Archeotech, Stealth Ops followed by Overwhelming force Homeworld: None, Fleet-based Allegiance: Judged/Loyalist? History of the Chapter STILL UNDER REVISION Future Section on Known History Will Include: Major engagements, Chapter Civil War, current history Origins of the Chapter The Chapter's origins are completely unknown to the Imperium. They appeared suddenly with no Imperial records of the Chapter. The Imperium and Inquisition demanded they prove their loyalty before being accepted into the Adeptus Astartes, which they have done with particular ferocity for their entire recorded existence. Time and time again they have proven their loyalty and brutal effectiveness in battle with every manner of enemy. But several factors still draw suspicious eyes. In the many years that the Imperials have searched for answers, no information about the origins of the Chapter or its early history have ever been found. They do not even know where the Chapter acquired its war material. Additionally, the true numbers of marines and inner workings of the Chapter can only be guessed at by outsiders. Furthermore, the Chapter does not adhere to the Codex, creating further friction with Imperials. Chapter records and marines themselves have not proved particularly helpful in answering these questions. The Imperium is thus reluctant to clear them as they cannot help but wonder why this information is absent or why its seems that the marines are hiding something. Yet all these questions would be answered in time, at a crucial moment of need for an Imperial sector... Future Section on Chapter origins Organization Chapter Command Command: Chapter Master Honor Guard most veteran marines of the Chapter and Chapter Champion led by Captain of the Honor Guard Librarus Chief Librarian -> Touman Father Librarian -> Company LibrarianChaplaincy High Chaplain -> Touman/Senior Chaplain -> Company ChaplainApothecarion Chief Apothecary -> Senior Apothecary -> ApothecaryArmory Master of the Forge tends to all armor, vehicles and weapons razorbacks, predators (including annihilator), whirlwinds, land raiders (all currently used models), drop pods, dropships and land speeders Ancients standard bearers, equerries, Venerable Dreadnoughts Touman Ancients, Company Standard Bearers Toumans: Command: Commander These are more equivalent to the battalions of original 1st Founding Legions 5 companies 1st company is Touman Veterans has access to Terminator armor 1st Touman has access to the best equipment and its first Company is the First Company of the Chapter First Captain is the CO of !st Touman's first Company usually composed of 1 veteran company, 3 line companies and one Reserve Company with all specialist troops (ex. dedicated assault or devastator troops) Commander usually accompanied in battle by Touman Command Squad with Touman Champion Companies Command: Captain Senior Captain - Captain of the first company in each ToumanCompany Composition: consists of marines from all clans 100 marines 10 squads (9 marines and 1 sgt) 1 command squad (led by Veteran Sgt) Types of Companies Line Companys are Battle or Assault Companies Battle Company standard company6 Tactical Squads 2 Assault Squads 2 Devastator Squads? Assault Companyall Assault Squads some squads have jumppacks may have Assault Terms attached Reserve Companyany type of Company can be a Reserve Company Companies may have specialist Wrath Squadsmade of veteran marines most numerous in veteran companies armed with bolters and close combat weapons (ex. chain swords) combination of tactical and assault squad extremely flexible Recruitment and Training Unit: all scouts, usually assigned in small squads to companies throughout chapter. Chapter Fleet (known elements) Altus Templum ("Secret Sanctuary"), an ancient Gloriana class battleship, Flagship, Fortress Monestary 2 Battle Barges, Adamas ("Unconquerable/Invincible") and Bellum Lupus ("War Wolf") Flax Ilia ("Jade Falcon") a Retribution class battleship Bellator ("Warrior"), a Oberon class battleship 4 Strike Cruisers, Umbra ("Shadow"), Astrum Vipera ("Star Viper"), Ferrum Tolero ("Iron Bear"), Basset Battle Cruiser classes: Armageddon, Mars and Overlord Cruiser classes: Lunar and Gothic Combat Doctrine The Void Wraiths have become known for ferocious, surgical strikes from the shadows. They use stealth operations to weaken and scout out their enemies before striking like a hammer with overwhelming force from multiple directions. They appear out of nowhere in the blink of an eye and disappear without a trace as soon as the enemy is defeated. Their skill in concealing their movements is compared by some to the descendants of the Raven Guard. Thus, the Void Wraiths have proved to be a horrifically deadly military force. Regard for Knowledge The Chapter is known for its great regard for knowledge and taking great risk to acquire or preserve knowledge. In fact, the Chapter's regard for knowledge is almost as extreme as the Blood Ravens, which of course has raise questions about the Chapters and their relationship. It is known that it possesses large amounts of ancient and arcane texts and technology, the most obvious being its Gloriana class battleship. It is known that the chapter seeks to work with the Dark Angels and White Scars on developing a larger version of the Land Speeder designed for troop transport in small strike force operations. They also are actively seeking data on ancient Great Crusade era super tanks for the development of their own versions. Geneseed The Chapter refuses the Imperium access to its geneseed in anyway and claims its geneseed tithes have been paid. Unknown to the Imperium, the Chapter has a secret alliance with the Adeptus Mechanicus which provides them with some protection from the inquiry of other departments of the Adeptus Terra, including the Inquisition. The AdMech allows the Chapter to refrain from sending geneseed tithes and informs the rest of the Imperium that the tithes are paid. Additionally, the AdMech's exclusive access to geneseed prevents other departments, namely the Inquisition from checking the geneseed or the tithes. In return, the Chapter allows the AdMech access to the vast amounts of knowledge and archotech (including parts of their Gloriana class battleship) collected by the Chapter, and assists its explorator fleets. As such, nothing is known of its geneseed. Special Thanks to Raven Angel and the other fellas that helped me with this Recruitment The Chapter recruits from the techno-clan based peoples of several Knight worlds, which are all Forbidden worlds at present. These clans interact regularly and are well aware of the Astartes. The ultimate goal of every young clansman is to be selected to become an Astartes. The Chapter recruits from all the clans. The clan society produces exceptionally strong recruits who are used to clan warfare and better prepared for their brutal training and transformation. [skullheaderhalf-000000]The Knight Worlds[/skullheaderhalf] The Knight worlds from with the clans originate and the marines are recruited from are hidden from all astrological maps and unknown to any outside the chapter or AdMech. Any vessel from any other faction, Imperial or not, mysteriously disappears or is found lifeless in the void. It is unknown how the chapter found these worlds or if they were even the one discover them. However, it is clear to the AdMech that these are their sole recruitment worlds. They are dominated by techno-clan based society. There are 6 of these clans which are constantly fighting honor wars for territory and resources. Each Marine in the Chapter holds on to his lineage to a clan. Brother Marines of the same clan share the traditions and brotherhood of their lineage, but they also share the combined and ultimate brotherhood between all clanners that is the Chapter. Each Marine bares a small version of their clan badge on their armor, often on the knee. Furthermore, there is a Clan Council which operates outside of the chapter hierarchy and acts as a interclan forum for the marines of the chapter. Here each clan is represented by a ilKhan, literally a clan representative, who is often a Dreadnought. The Clan Council speaks on a variety of clan matters within the Chapter and helps to solidify the bond of brotherhood and equality in the Chapter. These Knight worlds are crucial to the chapter and thus the chapter will take almost any risk to protect them. The Clans Wolf Smoke Jaguar Jade Falcon Star Adder Steel Viper Ghost Bear Known Members Phelan Kallig - Chapter Master Ulric Kerensky - High Chaplain and one their oldest warriors Gareth Ward - Commander, 3rd Touman Jadus Augustinian - Commander, 4th Touman Veilen Pryde - Commander, 6th Touman Tiber Kotare - Commander, 7th Touman Solaro Banesk - Master of the Forge Harkas Zym - Chief Librarian Dessel Jorgesson - Shadow Captain Valken Qaruz - Captain Orar Nev - Captain Hyperion Nox - Librarian Tiberos Malorum - Chaplain Antinius Tremayne - Chaplain Veteran Brother Helmar - Veteran marine, 3rd Touman Brother Zakarian - Techmarine Chapter Color Scheme Standard Marine: Elite 1st Touman: Standard Touman Terminator: Elite 1st Touman Terminator: Other Marine Images Tactical Marine, 2nd Touman, 8th Company, 3rd Squad Tactical Sergeant, 2nd Touman, 8th Company, 3rd Squad Assualt Marine, 2nd Touman, 7th Company, 5th Squad Veteran Marine, 2nd Touman, 6th Company, 2nd Squad
  6. UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! This will look a bit rough right now. This was originally created in 2013, but the dates got messed up when I changed the title of the thread slightly. Please wait for a post from me letting you know the new version is out. Until, then feel free to catch up on the discussion, the original version has been moved to page 2! +++++DISCLAIMER+++++ To the member of this community who blatantly created a cheap knock off on warhammer40kfanon.com and had the nerve to have a respected Youtuber make a video on it and claim credit for ideas which were not your own - This will not be tolerated in the future. You are a disgrace to this good community. If I see any further material from this thread in that article, I will personally delete that page. +++++CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.+++++ +++END DISCLAIMER+++ ++++++++++++++++INCOMING CHISS!++++++++++++++++ Now also found on the Warhammer 40K Homebrew Wiki for ease of reading and added protection of the project! Knight Wardens Battlecry: "Sons of the Chimera! Vindicta de Luna!" (Vengeance of the Moon) "By our Blades, For the Emperor!" Founding: 5th (Officially) - Likely earlier (See recent events) Primarch: Vulkan/Unknown Legion: Salamanders/Unkown Homeworld: Tarnost, previously Fleet-based, formerly Thrago/Midnight (destroyed) Chapter Master: Lord Commander Erasmus Beltane, High Warden of Tarnost Successors: Star Vipers (suspected), Talons Mordant (possibly) "Your presumptions of our brotherhood can wait, Inquisitor, traitors await the Emperor's judgment." - Lord Commander Nuruodo Corvinus, 1st Chapter Master of the Knight Wardens Current Chapter Badge: Two crossed Power Maces superimposed by a Skull, above a white crescent moon. Chapter Badge Before The Murder of the Stars: Two crossed Power Maces superimposed by a Skull Chapter Background Official records hold that the Knight Wardens were created in the 5th Founding from the Salamanders. They were created at the direct request of the Salamander's then Chapter Master, apparently being one of the last orders given to him in M32 by Vulkan himself, before the Primarch's official "death" in the War of the Beast. It is said that Astartes from the Salamanders and their successors were hand-picked to train the new chapter, imparting the characteristic obsession with the crafting and artifice of weapons of war. Thus it is common for the Knight Wardens to maintain, refine and customize their power armor and weapons, while Techmarines and Artificers will often work with improving chapter vehicles. Additionally, while the Knight Wardens are unlikely to use promethium as an answer to every problem as their official genesires usually do, they do showed a noticeable preference for close combat warfare. This only became more pronounced after they claimed Tarnost as their homeworld. The rapid influx of medieval Tarnostian recruits during that time quickly developed the chapter's now trademark brutality with medieval style weapons in close combat shock assaults. Thus, these technologically advanced smiths of death are a cultural fusion of the ways of Vulkan and their feudal home. However, this fusion did gift one quality that is clearly a double-edged sword; the Knight Wardens are stubborn. Their homeworld's cultural influence of high personal expectations, coupled with the superhuman expectations of an Astartes, has made them extremely intolerant of failure due to weakness or lack of initiative. This has created issues with other Imperial forces, such as Space Marine chapters who are more forgiving of normal humans, but especially with less effective Astra Militarum regiments. The Knight Wardens are known on at least 2 occasions, to have come under direct Inquisitorial investigation for executing an Astra Militarum commander and his senior commissar for "dereliction of duty." On both occasions, the Knight Warden Captain claimed the senior commissar was too weak to see that their local commander failed the Emperor. He argued the Astra Militarum commander's lack of initiative in leadership cost lives and critically threated the defense of the Imperium. Their dark reputation for brutality in close combat and unusual appearance certainly has not helped to diffuse such situations. While these investigations have never found any evidence of taint and often been mysteriously stonewalled by higher echelons of the Inquisition, the Knight Warden's bullish expectations have strained their relationship with some factions of the Inquisition and other Imperial forces, continuing to draw unwanted questions throughout their history. As a result, some Imperial forces welcome them as especially staunch scions of the Emperor's judgement, while others view their new allies with wary suspicion and even fear. Regardless, the Knight Wardens have made it quite clear that they care little how other Imperials view them, for they are the Angels of Death who answer only to the Golden Throne. The Murder of the Stars The [REDACTED] sector had been conquered early in the Great Crusade and seen sporadic naval skirmishes during the Horus Heresy. One of its forgotten worlds, an inhospitable desert planet, was once orbited by the barren moon of Thrago, later also called Midnight. Thrago was the chosen as the site of the fortress monastery, named Midnight, for a new Astartes chapter known as the [REDACTED] to begin their watch over the Imperium. The homeworlds of Astartes, even young chapters, are robust fortresses and a grave challenge to any invaders. But few fortresses are built to expect an assault from under the ancient earth they stand upon.... In 813.M32, there was a great quake across the moon of Midnight creating chasms in the earth and great underground caverns, previously unknown and hidden from auspex, were revealed. Three days later small, strange, metallic scarab-like creatures began to be spotted near these new geologic formations, followed days later by reports of "walking skeletons." Fearing that some Chaotic corruption had befallen their world, the [REDACTED] sent out scout squads to investigate, but none returned. Within 2 weeks the security monitors placed across the moon beyond the fortress monastery all went dead. With the half the chapter away on assignment and the homeworld under threat, the Chapter Master had had enough. Finally full Astartes were sent out on patrol to identify the obvious threat only to find ancient tombs of unknown design in the recently revealed caverns of Midnight. Soon, these patrols began to be ambushed as metallic skeletons and scarabs rose from the depths of the moon, forcing rapid retreats. The outskirts of the fortress monastery began to be plagued by raids from these new enemies, but then came the horde, thousands of metallic horrors spawned from once quite emptiness. More legions emerged from enormous, mobile pyramids from which leapt green beams of death. The [REDACTED] were now under full assault from the unknown denizens of their own domain. As the garrison fought a fierce defense, the companies deployed across the Imperium were sent a single urgent message: "Midnight, this world is a tomb, its prisoners have arisen, even now the hour may be too late. Return immediately! Defend the Chapter!" - Lord Commander [REDACTED] As the rest of the chapter, spread thin across the stars, raced home, those garrisoned fought a disciplined, but desperate defense. They were overwhelmingly outnumbered and outgunned, and it seemed to make little difference how many enemies they defeated. They had destroyed thousands of the damned metal constructs, but more came, led on the second day by a massive pyramid-like structure bristling with weaponry. After 2 days the battered [REDACTED] were already reduced to less than 200 battle-ready Astartes pushed by the enemy to the inner security surrounding the chapter vaults containing their geneseed, relics and armory. On the 3rd day, at dawn, the great constructed loomed perilously close to the final defenses. Left with their last stand, the Lord Commander took the advise of Relusiarch [REDACTED], the destruction of the largest xenos pyramid construct might be their only chance to buy time for reinforcements to arrive. As the remaining chapter armored vehicles and Devastators concentrated all their fire on the glowing center of the construct, it the aforementioned behemoth began to crack, only to be repaired by the scarab-like creatures. However, at last the chapter's dispersed companies began to return to Midnight. As they dislodged their precious reinforcements, the Lord Commander ordered an concentrated orbital bombardment of the great xenos pyramid. The sky rained with fire and the xenos' greatest construct finally shattered, scarab-like creatures falling in great numbers from its cracks. Astartes drop pods hammered into the earth near the last defenders, helping to hold the line, reclaim the wounded, and secure geneseed. But the Astartes knew not what they had unleashed, no longer trapped in its prison, a unidentified, multicolored, flame-like Entity emerged from the ruins of the behemoth, a spectre seemingly unaffected by any punishment hurled against it. The enemy appeared to fear this new horror, the scarab-like creatures frantically attempting to rebuild their great pyramid. Thinking quickly, the Lord Commander ordered the chapter honor guard, Relusiarch, First Captain and Master Vigilator to lead a fighting evacuation, transporting the vaults contents and as many Astartes as possible to the fleet. He would distract the enemy by personally leading a small handful of Battle-Brothers, including a few veterans, to assault the xenos Entity. The chapter officers and honor guard immediately protested, but the Lord Commander simply stated: "You represented the heart and future of the [REDACTED], I am not, if any of our brotherhood are to survive and rebuild, it must be you." Concluding, the Lord Commander gave the Sword of the Drake, the symbol of his office, to First Captain [REDACTED], asserting that he had proven a worthy successor and ordering him to find the [REDACTED] a future. His brothers solemnly accepted his cold, but sound judgement, vowing to hold and ensure the chapter survived as long as any warrior drew breath. The Entity dispensed destruction at all around it, energy lept from its sceptre, a sword slashed, and flame pulsed from an orb, xenos or Astartes made no difference to this terrible creature. It reshaped the earth of the moon at will, used the very geography as a weapon, the terrain cracking and changing unlike anything the Astartes had seen or heard of. The [REDACTED] answered with the Lord Commander's charge, fighting to close with the Entity, the xenos skeleton-like createures simultaneously shifting their focus to trying to prevent the Astartes from reaching the entity and attempting to contain its fury. In the ensuing chaos, most of the strike group were killed, martyrs to their brethren, but for a few, including the Lord Commander, who made it to the Entity. As the last of his brothers fell covering him, Lord Commander [REDACTED] faced down The Baneful Entity. It shaped the earth to shield itself from his blows, before lifting him up and impaling him before its cruel three eyed glare. But he had baited the creature, doubting he would survive this final charge, he held up and detonated a rare vortex grenade, before using his final breath to grant himself the Emperor's Mercy with the last round of his bolt pistol. The Baneful Entity, the would be murderer of his chapter let loose what could only be described as an ancient, strange howl as it and several surrounding xenos were enveloped by the Warp. The small but destructive tear in reality expanded, it magnified the geological devastation wrought by the Entity. As the Astartes quickly retreated to their fleet, the moon of Midnight began to shatter, great pieces swallowed by the Warp rift, along with the xenos hordes. Within a few hours, the Warp rift created by the vortex grenade that doomed the creature, finally collapsed into itself and was no more. All that was left of Midnight, was a scarred crescent, thin by comparison to the original moon, still in its lonely orbit. The ground that remained showed some evidence of the cataclysmic battle, its surface cracked and scorched, with a handful of remaining broken metallic pieces, most of the xenos having been consumed by the Warp rift or the Entity. But perhaps most striking among the wreckage that remained, was the inner sanctum of the fortress monastery of Midnight. Unknown to all, when the Lord Commander claimed a new weapon from the armory for his final charge, he also initiated an hidden, timed, Archeotech shielding system. It seemed that his final sacrifice had bought just enough time for the system to activate, projecting a protective gellar shield around the inner sanctum of the fortress, and had by some miracle allowed this section of the fortress to survive the moon's destruction. The leadership and sacrifice of the Lord Commander of the [REDACTED] had managed to save their chapter, but at great cost, some 700 Battle-Brothers lost, a chapter master dead, a fortress monastery in ruins, and their homeworld dead. Of the few neophytes to survive, each were deemed to have earned the right to their initiation, and underwent to conversion into full Astartes. The new Lord Commander, former First Captain [REDACTED], was confirmed by his brothers and it was he who reached out to the Salamanders for aid in their chapter's hour of need. The creature they faced would become known in their histories as "The Baneful Entity," while the cataclysmic events that doomed their world would be officially referred to as "The Murder of the Stars." The [REDACTED] fallen would be honored as "The Hallowed Ones," with Lord Commander [REDACTED] remembered as "The Knight-Exemplar of Thrago," after which the chapter's Knight-Exemplar formation was later named. The forgotten moon of Thrago, before its destruction. Securing the Future The cataclysmic events at Thrago created a chapter that was shaken by tragedy, but instilled a deep cultural loyalty within the Knight Wardens Astartes brotherhood. Even now, each battle-brother strives to live up to the example of the heroes that sacrificed their lives such another might take their place as a Knight Warden and scion of the Emperor's vision for humanity. With the loss of so many brothers, the Knight Wardens were left with little choice but to call for aid from the chapter that sired them, the Salamanders, thought they also reached out to the Inquisition, seeking to determine what xenos had assailed them. The first Imperials to make contact with the wounded chapter after The Murder of the Stars was, naturally, the Inquisition, in the form of the Ordo Xenos with representatives of the Adeptus Mechanicum as well. They recorded the events and collected evidence with exacting detail before ordering the matter sealed under their writ and swearing the chapter to secrecy regarding this new foe. The Knight Wardens were forever charged with securing Thrago as a forbidden sector. It was later determined that The Murder of the Stars was likely one of the earliest Imperial encounters with the Necron race, this unknown Tomb World likely awakening sooner than intended. It is also the earliest known Imperial encounter both with a Transcendent C'tan and, specifically, what is believed to be a shard of Yggra'nya the World Shaper. Next were the Salamanders, who had heard the Knight Warden's call for assistance, the sons of Vulkan responded with the empathy their chapter is known for. Being the only Imperials outside the Ordo Xenos and AdMech to hear what had happened at Thrago, the Salamanders sent the Knight Wardens a unusual gift. Their emissary, a chapter Ancient [REDACTED], at the instruction of his chapter master, provided the Knight Wardens with coordinates to a sector of space and simply stated "the Salamanders have deemed that the Knight Wardens must survive, go, seek the stars, they present a past future." It was far from Thrago, far from anything familiar to the Knight Wardens, but the Ancient's ominously hopeful statement spurred them to investigate. During this time, the now fleet-based chapter engaged in many battles in defense of the Imperium and developed a well honed talent for naval combat, especially incorporating boarding actions. Several Terran decades after The Murder of the Stars, the AdMech returned with a certain Inquisitor Lawford of the Ordo Xenos, unannounced to the Knight Wardens. The AdMech raised the damaged core of the Knight Warden's former fortress monastery from the dead moon, to begin rebuilding it into a mobile starfort, similar to a Ramilies class. The Inquisitor informed the chapter this unexpected aid was repayment for the research provided by the xenos matter scavenged from the battle and to ensure they could properly secure the now forbidden sector. He had one last item for the chapter, revealing a Mechanicum case containing a broad-bladed long sword, its scabbard, grip, guard and pommel decorated with effigies of lions, horns, talons and fangs. When unsheathed, the true mastery of craftsmanship was revealed, the uniquely decorated powersword had a green-hued razor-sharp blade of perfect quality, able to cut through any material or parry attacks with ease, its energized properties making it nearly impossible to damage. Apparently, the smiths of the Mechanicum had forged this new blade, the first of its kind, from some of the physical remains of the xenos of Midnight, with the decoration done by the Salamanders. The Knight Wardens graciously accepted the blade, which became the new, and now famous, weapon of the Lord Commander, christening it "The Edge of Mignight." In M33, a task force of Knight Wardens encountered a strike force of the Iron Knights Chapter, that that had become trapped on the planet Voldrun. The Iron Knights had besieged the traitorous governor who had fortified the capital hive city, only to be ambushed on all sides by the Alpha Legion. Analysis of the Alpha Legion's attacks showed they appeared to be operating out of three locations, a hidden bunker, the spaceport and governor's offices. The Knight Wardens had studied the reputation of all the traitor legions and knew the only way defeat this snake would be several all its heads at once. So they struck fast and hard at the bunker and spaceport, while a terminator assault would simultaneously hit the governor's offices, all of them with the objective of killing any and all enemy leaders. There was no warning of their brutal assault, only a brief message to their fellow Astartes cousins that "The Wardens will not see another chapter face ruin without aid." This assault created a brief disarray in the Alpha Legion ambush, one that the Iron Knights exploited to collect their wounded, extract the dead's geneseed, fall back and regroup. The presence of the deceitful Alpha Legion on the planet proved it was already lost, so the Angels of Death pulled back to their fleet and commenced an exterminatus, purging the fallen world. The Iron Knights did not recognize their saviors, for there are hundreds of Astartes chapters and it is impossible for each to be familiar with all the others. Iron Knights Force Commander August Bordeaux invited these mysterious Knight Wardens' commander, a certain High Justicar Kadon aboard his strike cruiser. The formal first meeting of two Astartes chapters is a momentous occasion, and this was no different. Honor guards surrounded the officers as they met in the hangar, Iron Knights Terminators and a new elite formation of the Knight Wardens, Knight-Exemplars. As a sign of respect to Force Commander Bordeaux removed his helm in the presence of the Reclusiarch, but surprised not just by the gesture being returned, but by the face that greeted him, of deep blue-ish skin and red eyes. The ancient High Justicar introduced his chapter and when asked of their homeworld, his eyes filled with sorrow, stating only that it had been lost at great cost in "The Murder of the Stars," of which he was a veteran, and that he was sworn to say no more. Bordeaux offered his sympathies, stating that the Iron Knights would pray for the Knight Wardens ancient fallen with their own and that those martyrs would be proud that their chapter lived to save another at Voldrun. He admitted that the unexpected intervention of the Knight Wardens may have robbed the Iron Knights of the honor of executing the traitor leadership, but it certainly saved the strike force, which was otherwise doomed to be slaughtered by the treachery of the Alpha Legion. The Iron Knights force commander was grateful for the aid, though he was humbled that it was needed and at the loss of so many of his brothers. As the chapters parted, Bordeaux proclaimed he would speak well of the Knight Warden's honor and skill to his chapter master, for the Iron Knights now owed their fellow chapter a debt. High Justicar Kadon replied "strike with fury, defend with conviction brother." Thus the Knight Wardens returned to the stars, ever hunting and earning many battle honors in the name of the Emperor and Mankind. But the loss of their homeworld so early had left the Knight Wardens with a need to build a strong cultural core that was not anchored solely in tragedy. Homeworld The Feudal World of Tarnost, Home of the Knight Wardens Within the larger galaxy, the local conflicts of the late medieval population of Tarnost goes mostly unnoticed. The planet exists in a constant state of feudal tension and battle, both between noble houses and the fierce creatures of the planet. There biological toughness and fierce warrior culture make them surprisingly good recruits as potential Astartes. When the Knight Wardens first set foot on Tarnost, their presence shocked the locals. The locals gazed up at these towers as though they were gods, true Angels of Death, but...with an eye as though they were expected...Only in time, would the Knight Wardens reflect differently on the moment they claimed the people of Tarnost as their own. Since that first encounter, the warriors of Tarnost constantly battle not only for their noble houses, but for the notice of the Angels of Death and Emperor of Mankind, for the best of their youth are chosen to join the ever watchful Knight Wardens. These neophytes, should they survive the trials and implantation process, emerge with an appearance that is striking even among Astartes, giants with blue skin and amber red eyes. Gallery of Tarnost Hidden Content Fortress Monastery NEXT The Chapter's current Fortress Monastery was constructed with the assistance and advice of the Iron Knights Chapter, a Imperial Fists successor and master of fortifications, in repayment of a debt for assistance rendered in M33. Some of the walls of the inner vaults are said to be psychically engraved with the dangerous and ancient language of Enuncia. *thinking of a 40k Hand of Thrawn analog* *forging capabilities* - godwyn ultima, ultra, phobos pattern bolters, iron, heresy, maximus (achaen), aquila, mark X pattern armor, mIV maximus, mVII pattern jump packs Knight Wardens Librarius The chapter Librarians tend to develop a unusually strong aptitude for telekinetic and precognitive psychic abilities. On the battlefield it is common for their Librarians to be seen hurling objects or individuals across varying distances as unexpected, but dangerous projectiles. Telekinetic ability, like many psychic powers, varies greatly throughout the chapter Librarius, but is clearly a natural talent of the Knight Wardens. They also display the ability to predict the enemies' strategic decisions before they can enact them, with such counsel allowing the chapter's field commanders to outmaneuver their enemies with ease, while limiting the threat to Imperial forces. This precognitive ability in particular seems to grow more potent as the Librarians age, with groups led by senior Librarians having been able to predict entire planetary campaigns. Chapter Geneseed While official records maintain the Knight Warden's descend directly from the Salamanders, chapter discoveries after The Murder of the Stars appear to confirm lineage from an Astartes group known only as "The Azure Chimeras." This knowledge remains exclusive to the Knight Wardens themselves and the Salamanders, who appear to have been aware of their successor's true lineage, though it is unknown if they have any further information or would share it. Extremely little is known of these mysterious "Azure Chimeras," as the Knight Wardens have the only known evidence of their existence, which dates to at least 3rd Founding. Regardless, the limited records do indicate the Azure Chimeras showed higher levels of radiological resistance, advanced cellular repair, the distinguishing deep blue skin pigmentation and "ember-like" red eyes (the entire eye), exactly like the Knight Wardens. It has been noted that the blue skin hue and ember qualities of their red eyes often darkens and intensifies respectively, in particularly old Knight Wardens Astartes, such as High Justicar Kadon, or in exposure to extreme radiation. With such mutations, it is easy to see how the Knight Wardens could be passed off as members of Vulkan's geneline, but their most distinguishing pigmentation mutations are not exhibited by an other chapter of Salamanders lineage. This combination of effects, coupled with their Astartes might, often stuns onlookers at first contact, even among other Astartes. To mere mortals, their shocking appearance, dark armor and vicious efficiency in close quarters battles often creates an sensation of pure fear far more potent than an encounter with a more human-looking Astartes. The effect of their appearance and their style of warfare has raised unwelcome questions of purity and loyalty on multiple occasions. Chapter Culture As stated previously, the Knight Warden chapter is a cultural fusion of the ways of Vulkan and the medieval feudalism of Tarnost. They are famous for their stubbornness, brutality in close combat and ruthlessness strategic acumen, but are also known as proud and intensely loyal servants of the Emperor. For while their Astartes are notoriously fierce in melee combat, they noted to never lose control of their savagery, instead appearing as coldly calculating warriors. The more positive and strategically adept qualities of the chapter has helped form bonds with some servants of the Imperium, while their intolerance for failure, due to weakness or lack of initiative, has created serious issues with other Imperials. Organization & Special Ranks The Knight Wardens are only partly compliant with the Codex Astartes, viewing the text as a guide more than a law. The chapter is usually slightly under or over 1000 Astartes at any given time, but since rebuilding after The Murder of the Stars, they are almost always at full strength, something no outsider has a clear answer to. Most of the chapter companies, specifically the 2nd through 9th, are battle companies while the 1st remains a veteran formation and the 10th is a reserve and training company. Each of these companies, except the 10th, is always kept at 100 Astartes, any loses are replaced as quickly as possible. Typically 7-8 companies are deployed at any given time in pairs, each strike group led by one of the Chapter senior command staff, such as the Seneschal. One of the battle companies and the 10th is always based out of the fortress monastery, with reserve recon squads from the 10 reinforcing the deployed companies. The 1st Company typically operates as a roving reserve, typically deploying with either the Lord Commander or Seneschal. The chapter also has a few elite formations outside of the main Codex approved organizational structure that are part of the chapter headquarters and attached to field commands as needed. One is the Knight-Exemplars, which are essentially a small cadre of the most elite veterans with full access to the chapter armory, who report to the Seneschal. Highly flexible, they are often used as company command squads, master trainers and special mission leaders, as they are trained to operate in small squads or even individually. They equip themselves quite similarly to Vengeance Squads, with advanced bolters, combit-plasma bolters, and a favored power weapon being fairly standard. Some Sergeants of the Knight-Exemplars use dual pistols and a two-handed power weapon, sometimes denoting themselves with a white shoulder cape. All Knight-Exemplars wear armor similar to Sternguard, with their status indicated by an all white left shoulder pauldron with a gold crux terminatus, a white helm with a gold crux on the forehead, and usually golden laurels somewhere on their armor. Knight-Exemplars, though they have earned the right to its use, never use Terminator armor. That is partly because the chapter's other specialist elites, the Chimeran Dreadknights, exclusively use the unique Mark X Chimera-pattern Terminator armor that is being developed by the chapter. The Chimeran Dreadknights are a very new formation in the chapter composed entirely of Primaris veterans, in this case often Firstborn who have crossed the Rubicon Primaris, and are led by a Consul who is a member of the Chapter command. Though they are also an ultra elite shock troop, their main mission is to spearhead the reclamation of new Archeotech and any information regarding the lost early history of the chapter. In contrast to many of their fellow Knight Wardens, these elites have honed the Knight Warden's ruthless, calculating methodology to the extreme, showing great discipline, with a restrained brutality. +Officer Ranks+ Lord Commander - Chapter Master, nominated by vote by all Knight Wardens, chosen by the officers High Warden of Tarnost - honorary title of Chapter Master as ruler of Tarnost Seneschal - Chapter Second in Command, Equerry to the Lord Commander and commander of the Knight-Exemplars, nominated and chosen by votes from the Sergeants and Battle-Brothers Captain? Iron Captain - a specialist rank for the most skilled armored warfare commander in the chapter Decurion - Lieutenant +Specialists Ranks+ Arch-Magister - Chief Librarian High Justicar - Relusiarch Primus Hospitalier - Chief Apothecary Lord Alchemancer - Master of the Forge Consul - Commander of the Chimeran Dreadknights Centurion - Commander of the Chapter Honor Guard Master - A title awarded to brothers considered experts in a specialization or piece of wargear, such as master terminator or master devastator. Some are unique ranks of specialist chapter officers. Master of Signal - Chief chapter communications officer Ancient - Honorary title of Dreadnoughts and Banner-Bearers? Ancient of Rites - Senior-most Dreadnought Knight of the Banner - Chapter Ancient Knight-Paladin - Chapter Champion Warden - Chaplain, a term used by the chapter and the local Tarnostians Equerry - Ancient title-rank for the aide to officers, usually held by a Veteran Sergeants or Librarian Paladin - Company Champion Knight Hospitalier - Senior Company Apothecary Epistolary - Senior Librarian Battlemage - Librarian +Line Ranks+ Veteran Sergeant Sergeant Battle-Brother Veteran Apprentice - Neophyte equivalent +Specialists Formations+ Brethren of the Crescent - An elite honor guard formation of their greatest warriors who protect the Lord Commander and carry the Chapter Banner into battle. Chimeran Dreadknights - An new Primaris marine, elite terminator unit, focused on reclaiming Archeotech and early chapter history. First marines to use the new Chimera-pattern Terminator armor. Knight-Exemplars - Elite veteran non-terminator unit often used as command squads and special mission leaders. Denoted by white helms and left pauldron with a gold crux terminatus inlaid with a gothc numeric one, white left knee, and usually laurels somewhere on their armor. Since identifying with their suspected true chapter origins, their breastplates are often adored with a horned maned lion's head or lion's skull, that is winged or laureled, possibly with limited use of scale motifs on parts of their armor. Combat Doctrine As each Battle Brother hails from the common warrior culture of their homeworld of Tarnost, (with very few exceptions), the chapter has developed a renown expertise in brutal close combat warfare. Over the course of their service to the Imperium, the Knight Wardens have developed a particularly vicious reputation in melee combat reminiscent of such savage chapters as The Executioners and Caracharodons. This dark reputation combined with their lack of tolerance for failure has cause many problems in the past, including clashes with other servants of the Imperium. The chapter has modified their squad organization to better fit their chosen method of war. Specifically, Tactical Squads have been replaced with "Vengeance" Squads and jump-pack equipped Assault Squads have been renamed "Reaper" Squads. In combat, the Knight Wardens favor preemptive strikes and shock assaults. Typically, an armored assault will rapidly advance, before dismounting Vengeance Squads, who then use their ranged firepower to advance, while the armor and Devastator Squads pin the enemy in place and eliminate enemy armor or fortifications. Once the Vengeance Squads close, they fall on the enemy in a fierce melee, simultaneously, Reaper Squads will use their maneuverability to target the crews of any enemy fortifications that are still intact. As the enemy cohesion crumbles and rear formations continue to be pummeled by supporting fire, Veteran units will often be deployed in shock assaults on strategic weak points, finally shattering enemy morale. Through this strategy, the Knight Wardens aim to brake the enemy's organizational effectiveness and morale as quickly as possible, allowing their forces to, often quite literally tear their foes to pieces, claiming victory for the Imperium. Many Knight Wardens carry a powerblade weapon as their chosen melee weapon, usually in the shape of a short sword or a Tarnostian Messer. The Tarnostian Messer is a weapon commonly used by warriors of their homeworld, the weapon being modelled very closely off of the Germanic Messer of ancient Terra, which was a broad bladed, single edged weapon resembling a giant knife. Their Astartes also favor Chainaxes, Power Swords, Power Maces, with Power Axes and Lightning Claws being popular among Reaper Squads. Somewhat oddly, it is rare to find Chainswords, easily the most common Astartes melee weapon, outside of Reaper Squads, although the larger Eviscerator is sometimes used by veterans. But of all weapons, there is one every battle brother favors above all others, a unique pattern of power mace found only within their chapter - the Crescent-pattern Power Mace. The Crescent-pattern has the head of the mace formed from 6 razor-sharp crescents, like that found on their chapter badge, hence the name. This creates a weapon that combines the crushing blunt force of a power weapon wielded by a super-human with traumatic blades that tear open a wound when the weapon is retrieved from an enemy, both crushing bone and causing massive internal damage. In the hands of a well trained warrior like an Astartes, a single well aimed blow from one of these weapons will mortally wound almost any enemy. (OC - *inserts gif* "power maces? no, much more better!"*) Relics The limited knowledge of their secret early history and cultural craftsman mentality has developed a chapter known for collectors of war material, particularly Archeotech. And the while the Knight Wardens heavily limit the Adeptus Mechanicus' access to their geneseed, their technology collection has none-the-less developed a very profitable relationship with the techpriests of Mars. ++Notable Chapter Relics++ The Edge of Midnight - Amongst the tales told to every Tarnostian child of the coming of the Emperor's Angels, one of the greatest is the legend of The Emerald Blade of "The Great King" of the Angels of Death. When the Knight Wardens claimed Tarnost, one the world's greater nobles, a Duke, foolishly defied them. The Knight Wardens Chapter Master challenged the Duke to a duel, which the man arrogantly accepted. They met on a bridge, surrounded on each bank by spectators, but it was an inevitably short duel, if it could even be called such. The Knight Warden's Lord Commander, whom the locals called "The Great King," slowly drew his blade, a broad longsword made from a green hued metal, and with a single strike carved the Duke in half, ending this rebellion. "The Emerald Blade" is the mythical name given by the locals to The Edge of Midnight, the traditional weapon of the Lord Commander and one of his badges of office, which was forged after The Murder of the Stars. In return for the Knight Wardens turning over was limited xenos technology they had recovered from that cataclysm, the Adeptus Mechanicus forged a blade from the metallic material which formed the bodies of the xenos. This would later be identified as necrontyr, The Edge of Midnight is one of the earliest known uses of the material in a weapon by the Imperium. The weapon is a precious relic that is very similar to the xenophase blades now used by the Deathwatch, although it takes the form of a broad longsword and strangely appears to be immune the energies of C'tan shards, unlike many other necrontyr based weapons. Sword of the Drake - This gift from the Salamanders was once the sword of the Chapter Master, until it was replaced by The Edge of Midnight, now traditionally wielded by either the Seneschal or First Captain. Wrath of Thrago - The first ever Crescent-pattern Power Mace, this massive, two-handed eveningstar-style weapon has an unusually strong powerfield projector. The badge of office of the Knight-Paladin, Chapter Champion, the powerfield generator of the Wrath of Thrago actually creates a small, brief energy burst when striking a target, similar to a power hammer. This causes the unfortunate target to stumble backward, and allows the Chapter Champion to easily retrieve his weapon from the wound to more quickly strike again. The Oathcloth of the Warden/The Shroud of Ghosts - The first chapter banner of the Knight Wardens, though it is no flies as a banner, instead remaining one their holiest relics. It flew in The Murder of the Stars and is marred by munition holes, burns, tares, and stains of Battle-Brothers' blood. The damage was never repaired out respect for the sacrifices of the fallen, instead being sealed in stasis in the Reclusiam, upon which each neophyte swears their oath to the Emperor, Mankind and the Knight Wardens. On only the most dire and rare of circumstances, and only at the order of the Lord Commander, is the sacred, armored stasis casket containing the banner taken into battle atop a relic land raider, commanded by the Chapter Ancient. The Price of Rebirth - The second banner of the Knight Wardens, created after The Murder of the Stars. It commemorates the sacrifices of the chapter with a Knight Warden bearing a Crescent-pattern power mace, standing over a field of Battle-Brother and Necron corpses, one of the xenos at his feet, with the broken crescent-shaped remains of Thrago/Midnight in the background with an Astartes fleet and the Imperial Aquila, its heads weeping, in the background. Recently it has also had a Chimera-like creature, stalking the Astartes, added to the field of corpses; it has the body and head of a maned lion, with horns, a scaled back with a snake-like tail, and black-blue wings. 1 Fellblade Superheavy Tank 1 Spartan Assault Tank 1 Sabre Strike Tank armed with a Volkite Saker At least 1 non-functional Scimitar Pattern Jetbike Several Caestus Assault Rams A handful of Xiphon Interceptors Several Primaris Lightning Strike Fighters Chapter Fleet As they were once a fleet-based chapter, the Knight Wardens have a formidable collection of warships, many of them reclaimed or captured the centuries before being tech-cleansed and modified to their needs. The Knight Wardens have a habit of naming their vessels after Loyalist heroes and famous battles of the Horus Heresy. Vengeance of Rylanor - Strike Cruiser, named after the Loyalist Emperor's Children Ancient of Rites who defied his Traitor Primarch in battle Errant Son - Vanguard Cruiser, believe to be named after the first Knight-Errant Nathaniel Garro Deathwatch Service *Section for showing how the chapter has developed relationships with other chapters through DW service and story of regarding 2 relic power maces that becomes tradition for KW in DW (inspired by my reading of Deathwatch: Ignition)* The Secret of The Warrior The Warrior is an Astartes of the Deathwatch, a Blackshield devoid of all chapter iconography, he usually keeps to the sparring cages, armory and librarium, offering to test the skills of his fellows and share his expertise. He is well respected for his skills and flexibility, but is always at home where the fighting is thickest, often challenging enemy champions. Only the Knight Wardens know that he was once one of their own, a secret kept for all time, that one of their brethren once strayed perilously close to Chaotic corruption. As penance, this battle brother cast aside his name and took up the Blackshield to join the Deathwatch, sparing his chapter the public shame and dishonor, now only identifying by his callsign, Warrior. Every Knight Warden learns the tale so as keep them humble and guarded against the influence of Chaos. While to others in the Deathwatch he is simply another mysterious Blackshield, each Knight Warden to serve the watch knows The Warrior's real identity and many are tested by him in the sparring cages. Dramatis Personae Chief Librarian: Arch-Magister Ingo Quest Allies Judicators Shadow Hawks Angels Excelsior Phantoms of Sotha Adversaries Red Scorpions - Ever since an incident where grave insults were levied against each other, the chapters refuse to fight along each other. The Knight Wardens claim it started when the hyper puritanical Red Scorpions saw their faces for the first time. Recent Events REDO Recently, battle-brothers serving with the Deathwatch have discovered ancient writings from their early history and artifacts long thought permanently lost. But while these findings often present chapters with reason for celebration, these instead offer mysterious and potentially grave realizations. As stated previously, the very first battle-brothers of the chapter lacked the now characteristic blue skin, as they did not hail from Tarnost, but where did they come from? The ancient tale told to neophytes for thousands of years claim they were brothers of the Salamanders and the Storm Giants, but is that the whole truth? The writings found while in service to the Deathwatch suggest that at least one battle-brother may have hailed from non-Vulkan lineage. The artifacts, a partial suit of armor and the oathseal of one of the ancient Crescent Maces, point to the unthinkable. Based on the seals of the parchment and armor as well as fragments of mostly burnt paint, that warrior belonged to the II Legion, a Lost Legion, which by all accounts is thought impossible. All records of those Legions, their sires and their fates is expunged, yet here a piece remains. The legions were known to have existed at some point, but the fate of their warriors after they were "lost" was never disclosed. Various information implied that their warriors were at least partially absorbed into other legions. If that were true, could it be possible that one of these warriors had survived past the heresy? Even so, these possibilities did not answer why such an Astartes was allowed to help form a new chapter or why his armor was apparently deliberately burnt. Despite providing more unwanted questions than answers, this does present the chapter with a closely guarded new truth. The Knight Wardens are a far older chapter than anyone, including themselves, believed, whose origins are not as set-in-stone as the records tell. For now, the Knight Wardens wisely keep this information among their highest leadership and the Emperor himself. *OC - see what I did there? Set-in-stone, feudal culture? Chapter Appearance The Knight Wardens primarily wear black power armor with portions of their armor painted midnight blue, including; the majority of the backpack, the left armorial inset, the right armorial trim, the right coutre (elbow guard) both greaves and sabatons and the left poleyn (knee guard). The remaining portions of their armor is painted black. The Aquila or Imperialis worn on their plastron (chest guard) is also midnight blue in color with a silver skull. The eye lenses are deep red and detailing is usually silver. The Knight Wardens Chapter badge takes the form of a large silver skull, superimposed over a set of crossed power maces and centered above a crescent moon on a field of midnight blue. Company assignment is indicated by right poleyn (knee guard) and denoted as follows - 1st Company: Crux Terminatus, 2nd: Vertical Midnight Blue Stripe on Black, 3rd: Three Horizontal Midnight Blue Stripes on Black, 4th: MIdnight Blue and Black Quartering, 5th: Midnight Blue V-shaped Arrow on Black, 6th: Midnight Blue X on Black, 7th: Midnight Blue and Black Diagonal Halving, 8th: Midnight Blue and Black Checkering, 9th: Horizontal Halving of Midnight Blue over Black, 10th: Midnight Blue Circle within a Black Roundel. On the right armorial inset, they stencil a large silver colored squad specialist symbol, which indicates a battle-brother's squad specialty (Close Support, Fire Support, Battleline, Veteran or Command). Squad assignment is indicated on the right armorial, by a small gothic numeral stenciled over the silver colored squad specialization symbol, and on the right poleyn (knee guard) in silver. A larger silver colored gothic numeral stenciled on the left poleyn indicates a battle-brother's assigned company. Marine Images Color Scheme - Chaos Black, Midnight Blue, Charadon Granite, Mechrite Red, Mithril Silver ++Special Thanks++ For your great feedback and help in this project: The B&C community, especially, Olis, Brother Tyler, Kelborn, Bjorn Firewalker, Grey Hunter Ydalir, Gamiel, Brother Lunkhead, & Ace Debonair To the Artists & Admins of Homebrew Wiki: Algrim Whitefang & Achilles Prime
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