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  1. I've recently turned traitor for an escalation thing my gaming group is doing and i've decided black legion warband is for me specifically based on the THQ Space Marine Game - Chosen of Nemeroth I've started building my guys and the ETL VII pledge. I have need of some advice on achieving my conversion with Nemeroth, Here is a picture of my current progress and also the reference image i'm using as inspiration. Would love to hear peoples thoughts and constructive criticism! Thanks!
  2. Hello, A little showcase of the abbadon I painted for my best man for my wedding. Fun mini with a lot of details ! Cheers ! Anamnesis
  3. "As the Warp changed my flesh, my brothers in the Eighth legion shunned me. But the Black Legion welcomed my brotherhood and showed me a new path. We are not shackled by our fathers. We can become something greater." - Legionnaire Tor Valdred, Formerly of the Night Lords, Oathsworn of the Black Legion. Pictured below while deployed for the Vigilus conflict, Valdred displays the mutated facial features that drove him out of his former legion, likely as a form of psychological warfare against the human defenders of the world. Note the extreme coloration of the skin and the yellow, glowing eyes. +++ So, after all these years, it would appear that Games Workshop will finally make good on their promises and release a refreshed range of Chaos Space Marine models. Coincidentally, I have an escalation league themed around the Vigilus conflict starting on the 22nd of January and almost everyone signed up has chosen some form of Imperium force. That will not do, no sir. So begins my journey back to the faction that started it all for me! As a head up, this will probably be more of a "Hall of Honor" thread as I personally don't want to provide updates on unpainted miniatures at this point in my hobby life. You'll also notice I've gone with a decidedly more old-school basing scheme. This comes from my formative memories of White Dwarf around the time of Medusa V and this thread will certainly pay homage to the days of that campaign and the 3.5 Chaos Space Marines Codex. Anyway, let me know your feedback! Cheers!
  4. Hey all! So just a little background info about my warband: The idea came out of 6th Edition Chaos Codex that briefly mentioned those warriors who fail Abaddon, or are mauled in battle: "The Oath-Broken are a special formation of the Black Legion comprised of those Chaos Space Marines who have failed in the service of the Legion's master, Abaddon the Despoiler. Those that dare betray the Warmaster of Chaos seldom live long enough to regret their mistake, and those who do quickly come to regret their folly bitterly as their bodies and souls are subjected to the most abject of agonies. The Oath-Broken are no true traitors to Abaddon, but merely those who failed in their assigned tasks, or got badly mauled on the battlefield and crippled by horrendous wounds. Failures and cripples invariably lose the fickle attention of their mortal and immortal masters alike, and without the blessings of the Powers of the Warp to mend their limbs or knit their broken bodies together with mutations, the Oath-Broken are forced to fashion their own crude replacements: blades sutured to stumps, xenos appendages crudely grafted into empty sockets and ragged armour patched with whatever material the Eye of Terror deems to provide. And yet, woe to the fool who underestimates these dregs of the Black Legion, for an Oath-Broken's desire to again bask in the glories that only Chaos can provide is only equal to his hatred of any who still do." http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Oath-Broken,_The I was fascinated with the backstory of what happens to traitors when the Dark Gods turn their back on their own followers. So I decided to model up a few squads and build a few stories around a motley band of scavengers and killers. After the Photobucket screw job, I thought rather than try to replace every single photo, I'd start over here and tie it to my ongoing participation in the GILGAMESH CAMPAIGN. All hobbyist are welcome to join me conquering the planet for Chaos! (or if you are an imperial scum... i guess you could fight against me, too!) Feel free to PM me about how to join. It is easy and fun. Here is the current campaign Map now. Also, IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, PLEASE CONSIDER FOLLOWING THE TOPIC AND LEAVING A COMMENT. IT REALLY HELPS KEEP ME MOTIVATED!!! THANKS! THE OATH-BROKEN Prologue Lord Kraven stared into the vast endlessness of the void from the Bridge of the Battle Barge The Unforgiven. He saw Millions upon millions of planets ripe for plunder to make a worthy sacrifice to the Dark Gods. Nothing had been the same since his disgrace at the hands of the Emperor's Children. How long had it been? Ten Millennia, more? Time had no meaning in the Eye. As his mind drifted on thoughts of vengeance, his vox-unit signaled. "Lord, my divination is complete." Caradoch's voice resembled more of a reptilian hiss than the Genetically modified warrior he had once been. "The Gods have spoken. Gilgamesh must be bathed awash in blood." Finally, was this the redemption he had long seeked? Was it another cruel trick of the Gods to keep him off the eight-fold path forever? It didn't matter. Lord Kraven turned to his first command. "Mark a new heading to the Gilgamesh System. We prepare for war!" LORD KRAVEN “The Dark Gods of Chaos do not care about us. We are simply tools in their endless fight, just as we once served as simple tools in The Emperor’s blind ambitions for Apotheosis. The only difference from now and ten millennia ago, is the veil has been lifted from my eyes. Betrayed by the Corspe God of Terra, and now, discarded from use by the Master’s we turned to, I serve only myself. I will make them pay until I have my status restored. Planets will burn and blood will be spilt until my brothers are avenged." -Lord Kraven’s Canticle of Hate Chapter 1 Verse 1 CARADOCH Caradoch is Lord Kraven's foremost advisor. Although he still maintains a great deal of his warp-born powers, he still strives for the day to return to his former position of power within the Legion. Deep inside the Heavy Battleship Eternal Hunger… Brother Quaress stood guard outside Caradoc’s personal quarters, a bolter clasped in his massive hands. The gold trim on his black ceramite power armor reflected the braziers’ light that lined the corridor’s walls. Two servitor gun drones- amalgamations of corrupted flesh and metal flanked him, their skin twisted and gray where it fused with their heavy bolters hardwired where arms should be. “Lord Caradoc approaches,” they said in unison, flat, robotic voices. The servitors kneeled clumsily and lowered their heads in deference. Quaress detected nothing. His genetically enhanced vision was superior to those lesser beings, and the retinal display in his tactical helm scanned the long hallway in both infra-red and ultra-violet frequencies. The hall was completely empty. “You drones need to be recalibrated. I don’t see…” Quaress did not get a chance to finish his sentence before the braziers lining either side of the corridor flared to life and a cloaked figure in power armor appeared from the shadows. Quaress instinctively raised his bolter. “Rest easy, Brother Quaress.” Caradoc’s voice washed over him like a sweet melody and he lowered his bolter almost as if in a trance. Caradoc shared the same pattern of power armor and a rich embroidered robe flowed from his shoulders to the floor. He carried a wicked power glaive that burned with a blue warpfire along its daemon steel blade. Caradoc’s right hand had begun to harden and transform over the years so that now it resembled more of a chittonous anvil of volcanic rock. One of many blessings from the Dark Masters. “That was quite the entrance,” Quaress said stowing his bolter. “Forgive the theatrics Brother.” Caradoc’s face was concealed by a hood and a vale of golden chainmail. Quaress felt sure that Caradoc was smiling behind it. He was smart enough to know the sorcerer was displaying just a minor demonstration of his many powers. “And what of my guest?” “The prisoner is prepared as you requested. He awaits… your audience.” Brother Quaress wasn’t exactly sure what fate awaited the Loyalist they had captured on the surface of Thraxian IV, but he knew from eons of combat it would not turn out to be pleasant. “Excellent work Brother Quaress. What we are about to embark upon will ensure our places in the Canticles of Hate. This Astartes warrior is but the first step.” “Death to the False Emperor!” Quaress thumped his fist to his chest. “Only if he should be so lucky.” Caradoc waved his free hand at the door and it swung open into the chamber behind Quaress. “A final word of warning brother.” “I fear nothing, Caradoc,” Quaress said. “Your bravery is commendable and serves Lord Kraven well. Just remember no matter what you hear, no matter what the dark voices whisper or promise, do not enter my chamber until I return to you. I would hate for you to suffer… like poor Brother Castus.” Brother Castus had been particularly ambitious in courting the favor of the dark Gods and the Gods listened generously heaping powers upon him until he devolved into a hideous spawn, stark raving mad and mutated beyond recognition. Unleashed upon the populace of Thraxian IV, the creature had scurried off into the wilderness never to be seen again. After ten-thousand years of endless war, Qauress knew there were worst fates than death.
  5. Hello all, and welcome. This is a thread where I'll be posting my blossoming Sons of Horus army, the 82nd Grand Company. A large focus will be on individual models and their lore, so most posts will be accompanied by a short excerpt. To set the stage, this all takes place post-Heresy. Time is a bit...well, strange in the warp, as you all know, so there's not a solid timeline. Abaddon has risen, and begun uniting the legions. So for anchoring, I'd say this all happens ABOUT the same time as ADB's second Black Legion novel, roughly. Before the first real Black Crusade. My Sons of Horus are the last left within the Eye who still call themselves Sons, holding on to what structure they had during the Great Crusade. That's about it, below I've included a small teaser for a post in the very near future, and once again, welcome. Hope you enjoy. Vall’ak twists in agony, his transhuman body horrifically deformed. Even now, destroyed beyond any hope of warmaking, he yearns to hold a blade. Frustratingly, he seemed to have misplaced his arms. “You are a fool, Vall’ak, and a traitor.” The voice that calls to him is that of an ancient mountain, heavy and rough. He had expected mockery. Arrogance. Not sorrow. Not pity. “Speak to me no more, brother,” Vall’ak replies, spitting blood onto the deck beneath him. The smell of war is overwhelming, oil and gunsmoke and spilled blood filling his nose. All around him are the bodies of his brothers, black corpses lost amongst ocean green. “I am weary, and do not wish to hear your barking.” This brings a laugh from lips unaccustomed to such a thing. With the grinding of servos, Oberax Khan comes into view. He is gigantic, Cataphractii armor struggling to contain his monstrous form. A crown of horns nestles on his brow, eyes the color of melted gold staring out from a dark iron gorget. He towers over the pitiful form of Vall’ak. Slowly, carefully, he bends to one knee, lowering himself to the broken warrior. “You are dying.” Vall’ak laughs at the blunt statement. Blood turns his teeth pink as he smiles. “I had heard tales of your prodigal wisdom, Oberax. They underestimated you.” Oberax does not smile. His eyes trail over the ruination that was once an Astartes. Vall’ak’s arms are stumps, oozing blood. His legs are torn, mangled by the harsh anger of plasma. His dark armor is rent and cracked, the skin beneath blackened by fire. His shallow breathing is testament to the strength of the Astartes. “Why do you betray your past, brother? Why dishonour the memory of our father?” There is cold anger in Oberax’s voice, held back by a supreme force of will. “You are too proud to be one of his sons? To wear his colors? You led these warriors here, against us. You stand reborn in Abaddon’s black.” Vall’ak shakes his head, the gesture robbed of any strength. “I refuse to live in their shadow. And I refuse to die in yours. Leave me be, Oberax. I fought, and I lost. There is nothing left for me but the void.” Oberax grimaces as he stands, the grinding of his ancient armor almost lost amidst the groans of the dying. “I heard tales of your victories upon the walls of Terra, brother. The Burning Blade, they called you. You held a section of the wall for a day and a night against the servants of the Carrion Lord. Your sword drank deep of their blood. How long ago was that now?” “Two hundred and thirty eight years, Oberax.” Vall’ak replies, his voice weak, his head heavy. “Curious. It was so long ago for us...” Vall’ak says nothing, blood bubbling from his thin lips. Oberax sighs. “Apothecary!” ---------
  6. Hey all! So I've had a small 500 pts Black Legion force for a few years now and have decided to add to it. I have always loved the splinter factions and warbands that are attracted and amalgamated into the Black Legion through either force or fealty. To this end I have begun painting up some Crimson Slaughter units to add to my collection. Beginning with some Terminators and the some Dreadnoughts, the idea is to bash these out to tabletop quality very quickly and then go from there. Again, these are purely tabletop quality for me. I have a lovely weekend planned of gaming at Warhammer World the first week of Feb and want to take them to this. Dude on the left is 30 mins work from dude on the right: And finally some quick basing and I'll be looking at roughly 40 mins per mini: Comments and critiques are most welcome obviously! The right shoulder pad of all the minis will be Black Legion to show the have thrown in their lot to Abaddons cause. Cheers! BCC
  7. With Abaddon's new rules being so awesome, I couldn't stop myself from making a model for him. I've never really liked the current Abaddon model, just too bland of a pose for me, and looks old and clunky. On top of that, I field Night Lords, and figured I could make a Stand in character. Being such, he isn't actually "Abaddon", but will use his rules. That being said, Behold! First lets look at the daemon sword. Custom built from the hand and part of the spear handle of a Stormcast Eternal, a Grey Knight force weapon, a Tyranid warrior bone sword, and a few Necron odds and ends, I'm pretty pleased with the build http://i.imgur.com/2aRcDK8.jpg?1 Then on to the big man himself! Body made from the Primaris Captain with putty bat wing symbols. the claw arm is from the FW Lugft Huron with a few adjustments. The head is a FW mk iv helmet, adn the sword arm shoulder pad is from the Stormcast Eternals set. http://i.imgur.com/puq2kd4.jpg?1 I've been deliberating what I should do for his back. I was thinking I might choose from a variety of Chaosy backpacks, but I found these wings, and I'm kinda liking them. I was thinking they'd be made of warp energy, so they wouldn't actually be wings, just a scary Night Lord in your face type of thing. What do you guys think? http://i.imgur.com/XFp8Aj3.jpg?1 Your thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated!
  8. Hey everyone! Back when I first read The Talon of Horus I was pretty keen to have a go at converting up some of the characters from the book, but other things (30k) got in the way and took up all of my hobby time... Now, with the recent release of the Black Legion excerpt, I've again started thinking about trying my hand at converting up some of my favourite characters from The Talon of Horus. I'm most keen to start on Khayon, Telemachon, and Nefertari, but I'm open to suggestion for other characters too. So, I'm looking for some ideas regarding which bits/models would be good to build and base these characters on. I'd love to hear all of your ideas and suggestions. I'll be using these pictures as reference, at least in regards to the aesthetic of the models. Obviously the posing will probably be quite different and I'm also open to suggestions that don't conform to the art in the pictures. These pictures should be considered as starting points rather than hard and fast rulings. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/Iskandar%20Khayon_zps6twhkdbz.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/Telemachron20Lyras_zpsarlbvmmf.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/Lheorvine_zpsnmjvwrk2.jpg I couldn't find any 'official' art for Nefertari, so I'd love to hear some suggestions for her Thanks for looking
  9. Closet Skeleton

    Csm wip6

    From the album: Black Legion

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