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  1. A brotherhood of knights known today as the Neurode Crusade, over the last few decades, underwent a series of changes leading to its present day composition. The changes centre on the figure of Marshall Arthur, the current Marshall of the Crusade. At present, the Neurode crusade's forces are divided. While a pursuit force lead by Marshall Arthur and an accompanying Inquisitor is after a traitor governor who left the Neurode forge world in ruin, the bulk of the Crusade rebuilds its strength in a newly established chapter keep after sustaining considerable loses in a series of violent war campaigns. This thread, as many others of this kind, is a mess. You'll find here successful, suspended and abandoned attempts at converting models and scratch building. You'll find WIP shots and images of painted miniatures. There is also some fluff out there, which hopefully will one day be expanded to form a chronicle of the Neurode Crusade's feats. In order to do something with the mess, I'll be links to important posts here. My approach to painting black - a tutorial; part 1 - general stuff Marshall Arthur, conversion work Black Templars Marshal, Arthur - painted miniature Neurode mechanised Scratchbuilt Neurode-pattern Vindicator Lady Inquisitor WIP and finished model Venerable Dreadnought Neurode Crusaders +++ Below you will find a detailed overview of the Neurode crusade's notable battles. +++PART 1+++ The Otmar Intervention Still a Sword Brother, Arthur was appointed command of a minor, 35-man strong (including a Dreadnought and a 5 TDA Sword Brethren), Black Templar strike force. They were ordered to support Imperial forces on Otmar. Thereon, the safety of a sacred shrine of the Emperor was threatened by an Ork raiding party of unknown size. Planetary radars located an incoming Ork vessel and the local officials sent distress signals. Because of its location and insignificance, Otmar did not have a military force and had little chances of defending against the incoming Orks. The defenders of the planet were but a small, underequipped militia, mustered from the more zealous civilians and local priests. The plea for help was answered by a nearby Black Templar vessel. Arthur’s force landed in time to bolster local defences and, most importantly, secure the safety of the shrine located on a rise in Walhaim, the biggest city of the planet. The Ork shuttle crashed on the surface of Otmar on the outskirts of Walgaim just a few hours after the Black Templars landed. Arthur assigned 10 Initiates, a Dreadnought and some of the local forces to defend the immediate proximity of the shrine. Meanwhile, he lead a pre-emptive attack. Unfortunately, as the Orks need no time to organize, they already managed to brake the militia’s defences of Walhaim. Fighting the scattered Ork forces was tiresome. The greenskins posed no threat, nor were they a worthy challenge for the fearsome Crusaders. However, the crashed vessel was not the only inbound Orkish craft. Somehow two other, larger vessels remained undetected until it was too late. The cumbersome, mutilated chunks of metal entered Otmar’s atmosphere. This time the greenskins were lead by a Warboss. Seeing what was left of the first wave of attackers, the brute became furious. He lead a swift strike on the city, much more organized than the previous formless assault. Orks used their numbers to their advantage and were pushing the defenders back, deeper into the city. Even the might of the Astartes, stretched thin among the kilometres of breaking defence lines, proved to be insufficient. Arthur ordered all his man back to the shrine to prevent desecration of the holy place. The remaining forces of the human militia, at first hesitant to leave their homes to be ravaged by the scattered parties of the green horde, joined the Marines. Eager to fight the finest of the Imperium, the Warboss gathered a significant force of Orks and ordered a brutal onslaught on the defenders’ donjon. The joint Black Templars’ and militia’s forces repelled the initial push and two consecutive ones; yet, the defenders, especially the militia, suffered great losses. However, the Ork’s numbers were greatly diminished. In the third attack on the shrine, the Warbass was slain. The rest of his kin, leaderless, discouraged and broken, scattered. The shrine was secured. Walhaim was ruined, though. The remains of the defenders, assisted by fresh units of militia from other settlements, dealt with the scattered Ork survivors. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ORIGINAL POST: The thread description says it all: this will be my WIP thread in which I'll be posting (hopefully regularly) pictures of my endeavours to expand my Crusade and convert different pieces in my collection. Unfortunately I can't do anything for the ETL competition, because my pledged units aren't where I am. But I can devote myself to my new-found passion: making plasticard models. For the time being, I'm suspending my Thunderhawk project: I just want to make a smaller plasticard model to see whether I'm capable of making a decent looking craft. For starters, my cheap Vindicator (which I'll vow in ETL when I'm done with my rhinos & razorback). Here is a raw overwiew of what I have so far. http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/9049/p1050937zs.jpg And the cannon: http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/1724/p1050933c.jpg How do you like the look of the cannon? I did it according to the templates which I've found, but it is not as wide as in the original model. Does it look okay, or would you advise me to make it wider, more like in the original?
  2. Just getting back into the hobby after being gone for about 9 years. Making my own chapter that was founded after the first Terran Crusade by the Black Templars and Imperial Fists. Think World War stormtrooper types. Use BT rules. C&C welcome. Plan on adding some fluff as I go also
  3. Hello and welcome to the Neurode Crusade's Keep! This is my second attempt at a WIP thread in this section of the forum. I pronounce the first one dead - all of the images were hosted by Photobucket and many of us know how this turned out. However, technical issues are not the only reason why a fresh thread is justified. My approach to the hobby has changed and I have started doing things with my models. Before that, with few exceptions, the only thing I did was to hoard more models to meet a crusade composition I imagined, but did not control. That is why matters got out of hand quickly and the number of models swelled considerably. The miniatures were tucked into countless scattered boxes. This is no longer! Over the last month and a half, I appointed my Power Armour Marines to squads and/or "functions" and organised my bits. The way ahead of me is long, but I am finally able to see progress and hope. For a good start, I'll leave share this photo of the larger part of my PA Crusaders. In addition to 205 Marines (including 30 jump packs), I have 25 models in scout armour, 49 in TDA,17 bikers, over two dozen vehicles and a Freeblade Imperial Knight. Disclaimer: for the foreseeable future, no Primaris are allowed! And here is a sample of my painting skills. These models represent my current table-top standard (or I should probably add "overall standard," since I'm not able to produce better quality painting factoring in time-per-painted-miniature that I find acceptable). I am going to update this thread as regularly as possible - i.e. every time I manage to do something meaningful, like a completed kitbash/conversion, painted model, finished squad or reasonable progress in a larger project. All and any questions, comments or requests are mostly welcome!
  4. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  5. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  6. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  7. A Black Templars Assault Intercessor Sergeant that I painted when first getting back into the hobby. More info: https://chillminis.com/black-templars-assault-intercessor-sergeant/

    © All rights reserved. Copyright Daniel Lee / Chillminis

  8. Everything got deleted when I tried to upload a photo.... wow... ok that KILLED any desire now. I had a nice post about my forces. What a terrible crappy thing to happen. I think the last time I made a P&M thread on the B&C was 2009!? Since I'm now pretty ticked off that drag and drop a photo killed my entire post... let's try and get what I lost back. - Scouring Era force - Sigismund's loyal Imperial Fists tired of garrisoning and holding back the traitors and their daemon ilk. - Not sure if Imperial Fists yellow will be included, but I do like the striking color. - Still trying to recall what was deleted. - Chained weapons and Teutonic elements will start appearing, with OOP 'but not old' Rogue Trader vehicles appearing as replacements. Templar Brethren [magnetized arm choices] The kit from Forgeworld is designed to be used with Mk3 Legion Despoilers [?] but I being a git, only ordered the conversion kit. So these are made with Prospero burns plastic Mk3 components. Pewter Sword Brethren [these guys will eventually replace all the Templar Brethren, tying them into a Post Heresy look will be interesting. A Blood and Skulls Industry Predator conversion, not sure if this will go to my Templars [see Space Sharks!] Predator Magnets , the sponson magnet is contained in BOTH sides of each weapon type, and only one magnet per sponson support arm. I can also swap the side armor for doors. OOP Whirlwind and Dark Angel & Primaris for scale I really like the early Whirlwind and I was lucky to get a NIB kit from Spain.
  9. I have a one day 1750pt tournament next weekend between two bigger tournaments. Last weekend I gave my Death Guard a retirement outing at warhammer world and at the end of the month I'm bringing Tyranids to Cardiff but that's a 2000 point tournie so I can't practice for it at the 1750 event. Since this is a nearby one day tournie I can take whatever army I want without worrying about spending money on hotels only to get my ass kicked. But my Black Templars were built for 5th ed and then late 7th ed and I only have one week to get my crusade ready. Marshall Armand and his loyal chaplain brother Roul were rebased onto 32mm earlier this year, they haven't really been on the field since 5th ed. They need a little work. I picked these up as my souvenir from the GT. I could vow them in Knightfall but they're going to be split up as unit champions. Then I just have a bunch of other guys to get ready to join my existing models.
  10. I played a 1500pt game last night and Used the High Marshal for the first time! I loved it. He really made my Land Raider crusader quite nasty :) re rolls to hit are awesome. His +1 str ability helped my crusader squad mop up things in combat. And he is 6 wounds, so he survived quite nicely against a lot of things until he was felled by necron gauss. I paired him up with a lieutenant for the re roll wounds. Now, in the future I think my Lieutenant will be my warlord and give him the storm of fire warlord trait so that the LRC can have some more AP goodness. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I have been playing my Dark Eldar alot, and it was rather refreshing to run the good ol templars again. My original love, my main army... :D
  11. Greetings Battle Brothers. Aside from my two WFB armies and my fledgling Ork force, I also have a small force of Black Templar marines. They were the first warhammer army I ever completed (as in, painted and based) back in 2013 before I started getting back into my Lizardmen and my Bretonnians. My collection of space marines began as the boxed set for the Battle of Maccrage (tyrannids vs. Ultramarines). Being a fan of the color green, and not wanting to paint blue, I came up with a dark green color scheme with a gold maltese cross as the chapter symbol.Later I discovered this was very close to the scheme used for the heretically-secretive Dark Angels, as well as using the chaper-symbol of the mighty Black Templars. The collection expanded to include more marines, a box of old 13th company storm claws for the combat weapons (leaving most of the wolfy bits out), some epic metal heroes, and some neophytes who look suspiciously like Cadian shock troops. I also constructed my own scratch-built tanks, because back then I didn't want to spend $40 bucks for a single tank. Crusade Heroes: Emperor's Champion Gaul, Marshal Einred, and Chaplain Omer. The Lore for the crusade has changed a few times since its inception. Originally it was along the lines of a slapdash DIY chapter known as the "Sons of Zeon," fighting tyrannids on the Eastern fringe of the galaxy, having been a successor chapter to the Black Templars. As my knowledge of 40K grew where I learned that the Black Templars don't actually have successors, and learning about the crusades in college I retooled my "chapter" of marines into a crusade of doomed Black Templars seeking redemption for their failures. Now known as "The Remnant," (as they call themselves), the lore of the Zeon Crusade is based on the real-world loss of the Holy Land during the Medieval crusades-era, specifically the Order of St. Lazarus, the Leper Knights. Here is the quick fluff snapshot: And here is an inspirational picture of the Order of St. Lazarus (found a nice historical video in case you are interested, though the veterans of the forum probably already have heard of this august body of crusaders!). To round off this post, here is the model list and a picture of the entire force (complete with some foam tanks): 1x Crusade Marshal (Hellbrecht model) 1x Emperior's Champion 1x Chaplain (PF and crozius) 1x Chapter Serf (Maccrage model) 28x Combat Marines (CCW and BP, split into four units of seven) 12x Ranged Marines (Bolters/ranged weapons, two units of six) 20x Neophytes (CCW, split into four groups of 5 in the combat marine squads) 2x Dreadnoughts 7x "Tanks" (scratch built rhino chassis with numerous options, can be up to 6x razorbacks, x3 vindicators, x3 predator annihilators/destructors) I hope you enjoy my humble contributions, more pictures to follow!
  12. Hi my fellow crusaders. I've materialised out of the warp a about a year ago and heve regained contact withe the empire a few months ago with the start of 8-th ed. I've been in the warp for about 7 years. My marines had been battling chaos and all the other foul enemies of the emperor for 9 years when they were lost in the warp. There they had to cope with huge pressure and violent shakes, resulting in almost all the crusade's motorpool and flypool suffering some sort of damage. Many brothers were also wounded, losing arms, weapons and sometimes even beiing beheaded. The light of the emperor has been shining again on the crusade since a year or so, and that has resulted in many a battle brother receiving new limbs, weapons or even a new set of brains. Fortunately with the renewed contact also came reinforcements. Translation: Hi, all. Back into the hobby after a 7 year retirement due to moving, marriage and becoming a father. Gotten back into the hobby after my brother gave me a knight and the SM codex. Dusted of my marines (they had about 2mm of dust on them...) and retrieved the rest of the crusade from the attic, after making sure my doughter wouldn't eat them. Fortunately I stored them in sealable plastic boxes so no parts were lost, but moving house and a few attic reorganisations didn't do them much good. I found out that 95% of my dried out paints were salvagable (warm water and pinching holes in the dried paint, let it sit for a week and voila!). But my glue was stil operable (9 years old!). I've bought myself a box of reivers because I really liked them and thought they would fit in perfectly with my playing style of old (advancing horde screaming blood for the blood god emperor on the top of their lungs). Started to catch up on my rusty painting skills. After finding this site and lurking for a fair amount of months I've finally joined. Enough blah, here are some pics i've uploaded. My emp champ, paintwork is 16 years old. Castellan Draco A NOS apothecary I've started work on recently: And a pair of almost finished reivers with one of my my first attempts at glowing eyes and a freehand laurel on the sgt kneecap. Greetz, Rinke
  13. So after a break I have decided to start a Black Templar army. I painted up a 500 point force for a small Fate of Konor tournament and fell in love with how the models looked on the battlefield. The time spent researching the fluff a couple weeks before the tourney was the most fun and obsessive thing I have had with 40k in several years. So, every good story needs a starting point, here is my crusades story. (bit rough, still fleshing out the details) The Ventros Crusade, led by Marshall Alderic Jamil Ventros is a rogue inquisitor responsible for the Cartalu VII massacre. A backwater world, Cartalu VII's population was massacred over the course of two weeks in an attempt by Ventros to gain favor with the Chaos gods. It was by happenstance that Marshall Alderic's ship received a faint distress signal and investigated. After receiving no word from planetary defense forces a small force of 50 crusaders was deployed to the planet surface. The force was decimated, tortured, and sacrificed to the Chaos gods. One initiate was able to escape and send word back to Alderic, before succumbing to his wounds. Alderic immediately moved to engage Ventros' ship. After a brief firefight Ventros was able to escape into the warp without Alderic's forces able to pursue. Alderic then declared that the Ventros Crusade would bring vengence to this rogue inquisitor. Due to Ventros' willingness to sell many Imperial secrets and his psychic ability for prescience he has evaded the Crusade for several years and never seems to find a lack of soldier be it foul xenos or heretics. Marshall Alderic is closing in though, and vows that he will slay this enemy of the Emperor and show that heresy will never escape justice.
  14. HI All, Decided I'll let you all in on my latest endevours. It's not much, RL keeps me rather busy (study, family life), but slowly and steadilly we're getting back in the hobby. Rcently I dug up a squad of terminators. They are the first plastic ones GW produced and I believe a free blackreach termie. I started to templarise them. Here are some pics. Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, my camera died on me. Templarification in progress: Some tabbards and a lot of purity seals. Those didn't show up on the phone pics. Made a mould to see if I could make maltese crosses out of green stuff. Worked reasonably well, looks better in RL then on pic. Hope you like them, Comments and feedback is welcome. Greetz,
  15. Hi everyone! Long time lurker first time poster, wanted to start a thread to help with motivation for my new crusade. It's a combination of new purchases in the last year and an old firstborn force I tried my hand and I'm now rescuing, from 8 years ago when I was 16 and didn't pay attention to mold lines! Forged in the fires of the Imperium Nihilus comes The Ardent Vigil Crusade. A combination of Armageddon firstborn veterans and fresh primaris recruits now wrestling for control with chaos forces in a sector containing several Imperial Shrine worlds at High Marshal Helbretch's behest. I might write up some proper lore later but the rough idea I have is they are wary allies will a big culture conflict, the new primaris recruits not adhering to the chapter's tradition. For now here is the painted group, as well as Templars we've got assassin allies as well as the local guard infantry that I usually speed paint with drybushing and washes to blow off steam. And finally my conversion triumvirate, left to right is a jump captain, jump chaplain and the Helsreach legend himself.
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