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Count-as Inquisitor


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Does anyone remember Havok? Well, when the game was released many moons ago I somehow acquired the chap on the left:


Looking at this model I see carapace armour, a bolt pistol and a power/force sword. He's also on a 32 mm base. If I fielded him as an Inquisitor 1) would you play me and, 2) how could I go about making him look more 40kish? I've yet to decide on a colour scheme but I feel he might need a bit more than that?

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It might, but I feel that Inquisitors should use archaic/exotic/usual (delete as appropriate) pattern weaponry. So basically, there's nothing that will ever likely appear in my bits box that will suffice.


Purity seals I can do, and I'll be knocking up some servo skulls. Armour skulls? I can't even make a mess with green stuff let alone sculpt anything...

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