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Tallarn Commander's Tallarn 23rd Blog

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Hello everyone,

I finally finished painting all my guard so I figured I'd start a blog to chronicle the occasional game or IG painting project!

The Tallarn 23rd Light is a light infantry regiment consisting mostly of infantry, rough riders, sentinels, and salamanders (the heavy armor in the pics below is detached from other regiments). The Tallarn approach to warfare emphasizes manuever and rapid flanking attacks.

Here are some photos:

Front view of the Tallarn 23rd


Top View


Side shot, this month's Ioria campaign pledge, tech priest w servitors, is barely visible on top of the building

My company commander, Captain Scheherazade. She has been leading my army since 2001


Red 2 Squad (Second Squad, Red Platoon)


Each of my platoons has 35 troopers, 3 10-trooper infantry squads and a platoon command squad. I have 3 Tallarn platoons: Gold, Red, and Blue and 2 non-Tallarn Platoons: Jade and Grey (Grey is not yet finished, I think I'll buy and paint up some Victoria Miniatures female Praetorians at some point in the future...but I want to focus on my Chaos for now)

Jade 2 Squad


My favorite trooper, Sgt Haroun, squad leader for Blue 2


It's just a flesh wound...

I also have 2 veteran squads. Here is one of them, the Desert Rats Veteran Squad. I'm sure most of you can identify where these models came from. :smile.:gallery_88062_11289_6220.jpg

Some stormtroopers


This stormie squad was a vow for last year's Lutum campaign


6 of my 15 Sentinels. I have a sentinel problem. As noted at the top, I often bring recon-themed Tallarn lists to tournaments and I bring plenty of sentinels along.


My Tanith Squad, back when we had the 3rd Codex regimental doctrines I would sometimes give this squad the infiltrate ability. It seemed appropriate.


My ogryns, the Squad Leader Throk is armed with a door. I'd like to think an ogryn would use a door as a melee weapon


Primary Psyker Wojni and 3 priests, Ziyad, Xavier, and Badra


The Desert Scimitars Rough Rider Squad


Four of my 7 commissars: Guderian, Abra, Kadabra, and Von Paulus


My other 3 Commissars: Yorick, Sadat, and Mannerheim


My objective markers


And now onto my vehicles...

One of my Salamander Scout tanks, the back slides out so these can also become Griffons or Wyverns


My Valkyrie/Vendetta


4 of my 5 Chimeras, I prefer infantry heavy lists with a smattering of armor so I usually don't use very many Chimeras in a single game


Iron Duke, one of my 4 Leman Russes


Emperor's Will, another Leman Russ


I probably won't post too regularly, but I'll post an occasional update from time to time.

I'm currently in an escalation map campaign and my partner and I just lost our HQ map tile.

In this week's game he brought his mech list and I brought my hybrid list. Lists are submitted at the campaign's start.

Here is a photo of last week's game.

Ccripts spot the enemy Vulture right before it turns them to paste (queue "Ride of the Valkyries")


Conscripts say "Gulp!"


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Hi everyone, I got in another fun game. I brought 2500 points of my sentinel recon-themed list and my 2 opponents brought 2500 points of Ynarri and Tau.

My list was: 2 CCS' with OOFs and missile launchers, psyker, 10 ratlings, 40 trooper conscript blob w priest and commie, 35 trooper las-plas-flamer platoon w priest, 35 trooper autocannon-plas-flamer platoon with commie, 35-trooper bazooka-plas-flamer platoon, 2 scout salamanders, squadron of autocannon scout sentinels, & 7 rough riders.

Also, for the first time ever, I brought a formation in a 40K game. I'm an oldhammer player who prefers no allies, no psychic phase, no formations, and no crazy LOW. But I recently tried using psykers and enjoyed them so I figured I'd attempt to evolve a bit more and give formations a try. So I tried out the Emperor's Talon Recon Company formation from the Montka book. I brought 3 sentinel squadrons (2 scout squadrons had lascannons and the outflanking! armored sentinel squadron had some las-plas). It was fun having sentinels with orders and this formation is fluffy for a light recon themed list such as this. I'd use this formation again. In total I had 170-ish infantry, 2 tanks, & 11 sents. Six of my units outflanked.

My opponents brought various and sundry including a wraith knight.

The game was a blast but, as you might imagine, the IG got steamrolled. Boy that Ynarri soulburst thing was brutal as it allowed the Ynarri an extra charge on my rough riders (sigh) and on my autocannon platoon blob. But it was a great game. In the end I only killed 3 of their units and they killed 11 of my units. But my outflanking scout sentinel squadron chasing down a riptide in melee was a moral victory. :smile.:

Here are some photos.

The board on Turn 1


Banshee wraith lord (the necrons are counts as fire warriors)


Harlies soulburst/charge the horsies



Wraithknight hits the IG line


As a wraithknight looms in the background, Sgt. Burrows suggests his squad relocate to the rear


The Board at Turn 2


Commissar Guderian to the Mordian flamer trooper, "Stand fast and die like a guardsman!"


Sentinels Outflank!





Deepstriking crisis suits quickly remove the salamanders


Wraithguard demolish sentinels


Wraithknight is tarpitted by Tallarn infantry


I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Hi everyone, I’m going to a local tournament this weekend.  I’m bringing my recon themed Tallarn list.  This 1500 point list is very similar to the list featured in the photos above.  At 1500 points I'll be bringing a CO CCS squad and XO CCS squad (both with bazookas and an officer of the fleet to buff the 6 outflanking units), a 25-trooper lascannon infantry platoon blob, a 25-trooper autocannon infantry platoon blob, 2 30-trooper conscript blobs, 3 autocannon scout sentinels, and 2 scout salamander tanks.  I’m also bringing a formation from the Montka book, the Emperor’s Talon Recon Company consisting of 3 autocannon scout sentinels and 6 lascannon scout sentinels.  In total this list has over 120 troopers, 12 walkers, and 2 light tanks. 


The plan is my typical recon list's plan:  the platoons hold my deployment zone, the conscripts advance and contest the midfield, and the salamanders and scout sentinels outflank onto objectives/linebreaker position.


I haven’t been to a tournament since October so I’m excited to go to this one.  I suspect I’ll lose all my games (this is what usually happens when I go to a tournament) but I always have fun at them.  Plus I sometimes win my 3rd game at tournaments because I’m usually pitted against another baby seal at the bottom table.  At any rate, I'm happy as long as I get to play.


Next week I’ll post some pics and tell you all how the tournament went.

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Hi everyone,

I'm back from the tournament. As noted above, I brought my Tallarn imperial guard recon company list. Here's a brief tourney summary.

My recce-themed Tallarn army was quite fun to use. I enjoy the fluid mobility achieved by outflanking 4 sentinel squadons and 2 salamander scout tanks. The tournament was really well organized and all my opponents were really nice. I managed to win best painted and I bought a squad of ork boyz with the prize money. A fun time indeed!

Close up of Blue 1 Squad

Shot of the whole recon detachment

Game 1 vs Ynarri (loss)

This was a fun game against Ynarri. I lost handily but I managed to make it 6 turns without getting tabled. Boy that "soulburst" rule does seem a wee overpowered to me. My most fun moment of the match was tank shocking a scatbike squad off the board with my salamander. My MVP: Jade Platoon, its lascannons managed a decent number of scatbike kills thanks to "Fire on my target."

Orange Ynarri Gaze out at the 23rd's battle line


My warlord, Captain Scheherazade, with her command squad


Lascannon Scout Sentinels outflank behind the Eldar tanks


Scout Salamander and Green Squadron outflank behind scatbikes


Outflanking Autocannon Sentinels bolster the IG right flank and help hold an objective


Banner Bearer Abdul encourages the Tallarns


Two conscript blobs tarpit a Wraithknight

Game 2 vs Genestealer Cult

I really like the fluff and rules for the genestealer cult. They're a fun and well themed opponent for the IG.

In this game the genestealer cult tabled me on the bottom of turn 1 by killing 95 guard troopers through shooting and assault in a single turn! I never even got to outflank. However, the silver lining is this left my opponent and me with enough time to go get coffee and he graciously paid for the coffee. Moment of the match: When my priestess, Sister Badra, made 4 out of 5 invulnerable saves vs wyvern stormshard mortars. She almost lived. My MVP: um, no one, not when you're tabled in a single turn.

IG left flank vs Genestealers


Gribblies infiltrate on the right flank near Blue Platoon

My CO Captain Scheherazade issues orders to the troops

A Tallarn sniper fails to notice a gribbly


Game 3 vs Ynarri

Another fun game against a Ynarri player. I was tabled on Turn 5. Moment of the Match: when Sgt Mustafa survived a turn of a challenge against a shining spear exarch. My MVP: Blue squadron, for finally finishing off the last shining spear in melee. I hope to fight this very sporting opponent in a pickup game rematch.

The advancing Tallarn infantry horde



9 shining spears turbo boost up to the IG line (I then charged in with 80-ish troopers and eventually killed 8 of the bikers)

Commissar Heinz encourages Jade Platoon to stay in the fight

Jade and Green Squadrons outflank

Sentinels and Salamander try to stop the swarming jetbikes


Enjoy the pics!

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Hi everyone,


There is another local 1500 point tournament on Saturday and I'll be bringing my IG.  This list keeps with my regiments’ recon theme and includes sentinels and Salamanders, but I’m adding Chimeras and a Russ to the list as well.  I’ll post some photos and a brief tournament summary next week.  


HQ [180]

-Captain Scheherazade’s Company Command Squad, vox, bazooka, flamer, Chimera w/ dozer [while Captain Scheherazade outranks Lieutenant Rushdie, she is taking a more hands off approach on this mission and letting him call the shots so as to groom him for company command someday.]


-Techpriest w/ 5 servitors [Completed for the Ioria Campaign.  Since this heavy recon force is operating out in the middle of nowhere and dozens of klicks from rear echelons, the Adeptus Mechanicus has contributed this squad to keep all the tanks and walkers working]


-Priestess Badra [Tallarns are very devout.  Generally wherever you find Tallarns you also find members of the Ecclesiarchy.]


TROOPS [840]

-Lt. Rushdie’s “BBQ” Platoon Command Squad, Chimera w/ dozer, 4 flamers [This is a mechanized close flamer support unit.  After reading the After Action Report from a recent engagement against a Genestealer Uprising, the regimental CO, Colonel Khomeini, has ordered his companies to include more dedicated flamer squads in their force composition].


-Blob of 2 Platoon Infantry Squads with 20 troopers, 2 lascannons, 1 plasma gun, 1 meltabomb, 1 flamer, 1 vox, Commissar Heinz [This 21-trooper section lays down a solid base of anti-tank firepower]


-Blob of 2 Platoon Infantry Squads w/ 20 troopers, 2 autocannons, 1 plasma gun, 1 flamer, 1 vox, Commisssar Guderian [This 21-trooper section is responsible for destroying light infantry and lightly armored vehicles].


-30 conscripts [a light skirmishing unit detached from company]


-Desert Rats, 10 vets, Chimera w/ dozer, 3 meltaguns, carapace armor [The Desert Rats advance up a flank with the PCS BBQ Squad and the Salamanders].


-5 bolters



-2 Scout Salamanders, each has heavy bolter and autocannon [Detached from the regimental recon company, the Scout Salamanders can advance alongside the Desert Rats veteran squad or they can outflank].


-2 armored sentinels w missile launchers [Also detached from the regiment’s recon company, the armored sentinels will advance alongside the Desert Bedouins]


-3 scout sentinels w autocannons [detached from company, the scout sentinels will outflank, harass the foe, and cap objectives]



-Exterminator, dozer blade, 3 heavy bolters, heavy stubber [Detached from an armored regiment.  You might think a Russ is out of place in a recon list, but the Imperial Armor Volume I book noted that recon units often brought along Exterminators because they were lighter and faster than regular Russes and provided much-needed firepower.]




-98 infantry, 5 walkers, 6 tanks=109 models

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I'll look forward to the battle reports. It looks like you will be running with a very fun army. I find reading/watching Imperial Guard battle reports the most enjoying (I always root for the guard). One year I'll maybe play a game, until then I'll live through everyone else. 

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I had a great time at the tournament. It was well run and the players were all very congenial. I won best painted and I used my prize money to get an ork trukk. Here's an overview of my games.

Photo of my entire army


Commissars Abra and Kadabra


My 6 objective markers

Game 1 vs Space Marines (Loss)

Game 1 was against a fun, balanced Space Marine opponent. He pulled ahead in victory points midgame and I lost 14 to 6.

Dreadnought drops in and says hi to Gold Platoon


Armored sentinels, vets, and scout sentinels outflank on my left (this flank managed to hold while my center and right collapsed)


Centurions drop in and begin singlehandedly dismantling my center


Veterans, sentinels, and salamander advance in the enemy deployment zone



Game 2 vs Chaos Marines (Loss)

Game 2 was also a fun one against a Death Guard player. I got dismantled 13 points to 5. I'm a Death Guard player too so over the course of the game we geeked out about all things Nurgle and I gave him a hard time about not fielding squads of 7 troopers. :smile.:

My line at the beginning of the game



Autocannon team


Tallarn sentinels speedbump the chaos bikers, delaying them for 2 turns



Nurgle chaos marines and conscripts duke it out in the center


Game 3 vs Khorne Daemonkin (Win)

Game 3 was also a blast. My opponent was a regular opponent of mine back in Seattle circa 2002-2004 so it was good to see him again. He brought a fun Khorne list with 4 Land Raiders. In the end I managed to barely beat him, thus ending an 8 game losing streak!

1 of 4 Chaos Land Raiders


Gold Platoon and servitors vs Chaos terminators

Vets repeatedly miss the Land Raider despite having a point blank shot. For 2 turns they kept shooting and doing nothing! They reminded me of me. I was a pretty mediocre shot on the rifle range, always just barely qualifying with my M16.


In the end everyone had a great time. This was the first time I've used the enginseer with servitors squad that I painted up for the Ioria campaign and I've got to say they are a cheap, decent unit for counter-assaulting nasty things roaming lose in an IG line. I killed a centurion, a pair of chaos termies, and a Nurgle biker. I was pleasantly impressed. It reminded me a lot of the captain with powerfist and commissar with powerfist duo I often ran back in 3rd edition.

I hope you enjoyed this tournament summary!

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It's supposed to be a bronze statue with a weathered copper patina effect. I used the old Solar Macharius model as the statue. His staff used to be straight but after repeated bendings I broke down and glued it to his head. :smile.:

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