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Brother Tyler

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There are lots of useful topics about the Drukhari scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword website. While most will occur in this forum and in the Aeldari army lists sub-forum, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere, especially in the Forge forums. In addition, plenty of external websites will include content that is useful for fans of the Drukhari, including blog posts, videos, etc. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the Drukhari.

If you know of a topic, external site, or video that you would like to see added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic, external site, or video. If the moderators agree that the submission is both relevant and useful, it will be added to the listing.

If you see a link that you think is no longer relevant or which is broken, please post a reply notifying the moderators of the issue. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated, fixing broken links and removing those that are no longer relevant.

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The default tags for discussions about the Dark Eldar are Dark Eldar and Drukhari.
gallery_26_14909_323.gif DARK ELDAR RULES
Drukhari Apocalypse Datasheets
Drukhari Forge World Apocalypse Datasheets
Games Workshop FAQs and Errata
Warhammer Legends - Drukhari (Warhammer Community)
Warhammer Legends: Forge World (Warhammer Community)

gallery_26_14909_323.gif BACKGROUND OF THE DARK ELDAR
Wikis: Lexicanum/WH40K Wiki

gallery_26_14909_323.gif MODELING & PAINTING THE DARK ELDAR
(No links yet)

Bitspudlo - Swords of the Ancients (most suitable for the Anhrathe, Asuryani, and Ynnari, but potentially useful for the Drukhari)
Spellcrow ("Space Elves" products, especially the bare heads)
Wargame Exclusive ("Space Elf" products)

gallery_26_14909_323.gif DARK ELDAR WEB/PROJECT LOGS
(No links yet)

gallery_26_14909_323.gif DARK ELDAR SHOWCASES
Oliver Wilkening's Drukhari (Warhammer Community)

gallery_26_14909_323.gif DARK ELDAR TACTICA
Start Competing: Dark Eldar at Goonhammer website, by @Ancient Glory

gallery_26_14909_323.gif DARK ELDAR BATTLE REPORTS
(No links yet)

gallery_26_14909_323.gif DARK ELDAR EVENTS
(No links yet)

gallery_26_14909_323.gif MISCELLANEOUS DARK ELDAR LINKS
The Dark City - (www.thedarkcity.net) a site devoted to the Drukhari, but with dark corners for their kin
Skaredcast - (www.youtube.com/skaredcast) @Iago's youtube site dedicated to the Drukhari
Splintermind - (www.splintermind.libsyn.com/) a podcast centered around the Dark Eldar

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