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Death guard Spartan : wretched Army WIP


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So I really wanted a defiler for my army since I really like the new changes our codex had for them, however gw were completely sold out of them and getting hold of one proved nearly impossible. I then had an idea, there was that really cool death guard artwork with the strange walker that looked like a malignifier with spider legs.

I then went about trying to make said walker. Here's is my attempts using a AOS spider as the vase with a malignifier hacked up into segments to fit the back abdomen with some tyranid, bloat drone and other bits to try give it an organic fused with metal look.






I love the malignifier model but dislike the idea of a static terrain piece that just stays in one place as it doesn't fit my army playstyle or how I view death guard. Instead fluffwise this is am attempt by a plaguecaster or warpsmith to give a malignifier legs and a demonic presence to run it at the enemy

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Well with a small 1k narrative battle coming up un March I'm taking part in decided to actually paint some if my death guard that has been unpainted for so long, still have to base but here's a converted Plague Caster and death shroud of the 4th company "the wretched"




This us what I have mostly got which I am planning on fielding won't be good or competive but more trying out something different with an excuse to try painting a different colour scheme


Contemptor dreadnought

Blight Hauler

3 Deathshroud

10 Poxwalkers

7 Plague Marines

1 Defiler

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It's quite nice as long weekend here due to public holiday so getting lots of painting in for a change getting the 7man plague marine squad all painted up. I know it's not smart gamewise and the experts all say min maxed plague marines squads better but ive been collecting Nurgle for years and just feels wrong not including nurgle's sacred number. The whole army even will have exactly 7 units in it





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A Blight Hauler painted up as well as an army shot of the whole army partially painted and assembled. Just waiting on ranged weapon arm for the Contemptor and some of those technical basing paints to base whole army.

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So I finished converting up a contemptor Dread using some skaven parts to arm it with chainfist and Conversion beam Cannon

Contemptor are amazing models I do miss I can't take butcher cannons on them anymore they were great, trying out conversion beam cannon as I thought using a skaven warp lighting cannon would look cool for it don't care if volkite the better option






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Your stuff is amazing mate but all that resin makes me shudder.

Please paint the INCREDIBLE Defiler. It reminds me of a time when I was thinking of converting a heldrake from the WFB goblin spider... Keep up the good work!

Don't worry I will be soon, just wanted to finish off the contemptor conversion since the warp lighting bits I brought on ebay finally arrived which been waiting a month for Edited by Plaguecaster
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Welp it took nearly a year but I finally painted the Defiler I converted when I first started this topic

I'm not the greatest painter but hope I did him well, may need to touch up some detail I missed/ messed up but like how he looks

The Death Guard Defiler known as "the Corpsemaker" stands ready to bring death and Decay to the enemies of Nurgle






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Painted up the Contemptor, I tried metal trim on a couple of test models but prefer the more bone like trim instead also far easier to paint, I don't really know what I'll try doing next maybe some daemons like a plague bearer or great unclean one






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Been a while since I've done anything more with them but have started converting a Death Guard levithan for my army

Just some liquid green stuff to fill some of the gaps. So going to love it if they ever do a plastic levithan for the heresy update as plastic ones would be so much easier to convert.

Have played a couple of games with my painted 1k force and have found both the defiler and plaguecaster to do really well, haven't tried a game since AOC has come out so once I can get the levithan plus a drone and another plague Marine squad assembled and painted will hopefully try and get some more games in

Edit: oh yeah nearly forgot here is a converted Putrifier


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So I've been very busy getting alot of stuff painted as traveling to a 40k tournament / Narrative event this weekend so doing some serious painting

Biolgius putrifier, Levithan, bloat drone and another Plague marine squad for my army all done, think I may of used tpo much Coelia Greenshade wash as they turned out a bit darker than the rest but anyways also pictured the ones I'm using for the 1.5k pt event leaving the blight hauler and Deredeo out for the moment. Levithan missing a base which I lost somewher and hoping one will arrive soon so can have based for this weekend,












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Nice army, it's starting to come together pretty well. What next? Maybe some blightlords?

Don't know at this stage depending on the heresy release I may add a few of the heresy vehicles depending on price for the plastic version, rhinos for the plague marines would be nice and can see myself getting a Spartan or land raider.

Not really a fan of blight lords if anything I'd add more plague marines and a possessed squad.

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This may be Confusing but  I am plaguecaster. I lost my old account as can't remember thr email address I used for it and is probably lost as it was an old one I made back at high school


So after playing a small tournament with my army one thing I found, Levithans are amazing with siege drills able to take down knights all by themselves in close combat 6 damage against vehicles is so deadly.

I did however realize I was lacking in reliable long range antitank as most of my stuff like lascannons were all only d6 damage so never did the damage needed to actually kill stuff. So decided I should take some laser destroyer vindicators who can fire overcharged all the time with no penalties due to our legion rules. 

Getting hold of the actual FW model is a bit hard since being in NZ so decided to convert my own using skaven warp lighting cannons and other bits as well as heaps if nurglings. Have another vindicator on the way so will try out running 2 and seeing how they go

I have a spartan on the way as well which I shall throughly enjoy converting now finally in plastic. I apologize if my painting skills for my models aren't the greatest but always far better at converting than painting 






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So I painted up the Vindicator as well as another I converted up in the similar style plus another Bloat drone simce i really like heavy blight launchers taking them in a 1500pt tournament. Haven't really played much 9th but had quite alot of fun getting some games in for a change which have been hard due to work and other conflicts in life 

Played 5 games overall 

First up was chaos knights in which i got annilated by a list which took 10 of those close combat wardogs but at least took out half of them thanks to vindicators and levithan 

2nd was a tyranid list which took 6 carnifexs plus warriors and some other stuff  which I lost rather badly to 


Played world eaters twice winning against both and finally  grey knights which was  extremely close but lost by a few points 


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Posted (edited)

Double post  it here's some pics from 2 of the  games against one of the World Eaters which I won 79- 45 and the Grey Knight which was extremely close but lost 66- 68

Overall it was quote fun with the vindicators doing extremely well as well as the death shroud and levithan doing pretty good alongside the plaguecaster as well






Also my next project im working on after getting my hands on one from the horus heresy box,  a Hellforged  Spartan which will have lots and lost of nurglings 


Really love the fact it's in plastic now as always wanted to convert a nurgle Death guard one and will try and pick up more of the heresy vehicles as well as more of the dreads 



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