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The Liber Badab (Badab War in HH2.0)


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Heya gang,


I've been working on this with another fellow Badab Enthusiast, its just the barebones at the moment, but it will be rapidly expanding as we go along!






So far its a rejigged Liber Astartes with all the Badab Chapters included, next up is the Tyrant's Legion and Human Auxiliary troops for the Loyalists as well.


Any and all feedback is welcome and if you could put it in this LINK that would be amaizng!

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I haven't read it yet, but its a really cool idea, using the established marine v marine focus of the HH ruleset into the Badab war is a great idea.


Edit: Went to open the file, and the MEGA folder reports that the file is missing?

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