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=] EVENT: Call to Arms 2024 - Chaos Demons [=

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Greetings Greater Demons, Heralds, Princes, Princesses and Other Superior Warp Denizens


After a highly successful event last year, @Grotsmasha has organized the Call to Arms for 2024!  The rules are pretty much the same as last time and It is to run from June 15 to September 15.  Check out the full event rules here..


This time, the forum is split up into 4 Strongholds: Imperium, Chaos, Xenos and Heresy (which includes the various even more miniature games set in that setting) with all 4 factions competing against one another to paint the most in the 3 months time limit. Also like last year, there will be a Central hub thread for each of the Strongholds in the WIP Section which I will link once it's live.


Like last year, I intend to act as Chaos cheerleader and help recognize the chaos participants hard work and keep people motivated.  It was a load of fun for all involved, so I highly recommend you pitch in if you have any chaos models in your pile of shame.


If you've got any questions, give one of the Mods a shout! :happy:

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