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Tyranids 1 year in.

Brother Nathan

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So new mission deck and we are nearing a year  into the new nids. How have you found it and where do you think we are going to go?


Nids got great kits and a lot of new plastic. I enjoyed that and certainly were cheap because of leviathan. But game wise i found nids very... lacking. They couldnt hit hard enough so had to rely on numbrrs and annoying scoring mechanicisms. I didnt want to play that way and after i compleately bounced off necrons i lost heart in them and swapped to iron warriors and the difference is incredable.


So where this leaves nids with the new changes... itll be very interesting. What will happen to our oc0 scoring mechanism things (aka rippers and sporemines)massive cuts? Rules changes? Will other stuff get adjusted to compensate? 


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TLDR: I feel as if we've been put in our place as an NPCs again.


In 9th we had some solid melee and shooting, and while some of our big bugs could tank a fair bit of damage, our gribblies were still getting taken off in handfuls but they didn't ever run away.  I feel that's where Nids should be in a PvP game.


With things like the Tyrannofex gun and HVC getting the nerfs they did, it does feel as if someone thought we were just 'too good for bugs'.  Which, I guess if we had become holy terrors in CC as compensation would be an acceptable trade off but a couple of weeks ago I lost an (admittedly wounded) Swarmlord in CC to a lone Zodgrod Wortsnagga.


Most of our Detachments are okay, but Invasion Swarm is such a good all-rounder that I'm not that fussed by the others which rely on spamming themed units.


I would really like GW to sort out Tyranid Warriors. The melee variant gives up a lot of shooting power and a great special ability for a very marginal increase in melee output and a terrible special ability.  And the melee guys cost more. Were GW expecting to release a nasty Shrike variant but ran out of room?  Gah.


The models we've had are pretty but often unnecessary.  Example being the Nerolictor...we got a great new kit for Lictors but then it feels as if the Lictor got all his Special Stuff taken away and given to the Nerolictor.


We got the Winged Warrior Alpha...but instead of getting plastic Shrikes to go with him...we got VRL.  Which also kind of tread on Ravener's toes.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.


On the other hand, the new Termagant kits are so nice to build and paint that I've purchased another two regular boxes. Because they are simply adorable!


I run always run a fair number of Battleline units just because I feel that's what any army should be built on; I'm hoping the new Mission Pack will seem them being more useful.  I am wondering if all the bonuses that Battleline get will simple replace of the 'abused' things from the previous missions (no fudging things with Assault weapons or Pistols)


Lastly, I'm a very mellow person but calling the keyword for both generating and benefiting from it 'Synapse' does make me want to shake someone.  That and the Broodlord losing Synapse. :facepalm:

I can still win games but I'm playing casually against chill folks.  I have no idea how Nids are doing competitively.


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