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Raz's Word Bearers - Hell Follows With Them


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EDIT: Most recent army shot (Sept 30, 2013)
EDIT: Painting step-by-step
EDIT: Candle sculpting step-by-step halfway down this post

EDIT: Impurity seal/Fleshybit sculpting tutorial

Greetings, brethren! *fires off bolter and waves accursed crozius around in the air like a madman*

Razakel here. Long-time lurker, first time poster. I've been painting and fluff...ing... since Dawn of War came out, but I just started playing about a month ago. I started with Ultrasmurfs, went over to Black Legion, saw the light of the Emperor again with Blood Ravens, and then fell once again to the Dark Gods with Word Bearers. I've tried starting this army once before, but my paint scheme didn't quite work out (too bright and glossy), so I restarted after having learned a few things working on the HQs. It's difficult to get me motivated to paint lately, though, so I'm hoping blogging it will help get the army up and going. Currently, I've got about 1500 points worth of models, though half of them aren't fully assembled and only a few of them are even primed.

Anyway, I saw the legendary Doghouse Pattern Gothic Marine tutorial and had to at least try it. It takes a while, but it's definitely worth it. Only problem is I'm kinda... well, not so good at sculpting yet, but I like to believe I'm learning! :happy:

So, without further ado, my first three models:

Aspiring Champion, Phael Berith


and his cape. I GS'd it rather hastily, and yes I realize it's not exactly smooth, but I'm too lazy to change it. A friend of mine actually broke off a piece of it this weekend. After I overcame a sudden rush of the Black Rage, I noticed the cape actually looks better now, so in the next round of pics I'll be sure to post that...


Bolter Marine


His shoulderpad (I couldn't seem to get a better pic...).


A Cultist
I've only got one painted, but I'm using these lovely fellows as Summoned Lesser Daemons. Screw official fluff, Word Bearers should have cultists. :cool: They've performed alarmingly well, actually. 8 of them lasted 3 turns in CC against a squad of 5 terminators, wiping them out entirely only to get chewed up by an Emperor's Champion. I lost the game, but it was still pretty freakin' awesome.




C&C greatly appreciated. Updates will probably be few and far between, since I tend to paint really really really slow. I'll post pics of some of my unpainted stuff later, but for now I'm off to acquaint myself with the remainder of these fora...

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I like them. They are very much dark, menacing, and red.


Guardsmen as demons...yes this is good. It saves me money! :D


Did you carve down a guardsman's helmeted head to create the rounded shaved skull look?


I'm surprised the cross between guardsmen and dark angel skirt legs didn't come out more disproportioned.


Although your skin tone looks fantastic on the champion I must point out that WB are typically known to be incredibly pale. At least, Dark Apostle described them in that fashion.

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Thanks. :) The cultist is actually mostly an Empire Flagellant from fantasy - no conversion done on his head and the only guard bits he has on him are his arms/lasgun. Great sprue. And I was sorta going for the champion to be pale at first, but then I went a bit crazy washing it... Heheh. I'll have my HQs all pale, though. Besides, I kinda like how it turned out. Uh... *thinks up fluff excuse* Ummm. He joined the Word Bearers from another Legion and... something. Heh. I might go over it with some Rotting Flesh eventually.
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They've performed alarmingly well, actually. 8 of them lasted 3 turns in CC against a squad of 5 terminators, wiping them out entirely only to get chewed up by an Emperor's Champion. I lost the game, but it was still pretty freakin' awesome.

You were incredibly lucky and rolled a ridiculous number of invuln' saves. There will be a reckoning.

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Sure Sarr. We'll be seeing about that, mmmmyes... *twiddles fingers menacingly* (For clarification, I know him IRL)

Thanks, everyone. Sons of Horus: It's actually an Aspiring Champion. I've got much bigger plans for my Apostle... :)

Speaking of the champion, though, as I mentioned, one of my friends broke his cape. I fixed up where the GS showed through and now I think it looks better than before (I got a much clearer pic this time around too!):


Now for wippage.

My First Acolyte (counts-as Chaos Lord basically), Naberus. Better known at my FLGS as Leroy Jenkins, because in the first game I played that's pretty much what he did. It instantly became tradition and in pretty much every game I've played he's died within the first two turns. The most he ever did was take out a warboss. Note: NOT my Apostle. He's on his way. ;)


And a Terminator squad with a Coryphaus, Marchosias (he's just a champion gamewise). He has hair. =P


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I'm really liking the look of your army so far,your models have an amazing gritty look about them,just how i've always pictured 40k.

I really think you've captured the spirit of the fluff with your models,so two big thumbs up! :)


Must say i love your lord conversion,nice use of the Huron model and i can't tell you how happy i am that you ditched his huge bear arm.


Looking forward to seeing more progress! ;)

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I must say I am quite impressed with some of the WB stuff appearing on the B&C as of late, your work being of no exception.


Great WB stuff there for sure, and like the other WB stuff i've seen just only strengths that call to me to do some WB.


Keep up the great work ;)

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Wow, thanks everyone! Glad you all like them - more on the way.

Angelus: JOIN US! I like the red on the one you've got in your Photobucket. :) And you've got that sorta-blended-looking fire effect on his shoulderpad nailed - I've tried it a couple times and never liked how it turned out. Granted, my orange and yellow paints are kinda old and dried out, but still, that's niiiiice.

Sons of Horus: Heheh, yeah, I guess he does. :devil:

Chaplainmikey: Yeah, Huron's claw arm was pretty much the first thing to go when I sat down with the thing. I'm keeping his axe arm handy, though - I think I'll be using it on a Chaosified techmarine as a replacement for his decidedly-loyalist looking wrench-axe-thingy (what with one of the WB's two main homeworlds being a daemonic Forge World, I figure they'd have a few techies).

Now, just so it looks like I've got something else done (I haven't; these guys have been sitting around for weeks =P), some unpainted WIP models - I've got about 20 in the works right now, but these are the closest to being done (most of the rest still need their legs all sculpted up). These are all pretty much ready for painting, except the Icon Bearer on the right - I superglued his banner on funny and when I tried to get it off, it broke. So he's gonna have to wait until I can get my hands on another box of FB Chaos Warriors until I paint him. Guy in the middle's another champ, and it's kinda hard to tell from the pic but the one on the right of him has a flamer.


I'll probably be painting the flamer guy up next, since he actually has primer on him - well, most of him at least. :lol:

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I don't even remember when i did that trial WB. All i know is, i was bored one day and thought i would try using some of the spare BfM marines to do a WB test. Mind you this was back in the day before you and kikkala came onto the WB scene.


I think when i tried doing the fire effect i must have been having a lucky streak, as i dont know if i'd be able to repeat the effect again. However in saying that, that WB test was a very rough test, so if i really did apply myself, i'm sure i could try and get something semi-decent pumped out.


I'm really liking how you've merged both CSM bits and the Chaos Warrior bits together. Looks great and definitely something different.


Man, between you and kikkala :lol: Stop the voices!!!!! :tu:

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Just so you guys know I'm not dead, I'm still painting that flamer marine (I said I was slow. =P). I'll have him done by tomorrow. In the meantime, here's something I whipped up:


Inspired by the recent Shot In the Face thread and the Night Lords art in the 3.5 dex. Obviously, the stump that would normally be occupied by an arm will be painted in a suitable gory fashion. The greenstuff on the guardsman's other arm looks a bit odd in the pic, but once I paint it you really shouldn't be able to tell. Not sure if I quite got the pose right, though. It's supposed to look like the guardsman was running at the marine, the marine grabbed the guardsman by the chainsword arm, yanked him forward, and then lopped his other arm off. It just looks a bit odd to me - I dunno, do any of you think I should change it?

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I think it looks ok. If you still have the remains of the guardsman's arm, definitely leave that somewhere on the base to give an indication of what has happened to the poor man!


Otherwise, don't worry about being a slow painter, i'm one too :tu: Although i am trying to see if i can recreate that flame deco and WB legion icon from years ago on a proper mini this time ;)

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Although it's a bit late now, after having a re-look at the mini, i feel the arm that the WB is holding onto should actually be more 'bent' at the actual spot where he is holding the arm. Given the WB probably has no remorse for the guardsman, i'd imagine he would grab him with sufficient force to quite easily snap his wrist joint causing his hand to basically slump downwards since it can no longer support the weight of the chainsword. Of course, this is merely one scenario, so your existing posing of the two minis is in no shape or form wrong. :D


If you can maybe lif tthe guardsman off the ground, i think you'll definitely be on your way to having a wining pose :)

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Well, so much for "tomorrow." =P Flamer marine's still not done. I was GONNA spend my four-day weekend painting him, but then I started playing Oblivion again... *sigh* He's coming along though... Probably this weekend. Emphasis on "probably." Bluh, thank the gods there's a new Call starting soon...


Anyway, thanks for the comments on the chainswordy-guardsmany-type-guy. I was planning on putting his arm on the base already, actually - I've just gotta dig around for an extra laspistol arm (the one on there's actually the aiming arm for a grenade launcher - since it's cut above the elbow, you can't tell). I've lifted the guardsman off the ground, as you suggested - I just popped the Chaos Marine's arm off and angled it upward a bit more, so he's sorta dangling there, and it looks less like he's falling backwards. Looks waaay better now - like the marine really yanked him forward when he was in mid-run. And I'll see about bending his wrist a bit. :) Pics when the flamer marine's done... whenever that is... :P


Looking forward to seeing the redone flame effect, Angelus. Just on one mini. ;) *cough*JOINUS*cough* :wallbash:

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I've been graced with a three day weekend so i might have to start up some random blog of fun to cover some of my recent exploits with the Word Bearers. I'm quite impressed with some of the work i've done thus far.


Looking forward to seeing the updated 'duel' marine and the flamer guy :tu:

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Meet... the Pyro! *TF2 music*


:P Pic's a bit dark. I DID in fact paint his eyes, it's just those bloody shadows... Tried to get a shot of his shoulderpad, but the angle doesn't show it very well...


And finally, the (slightly) updated Choppymarine, as I'm calling him. Looks slightly better after just tilting the arm up. I think I could go a bit further, actually, but I'm gonna hold off on that until right before I get started painting him.


Anyway, Icon Bearer up next. ;) Also, I just got the new FB Chaos Knights yesterday... GLORIOUS sprue. I think some Kikkala-esque Anti-Custodes chosen may eventually be in order... :)

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Nice work Raz!! Definitely liking how the flamer marine has turned out. I'm also really liking the dried blood look on the parchment.. Tips?



Heh, nice to see i'm not the ONLY one who thought the new Chaos Knights sprues would make nice play toys ;)

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