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Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company - Army log

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Iron Warriors 5th Grand Company
This is where we hold them! This is where we fight! This is where they DIE!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everone

I've alrady got a topic on the go over in the painting area of the fourms. But though it would be good to start a project log here as well for memeber who may only check out the Chaos area of the fourm.

This is going to be a army log on my brand new (well 6th) Iron Warriors force. Hope to take photos though out the progress. I am aim for Throne of Skulls April tournament down in Warhammer World for the deadline.

Just last week, the 17th Nov - Thur, had mark ten year of collecting Iron Warriors for me, a army that has been my favrout of all time armies, along with Space Wolves & Black Templars.

I've alway been a big fan of Chaos Marines thanks to John Blanch art work from WD 202/2nd Ed Codex Chaos & have been battle with Chaos for 15 year now. From my second army in 40k being Black Legion, to my Iron Warriors & my Chaos Daemon in 2008.

For the Iron Warriors it all started when 3rd ed came out. One of my friends converted up some really nice Obliterators for his Thasound Son army, before we had the current models we have today. Also gaming wise Obliterators where complete diffrent from the way they are today & your able to take up to 6 in a single unit.
Also back then, Index Astarties where being release in the White Dwarf, given us a wealth of background into some of the famous Chaos Legions & Space Marine Chapter, even with some rules to field these armies. Like White Scar make great use of bikes, but not allow them some other chose with in codex Space Marines. The Index Astartirs also had a lot of cool art work inside as well, for me I really like the art work base on the Iron Warriors.

Since then my Iron Warriors have been battle it out against many oppents, fought in many tournaments & winning some honour from a few player chose award for best army

I though the best way to mark ten year of collecting Iron Warriors would be, to start a brand new army, well my 6th Iron Warrior force. Few of the reason is down to, I'll need to move from the old GW Inks to the current wash which are brillaint (Badab Black wash is the future!!) & also Games Workshop release a lot of cool kits over the years to further convert models which I really enjoy doing, it rare if any that I have out of the box armies, everthing got a conversion in some shape or fourm.
Chaos Marines offer a lot in term of being one of the most convertible (sp) armies out there in the 40k world along with Orks.

I'll be aim my new Iron Warriors force for Throne of Skulls April, which will mark ten years of attend tournament & then for the rest of 2012 from Throne of Skulls down in Warhammer World, to local tournaments though out Scotland. My army list is pretty much going to be the same one I use back in 2008 to 2009 until we get a new codex (hopeful next year :wink: )

This was the Iron Warrior Marine that I posted a few weeks back

First Iron Squad - Iupatus Proeliator




Was trying the new GW Medium to make stubble/shaven hair for my models, hope to use this though out my army from shaven hair to beards. Just the way I sort of see the Iron Warriors & just added another leval to the models. One thing I like to do when collect a army is to try somthing new out from model to painting.


Also hopeful a better photos of the Autocannon IW backpack


Like wise with the Melta Gun arm IW


The Iron Warrior Marine arm with Melta gun is roughly base on Cadaras art work from the Black Library web site, from Graham McNeill novel - Iron Warrior (Limited Ed or will be in the soon to be release Iron Warriors Onimbus along with two new short stories)


1st Iron Squad, just wanted to see how the models all look together in there unit


Finial the Champion & Glory of Chaos icon bearer - Since this photo was taken, both models have recent being painted. When the photo was taken the Head for the Champion was taken from another model I'd work on but was no longer going to finish, did not want the undercaot to block the details which where already painted on




One of the reason I like Chaos Space Marines is adding trophies. Like my Mk5 Iron Warriors force. Mk6 Iron Warrior force will make great use of trophies. These are all going to be base upon past & present oppents that I had great games against from my local GW, gaming club & tournaments. It why I also like to keep count of my games for my Iron Warriors & Space Wolves.
So everon trophie you'll see on my Iron Warriors will have a story behind it, of a battle I fought many years ago to recently battles.
This Black Legion trophie is base on White Dwarf own Christian Byrne when I fought his Black Legion during Grand Tournament 2006 down in Nottingham/Warhammer World.

It because of brillaint games though out the years that has help theme my army. This is what I like about my Iron Warriors. This also apply to my Space Wolves, where each model guine dose have there own Saga because of the brillaint games they have been though in friendly games to tournament games. In fact found some old background recently from a friend campign (sp) he done base on my IW & the games had back in a old gaming club I use to go to before it stop running.

When I work on any army, I alway like to get my 2x Troops & HQ out of the way. I tend to get the first squad done follow by any transport, then move onto the next troop chose + transport. Then I'll paint up my HQ after word. Once the legal part of the army done, I'll tend to work on anything from there. It just save time & energy. I loss count of the time I change a army list & that Elites unit, say of Terminators are no longer needed... while none of the troops or HQ done.
So getting your troops & HQ out of the way, this allow you that time to make any changeies to the army list while collecting. Then after word I'll let the gaming make any changies.
I also tend to try get a army fully painted before I hit the gaming table as well. Just me personial I hate useing unpainted armies for a lot amount of time.

2nd Iron Squad preview


I am still waiting on some bits to arrive. The models have been base, so as soon as the bits arrive in the post. I can get them glue on & undercaot my models asap, instead of doing that & then base them, waiting a hour until I can undercaot them.

The IW with the T face Bezerker helmet, I would like the do the yellow & black hazer strip on his face plate. One idea I would like to try on a future T Face Bezerker helmet would be to have a Jaw from some Xeno beast as a trophie, just that the bottem part of the T face bezerker face plate.

I'm going to try start work on my 1st Iron Squad Rhino, try start building that tomorrow night so I can start getting that painted soon.

Also John Black Art work, I though it would be cool to let new hobbiest see this. Photo was taken during the Grand Tournament 2007 when I was down in Nottingham/Warhammer World. This was in White Dwarf (UK) 202 & 2nd Ed codex Chaos Marines



A lot of stuff will be play a big role in term of give me idea from - John Blanch art work shown there. Graham McNeill Iron Warriors novels. A D-B Night Lord Novels will play a role in this as well. Bloodquest comic Black Library use to do base on a Exile Blood Angels Captain in his quest in the Eye of Terror to claim a relic. Wade or know as Teethgrinder on these fourm (Games Workshop staff memeber) Khorne Bezerker army. Christian Byrne Black Legion. Andy Chamber Iron Warriors from 2nd ed era.
Codex Chaos Space Marine 2nd ed & 3.5. As well as a lot of conversion work George Dellapina done back when he had his models in the WD.

I said I'd post up the background on one of my Iron Warriors. This was during a campaign (sp) that my old gaming club done back in 2006? Where it was pretty much Chaos Marines vs Imperial, Sister & Guards. The background was done by my friend to help myself for background to use in tournaments & just in general if it a army I really like, I want it to be well know. Can not have a faceless army in my view. I rather say "By Morkai black fang, Rothgar the Skald (Dreadnought) has failed to his with his Twin Linked Lascannon for all six turns!!"

All the background was base on the games fought during this event.

The Belarius Crusade

The Belarius Crusade is a torch striking into the Darkness of the previously lost and uncharted sectors within the Ultima Segmentum. From the Imperial Shrine World of Hesha the armies of the God Emperor assembled and set out to liberate the worlds known as the Athenema cluster, partly in response to increasing Chaos incursions into the sector. A host of millions of Imperial Guard, Adeptus Sororitas of the Order of Golden Chalice and several Chapters of the Emperors blessed Astartes strike into the void to meet and cleanse the dark places infested with the Archenemy. In response the hosts of Chaos who have long been gathering their strength in the places untouched by human eyes rallied under the blasphemies and dark sacrifices of their unholy masters.

This dark host struck the first Imperial worlds only four hours before the Crusade entered the warp destined for the front line. Meanwhile the advance elements of the Chaos host felling upon the World of Sellon II and the Forge World of Delphis IV. Much of Sellon suffered under the ruthless Chaos advance headed by the Iron warriors. Yet with word of their saviours only days away they held bravely until the spearhead of the Adeptus Sororitas and Astartes Blood Angels could make planet-fall. Here the Emperors chosen bloodied the Chaos advance at the major river Romic in the Capital of Sellon II. With major reinforcements of Guard the Imperials surged forward throwing the Chaos assault into retreat. Iron warrior contingents lead the more mortal elements in a rear Guard action but very driven back by the ferocity of the Blood Angels assault and the supporting Guard elements.

With many of his forces poorly positioned and most in rout the Chaos Warmaster called for withdrawal to the Forge World of Delphis VI. Imperial forces rushed to turn this retreat into a massacre using long ranged artillery to hammer the embarking Chaos troops and lander’s as they evacuated. The Angels of Sodomy attempted to seize the previously overrun Vandar Air base to allow the fighters of the Imperial Navy to attack the host but were forced to withdraw by a Khornate war-band who had been too late join the battle at the river Romic. Using the Navigational relays of the base the Bezerkers later teleported to their waiting ship in orbit. The Chaos fleet withdrew to Delphis IV pursued by the Imperials.

Chaos forces had overrun much of Delphis IV by the time the Imperial relief forces had arrived. Only pockets of resistance and the vast heart of the city, the Adeptus Mechanicus Primary Forge Keep held under the Chaos onslaught. With the Astartes still in transit it fell to the Hannigian Airborne to secure an adequate landing zone for the Crusade forces. In the dead of night the 22nd Airborne made their assault. As they made ground fall they were met by contingents of Iron Captain Narach Great Company. Surrounded and outgunned the Hannigians were ruthlessly slaughtered to a man. How the Iron Warriors knew of the precise landing zone is under investigation by the Inquisition. While it is quite possible the tactical finesse of the Iron warriors and their judgement of possible landing zones may have accounted for the massacre, it is more commonly believed that a traitor within the Imperial ranks proved to be the brave soldiers undoing.

With the Imperial Reinforcements delayed the Iron warriors and allied traitors have launched their assault on the Ancient Forge Keep of the Mechanicus, hungry for the prizes which are held within. With the Iron Warriors pummelling the mighty void shields of the Forge with everything at their disposal it can only be a matter of time before the walls are breached and the Great Company of Iron Captain Narach throws themselves into the assault.

Part 2

The optical zoom whirled on the auto-scope a Lord Narach looked into the gaping wound his siege engines had opened up in the Adeptus Mechanicus Forges flank. The same engines lay silent for some 40 metres to either side of him all but exhausted of ammunition. The well made defences they nestled in and the reinforced command bunkers were impressive even to his well trained eye, but of coarse they would have been having been constructed under his orders and supervision. Up the slope almost a mile distant the Forge Fortress billowed smoke from its breached side.

From the rock-crete composition and architecture the Fortress was probably no more than 600 years old and Narach was doubtful it held anything more useful than the ability to manufacture armour and munitions. However, at this moment in time those things were key and so he had been tasked with grinding the defenders to dust in the name of Warsmith Abhorred Riddick.

Half broken orders and weapons fire crackled through the comm’s when it managed anything more than white noise and static. The smoke screen of swirling white mist twisted and danced with the black smoke generated by the burning vehicles inside the breach. It obscured any attempt to discern anything of the assault; Narach cursed the sub-human creature which had assured him the winds would have picked up by now to clear the sight of the fighting.

The fighting had been going on for almost 8 minutes now, too long without a clear signal. He hated not knowing. Narach scanned the smoke obscured breach again, the smoke was clearing now, if too slowly for his liking. A burning Defiler sprawled out of the smoke, its head section almost blown in two, a massive exit wound but relatively little entry damage, classic Vanquisher round. The daemon engine lost its footing on the loose ground and tumbled backwards, coming apart in chunks of twisted metal as is smashed down the rocky slope.

Broken messages began to ripple through the comm net, broken at first but becoming increasingly clearer. ‘chssss….eat, they have Astartes in support….chsssss…chssss….lling back, repeat, we’re falling back’.

The armoured shapes of traitor marines moved like spectres in the swirling clouds of smoke as they fell back from the Forge, very few seemed uninjured, those able to carrying those too badly wounded to escape the carnal house under their own power. The scene reminded Narach of a moment during the siege. He’d pushed into the promenade of the garden electica his battle brothers around him as they drove back the Imperial Fists from their defences guarding the flower carved gates. He emptied his bolter into a wounded Imperial as he tried to limp through the gates. The armour around his leg cracked and he fell to the floor. Narach had been on him in a second plunging his serated combat knife repetedly into his neck. The sprays of warm blood had been glorius, the pathetic shriek of the Fist more so. They’d drove after them in a blood lust fit for the mindless fools who followed Khorne, Narach shuddered at the memory. For an Iron Warrior to be lost to such madness was unthinkable. But then who would have suspected the plant beds and fauna to hide pillbox and bunker, who’d have thought that hell could be unleashed from what he once might have considered beauty and serenity. He had marvelled at the genius of the design even as the hidden Imperial Fists had cut his brothers down like dogs. The fire arcs, overlapped to create a marvellous crossfire, they covered any approach wonderfully. The defences, built into the earth and ingeniously camouflaged were no doubt ceramite bonded and could withstand anything up to a point blank melta hit. The whole layout had been genius…sheer genius.

Narach snapped back to the present. Too few of his glorious brethren were emerging from the assault. ‘I want another smoke screen to cover the retreat and transports to pick up the wounded’ Narach’s voice was flat and composed, showing nothing of the hatred and frustration that boiled within him. An equally monotone voice crackled through a reply ‘acknowledged my Lord’. The dull crump of smoke shells being hurled into the air began within moments. Narach gazed up at the defiant form of the Forge, his lips twisting into a snarl. ‘Bring about my transport and assemble my guard. Uncage half a dozen dreadnoughts and as much armour as we have remaining’. Once more the monotone voice crackled conformation of the order. ‘Inform Warsmith Abhorred Riddick I take the fight to the target personally’.

So that it for now. Hope to have a update during the weekend as I work on my Second squad. As well as finish off the Champion & Icon Bearer for my First squad. Still working out some idea for my Banner, to try make them stand out & general look really cool.


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*Lurk Mode Disengaged"


I look forward to you progress on this one my friend, I always enjoy your Iron Warrior Plog's!


I am planning to my make own Iron Warriors army in the new year, after Adepticon 2012.





Thanks, yes it has been a while since I heard/seen yourself on the fourms.


Cool, look forward to see the IW. As said with my own aim for Throne of Skulls April in Warhammer World Nottingham to mark ten year of tournament. Pretty much started the Iron Warriors ten year ago for my first tournament - Conflict Scotland 2001.

Aim to try get the army battle worthy for just after Christmas (Assassin's Creed Revelastion permitting). Also still got a lot to add to my Space Wolves as well ;)



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Yeah real life ate up a bunch of my free time, and I got out of the habit of posting to forums on top if my personal hobby blog. Then I joined the Deepstrike Radio Podcast which is great, but also takes up a lot of my free time. I have enough of a handle on my time that I will be able to post more.


Anyway I have a question, where is this bit from? It is a great bit and I would love to source a few for my projects!



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Anyway I have a question, where is this bit from? It is a great bit and I would love to source a few for my projects!


Ork Nobz box set. You got that one with the armour plates & a normal cloth which I'll be make use of both though out this project. Lot of bits that I use though out this project will be Grey Knights, Death Company, Vampire Count, Kroots, Orks, Bezerker & Chaos Marines :D


Ah-a-nothepsis Posted Today, 06:24 PM

You are so into your army. I love it.


My Iron Warriors have help me out a lot. It because of this army I got into my NQ to HND model making course due to the conversion, though that course it taugh me a lot & have been useing the skills into my hobby.


There will alway be a army or few that will alway stand out as your all time favrout, that rep a bit of that person. High School teacher ran a school gaming club, use to say you where what you collected. For me my favrout main armies are Iron Warriors, Space Wolves & Black Templars :D


I see that apothecary bit, and it's just awesome.


Yes, they just look cool. If I can get my hands on some of the backpacks I'll be aim to use some bits from that onto my Iron Warriors. My Space Wolves army made great use of the Apothercary bits & backpack, should be photos of the army kicking around the fourm.


Right now I have been thinking about possible Mail order - Chaos Space Marine Chirugeon Backpack




It was to use Fabius Bile Chirugeon Backpack on a Champion or standard trooper. Be the guy who collect the gene seed, bit like a Apothercary, but somthing more Chaos, like Variel the Flayer from A D-B Night Lord Novels. Just wounder how this would be in term model in my IW force.

Fail that, could alway use the bits on my Obliterators


Art work for Variel the Flayer




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Update time


Little update on the Iron Warriors. 1st Iron squad almost done, just a few details to finish off & my Icon of Glory to finish. So here what I done so far


My Champion with two finish Iron Warriors Chaos Marines. Just varnish these a few moment ago, the two IW I wanted to get some of the GW water effect on the models. While Champion was just to get him done & get the Servo Skull added onto the base, also so I would not loss the clear plastic rod.








Use some of the GW Medium on mix paint for the shaven head & beard. As said added a Servo skull, I would like to add more to my army. I converted up a lot of Servo Skulls on my Mk5 army, all from undead skulls & Scout Sniper, so would like to keep this going with my IW. I see them floating around the battle feild, give my Iron Warriors that vital information during there seige warfare.


Melta army IW, hopeful shown bit more with the base/water effect.




1st Iron squad - Iupatus Proeliator






Start of my 2nd Iron Squad - Be Graphicus




I though be nice to have the yellow & black strip on the T face plate on the helmet, it got a bit of metal on there, but not as chip as the weapons.




Melta arm IW






Two IW I made on Fri in the wash stage. I use Badab Black after paint Boltgun metal on, then Purple, follow by more Badab Black wash before dry brush with Bolt Gun metal






Iron Warrior Chaos Marine that I just built a few hour ago






With the Skull, I done this again on my Mk5 army. Again it just added to that tech theme, about Iron Warriors getting that tactical data during a battle/siege warfare. This was orignaly inspired by a bit of Art work, I belive it was a Dev drawing on a Techmarine taken back during the rumour leding up to the 4th ed Space Marine codex with Traits, it was on warseer that much is all I can rememeber from a few year back




Finial, I was hope to get my Rhino for my first Iron Warrior squad all built. But I am going to add a bit more painting wise, to try bring some focuse to this when I got the army display & if people are seeing the inside of the Rhino model. So trying to think of a way to make the inside of the Rhino stand out & general look really cool as the out side of the Rhino model will be once it is all built.



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Update time


I've been busy working away on my 2nd Iron Squad - Be Graphicus, during this week. Just have a Champion & my Autocannon arm Iron Warrior left to build & paint for this unit.


So here what I got so far


Icon of Glory Iron Warrior








Iron Warrior's with Bolters


Just notice his eye need re-done, get that done tomorrow in my local GW store.






Really like the Eavy Metal Medium for try out on shave hair




Melta arm Iron Warrior




Hopeful the photo can show this. I am trying a glow effect on the eyes. Useing Blue, just this was due to the tubes being painted Red on my models. Though blue be pretty cool for the glass. Hopeful it work out, once the models are varnish I'll get some gloss varnish in any glass like the gun scope & the eye lence of the IW helmets.


The only finish Iron Warrior so far for this unit. I painted this Iron Warrior Chaos Marine as part of Brother Nihm hobby challenge over in the Chaos area of these fourms - "Inspirational Friday 11/25/2011, Do you dare to..paint!" where you where to paint a single Chaos Marine for today









Then some recently built Iron Warrior Chaos Marines, which I hope to get some paint on them tomorrow when I am in my local GW store






2nd Iron Squad - Be Graphicus as it currently stands




When ever starting a new army, I alway like to try keep them together useing ether the plastic GW painting stastion or a tank box. Just keep everthing together & allow me to see how a project going




As seen there, I got my Rhino all built now. I just need to get some plasticard onto this. I'll be aim tomorrow afternoon & Sunday night getting all this done. I'll be make some Chaos style plasticard extra armour & I will also be getting a Iron Warrior icon - plasticard onto the hatch of the tank.


Next up after the Rhino will be the second squad Rhino & to start work on my Warsmith Abhorred Riddick. I've also got enought bits to start on my first unit of Chaos Terminators as well.



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who is the terminator in your last picture? We don't get to see photos of him?


Forgotten all about the model. I though I posted it up here when I started the topic, but seem I not, to many topic on the go over this fourm & other.


The Terminator model was to try out idea for some Plastic Obliterators. I really, really like the current models, however for 1750pts list I am aim to have 6 Obliterators, 4 in my 1500pts force. That

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While I shown photos of WIP painting models, I never really shown WIP models being built/before undercaot hit them.


Been working on my Terminators (one of two squads that will be in the army) during the lunch hours there, but due to being ill right now I've taken a little break & though get some photos


Squad 7: Tormentia



The memebers of Squad Tormentia








I've use the helmets from the Bodyguard kit from Forge World for the Red Scorpian Librarian. I bought the Librarian last year for my Blood Angels force & because how cool he was. Oringaly I was save these bits for my future Black Templar army (new codex permit). But they just look really cool, just need to take ot the Red Scorpain icon from the helmets.








I like adding trophies to my armies. From the Iron Warriors to my Space Wolves. Just it great to mark down epic moment from a game & add theme to the army. My Space Wolves force, each model dose have there own Saga & that all down to the games I fought, the game I fought & enjoy have brought life to the SW army.

With the IW, collect for past ten year, I will be adding trophies base on past & present armies from games I really enjoy. Also I think it a crime not to give Chaos Marines trophies.


My Terminators are a little heavy on trophies as they are the Elite, they are the once who seek out single combat or glory combat for there Legion. They seek foe's that are worthy of a challenge.








The head has not been added yet. This is down to being a bare head & I want to get the shaven hair/stubble onto the model. So the head will be painted & then glue into the Terminators armour once it is finish, just so I can get all those detail in.








With the squad over all I still need to do


- Model the shoulder pads. I am added spike from the Grey Knight Ward staff or I am useing thin plastic rods for bolts along the trim of the shoulder pads

- Base, need to get plastic H beams & plastic tubes onto the base, then fill them with Green Stuff before I get some sand on them

- Servo Skulls, as said I'd like to get a few Servo skulls in this army.


So just a few things left before the unit ready for painting this Wed that my local GW store. Also need to varnish the Forge World parts before undercaoting, this help the paint/undercaot stick on better/key in. Then you can undercaot, paint,, varnish whole model.


That it for now



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They look really cool so far! but where did you get the mace heads from?


Arch-confessor Kyrinov from the Sister of Battle range




Cut it off the staff & cut the Power Axe head off the power weapon, make sure the Mace head is pinned other wise it will keep snap off due to being a little top heavy on the Power Weapon handly.



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How do you get such depth on your metallics?


I basicly


- Basecoat the model in boltgun metal

- Wash with Badab Black

- Wash in Purple (not sure what the GW purple wash is called)

- Wash with Badab Black again

- Dry Brush bolt gun metal with a big brush. For me I got the old GW Tank brush (red handly) which I had since start my IW force ten year ago

- Dry brush lightly with Mithrail (sp) Silvier


Then taken a GW large brush, highlight with Mithrail silvier. Make sure there a strip of Mithrial silvier across like say the arm. If you look that real metal you'll see the strip where the light is hitting off. In real life this will show on the models, but some how when take photos of the models it drown out the effect.


For Gold is


- Dwarf Bronze

- Badab Black

- Shinning Gold make sure to leave the shade of the above shown in area

- Devlin Mud Wash

- Purple Wash

- Highlight with Burish (sp?) Gold?



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I've spent today in my local GW just trying to get some time & tidy up my first of the two Terminator unit in my army. Still got a fair bit to go until the unit is finish but here what I have so far












Also very WIP preview of my Warsmith Abhorred Riddick. Would have got more work done to him during the week, but being ill tend to get in the way of that <_<




I'll be green stuffing all the gaps before glue the arms & shoulder pads on. I'm also going to pick up a box of Fine Cast Raptors to make my life easy for converting his wings. I am going with the Jump Pack over the Wings model wise as it look more Iron Warrior & for carry the model/transport. As I have a Daemon Prince model with the plastic Dragon wings & no matter what they've alway broke off when I been useing my Daemon force. Somthing I do not want when take my Iron Warriors to the tournaments.


It been good building the Daemon Prince model so far as it is one my all time favrout models since his release & as why my Warsmith got swap from mortal fourm to Daemon Prince fourm.


So still lot of work to get done & there going to be a lot of work done to the base as well.


Then some recently buys today




GW Turft Grass - Now I can finish both squads with the base. Alway get the static grass on the base, then varnish to help seal in any flock/grass. I look forward to trying out the Truft grass to add a bit more to my Iron Warriors force.


Blister - This is Bile backpack, ether going to try this out on the second Iron Warrior squad Champion or I might possible try useing bits from it on a Obliterator.


Abaddon finecast - Trophies going to be use on the 2nd IW unit Champion & other parts will be use on my Obliterators.


Tray of models




So right now I am planning on finish my second Rhino, get the inside painted & then get that all built. Tomorrow try get the conversion for my 2nd IW squad Champion done.

Like wise I have a Chaos Terminator lord box I bought a week ago? so I'll be trying another idea out for my Obliterators as I am unsure on my orignaly conversion I shown a while back.


Then this week try get some bits for my second Terminator unit & for more Obliterators. I'll also need to think about model some Object Marker soon as well. Then Christmas time, I will have my last squad of Chaos Marine along with there Rhino, these will have a Bezerker theme, but there not Khorne Bezerker, just IW who really like close combat, so just work out some idea in my head right now to make them stand out a little from the other two IW units.



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  • 2 weeks later...



Work has been a little slow on my IW last week due to being pretty ill. But now slow recovering I mange to get some time on the IW project. Here what I have so far










I am unsure on the orignaly Obliterators I posted up when I first started this project log. So right now I been trying diffrent idea, so far I been pretty happy with this new Obliterator. The Bile backpack brillaint to use & I order another two sets which I hope to get on the 24th Dec.

I'll also be pick up the finecast Techmarine for some bits for the next few Obliterators, there a total of four in my army.


I've also use some of the Ork Nobz kit for things like the armour plate on the right shoulder pad. While I am useing Terminators for the base of my Obliterators, I do not want them clash with my Terminators units in games. So though be a nice break up for the Obliterators & be nice to green stuff the morphing flesh between the armour plates.


The head is from the Forge World Khorne Bezerker terminator kit. It just look cool & has a Chaos star which is scar into his skin. Also the facemask has a daemonic look which fit in with the Obliterator. It will be glue into the armour once I got the metal work all done.



Should also add in. I'm being careful not to go to "over" the top with the weapons. It to easy to go a little over board to a point all focuse will purely be on the over the top parts. When I collect a army & on the building or painting front I try to aim that the focuse is on the whole model & not have one bits be way "over" the top.

With the next few Obliterators I will be adding a few more weapons, but as said not going over board with them.


Warsmith Abhorred Riddick






I've just to add some green stuff around the arm's to help give this a bit of strength before I add the shoulder pads. I've also to pick up a box of Finecast Raptors for there jump packs & to make my life easy when it come to useing these to converst my Daemon Prince Wings. I'm going with Jump Pack over Wings model wise as it fit the Iron Warriors better in my view & also for transport, I found wings to be more of a issue.


Champion for the 2nd Iron Warriors unit






I'm wanting to add some of the Chaos Rune along his power axe & the same gose for my Chaos Terminators.


Project - Iron


Right now I am aim on getting the Obliterator I just posted above all ready for painting on Wed when I go to my local GW store. If all gose well, then this will be great & given me a idea how I want my Obliterators to look model wise.


I'm aim to have the 22nd & 23rd of Dec as my own hobby time before the Christmas holidays take over with family, real life stuff & Assassin's Creed Revelations. Two days purely aim on building or/& painting my Iron Warriors. I'll be getting my Daemon Prince all finish building wise & both Rhinos for my 1st & 2nd Iron Warrior units along with all the plasticard work for the extra armour & Iron Warriors icons on the hatch. Also finish both IW units with the last bits of detail & make use of the new Games Workshop Trufts.

24th Dec I'll be aim to spend some time building up the rest of my Obliterators if my mail order arrive.


Then money permit, hoping to pick up my second Terminator unit & then pick up a box of Space Marines so I can make my Object marker as well.


That it for now, I'm going to try update this on the 24th or the 25th that the very least.



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Thanks, I'm aim to have each Champion stand out. Like my Wolf Guards in my Space Wolves. These are hero in there own right (in a chaos way), have there own story. This hold true to my IW as said that the start have collect this army for ten years :D


Just a quick update


Getting my Obliterators ready for painting tomorrow that my local GW store. Just wanted to get the metel look done




I'm preffer the look of this Obliterators over the orignaly one I posted back. While I am useing terminators bits, I still want my Obliterators to stand out & look bit more tech.

So hopeful 24th Dec seen the Bile backpack arrive from Mail order & money permit I am able to pick up the finecast Tech-Marine set.


Also forgot to post these up


This is a rough banner idea I was working on




Just I am unsure on the banner I have already painted. I am temp to go for the dark blue as this really help the Red Chaos icon stand out more than it dose on the White.

Just the banner are going to be one of the main focuse point in the army. Offer a lot for freen hand & general looking cool. So once I've got some idea I'll be re-painting the banner I have.


Also I try out the new Games Workshop turft grass




Really happy with this & have now bought the other set to try out after seen my local GW store Necron army. Seen both look really cool on the base.


So that it for now, only a few more days until it'll be my own few hobby days before Christmas, family & assassin's creed take up a fair amount of time.



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Mange to get a fair bit done today as my set hobby day


First up the Obliterator I recently posted








Mange to get the model painted that my local GW store yesterday. While today mange to get him varnish & use some of the GW Truft grass which is really great stuff, I use both type on my base as said after seen my local GW store Necron force.

Still to paint the Obliterator eyes & finish the cables on his Lascannon


Terminator - Squad 7: Tormentia. Which was also varnish today & base (static grass & GW truft)






1st Iron Warrior squad




I've chosen to go for the Blue banner over the White. As said this will be down to the idea I want to try out & the blue help it a bit better for contrast reason.


2nd Iron Warrior squad








I've still to get around to make the Autocannon arm Iron Warrior, but I need to wait until until after Christmas & to place a mail order for some Battlefleet gothic stuff, some great bits to use on the Heavy Bolter backpack & it'll help my own BFG fleets anyway


Finial before taken a small break to update this log. I was working on my second Obliterator make use of the finecast Techmarine I bought yesterday








In a few moment I'll be finish off the morphie flesh look around the Servo arm area & around the arm joints to the armour. Also need to add a few more bits here & there & I'll get the Obliterator painted on Sat when I go to my local GW to avoid the house tidy up.


Right now my IW new home




Right now my aim to get the Obliterator all finish so he ready for undercaoting tomorrow. I'm also going to try get those banner started with the Chaos Icons. Then tomorrow I'll be working on my Rhinos with plasticard/styrene extra armour & Iron Warrior icons onto the hatch. I'll try get a update tomorrow or Sat that least of the Rhinos before they are undercaoted.

Then Christmas will see my third Rhino unit of Chaos Marines, also seem I'll possible be getting a box of Raptors so my Warsmith/Daemon Prince will be converted during Christmas day before Assassin's Creed take up the best part of Christmas afternoon.


Then during the Christmas holidays hope to get my other Terminator unit & my finial two Obliterators so I can start getting some 1500pts games on the go!! I'll also need to sort out some Background for my 5th Grand Company for the tournaments. One thing I'd like to do is make a really cool looking army list for my IW, as Throne of Skulls are given out a award but also because the IW are one of my favrout armies (along with Space Wolves & Black Templars) in the 40k world.



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Huge fan, huge fan...


You are doing great work - very inspirational.


I'm waiting for the new codex to come out (the rumored "Legions" one) to take up on a Iron Warriors or Night Lords warband myself. After this thread the decision is made! Congrats!

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