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  1. Hey all, Newcomer to the forums here, although I've been a long time lurker and admirer of some of your excellent works. I've decided to take the plunge and start my own post regarding my humble Iron Warriors collection. It is an amalgamation of various armours, models, themes and timelines (so please don't expect any clinical accuracy regarding 30k/40k lore with the models themselves). Feedback welcome as always - see if you can tell who's inspired some of these miniatures! Brother Ortraxes Brother Ortraxes was there, all those years ago. He had seen it. He had seen the crumbling edifices of Imperial sovereignty, the once mighty bastions of the Imperial Palace laid low by the brilliance of their lord, and the cowardice and failure of the other legions. He had witnessed the birth of a dying emperor, and the damnation of his legion into the miasma of the warp. Ortraxes' rage had been kindled in those final moments, turned inwards. It had turned tempered iron into a brittle, unyielding mockery of its former self. He had become less than what he was, a bestial, snarling and feral member of the IVth legion. He was no longer governed by reason or pride or the honour of his legion. Ortraxes wished only to descend into the crucible of combat, where he could lay waste to the followers of this new, marooned, mongrel emperor. He would have his wish. Breacher Squad Themis Iron. A brittle and fragile metal, unless it is tempered and honed and utilised in its correct manner. Breacher Squad Themis had once been nearly twenty strong. At the time of the siege of the Imperial Palace, there had been twelve of them. Now, just five remained. They had been used as a blunt spearhead. They had been used to drive back the fury of the loyalist astartes, to venture into the ash covered wastes, to weather the fusillades of bolter, las and volkite fire and push back the vengeance of the emperor. Their panoplies had grown accustomed to their wearers. Each one had been modified, improved, and altered to best suit the needs of the occupant. Each one had been assembled from whatever pieces of equipment the IVth could muster in the eye of the heresy. Hastily assembled suits of armour that, whilst tailored to the occupant, was the best that could be done with the lot that had been given to them. Legate Acastus Acastus had not wished to be leader. He had not wished to have the mantle of responsibility thrust upon him so. When the former legate was conflagrated in a whirling maelstrom of flame and death, with nought but his charred remains to bear witness to his life, Acastus fell back on his training. He had pushed the opening. His bolter had grown heavy in his arms, and his shield was twisted and buckled from the torrent of abuse that had been directed at him. His left arm, long trained to bear the heavy adamantite shield, had grown limp and useless. But still, still he had marched forwards. Acastus' bolter had screamed vengeance at the Imperial defenders, barking death and terror as the inexorable Iron Warrior strode forwards. Acastus, through his stoicism, through leading by example, had earned the title of Legate. A title that rested uneasily on his brow. Brother's Acestes and Urian Brother's Acestes and Urian were unusual in the IVth legion. Born from the same village, they had been rivals since childhood. When Perturabo inducted them into the vaunted halls of the IVth legiones astartes, their rivalry became muted. Dulled by the realisation that, for all their pride and scorn for each other, they were but dust in the vast machinery of the great crusade. After the dropsite massacre, Acestes had been fortunate to acquire a highly advanced Iron Hands mark III helmet. The enhanced optics, coupled with the high levels of protection and durability that mark III offered, had rendered it a sought after trophy, and one that Acestes jealously guarded. Urian, in contrast, sought only to outlast Acestes. Whilst dulled and dwarfed by the machinations of the galaxy at large, his pride and stubborness had rendered him unable to see past Acestes' shadow. The silhouette of Acestes was one that drew tempered loathing from Urian. He vowed to outlast Acestes, and to have Acestes know that it was he, Urian, who was the better of the two. Brother Tiege The melta that Tiege wields has been heavily altered and customised, to mark the enemy and burn fear into their psyche. Brother Tiege had spent time with the Dark Angels legion, presumably where he had acquired their signature helm. Little is known about Tiege, having spent the majority of his service prior to the heresy on a fringe planet, dutifully guarding against the agonies of boredom. Brother Parthenios Parthenios was an outlier amongst the Iron Warriors. He had been given his name after his ascension to an astartes, owing to his unusually young recruitment age. Despite the kinly mocking that his brothers bestow upon him, he remains steadfast in his duty to dispense death to the enemies of the IVth. Having a particular affinity for grenades and chemical warfare, Parthenios has a surplus of explosive armaments adorning him for every engagement. ______________________ That's all for now guys - let me know what you think! Big praise to Apologist - it was his Iron Warriors blog on here that got me back into the hobby.
  2. After a few years hiatus and in the process of helping my folks move iv recovered my old minis many of which I never finished. Thinking out of all the factions that my iron warriors are the most likely to be finishable (just doing army nor caring much about codexs or such as I don't game anymore more doing a few cool minis and such. Anyway as my old photobucket is locked down apparently will attempt to add a few pics of what was my counts as deamon Prince dreadnought which was likely the last thing I got for these guys... https://i.imgur.com/hgMGgb2.jpg https://i.imgur.com/abGeWQo.jpg apologies fr edits, figuring out linking pictures. now im looking at the dreadknight im hating the blue on it even if originally it was to explain the mark of tzench. anything to get that inv save boost lol. is definitely on my list of things i want to revisit
  3. I have been trying to convert/kitbash for so long now, but keep second-guessing myself, so here goes. I'll write out below all I've gathered so far regarding the sword named Aegeas and I'd greatly appreciate your input, advice and/or comments regarding this project. Aegeas background: Name: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegeus In short; King of Athens, father of the hero that slew the minotaur, threw himself into the sea named after him when he believed his son dead. Name apparently also means goat-man. "broadsword of extraordinary balance and durability" https://www.medievalchronicles.com/medieval-swords/broadsword/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basket-hilted_sword "taken as a trophy from the clawed hands of a Xenarch" https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Xenarch https://wh40k-de.lexicanum.com/wiki/Xenarch#/media/Datei%3AXenarchconductionspine-1.jpg Isolationist xenos that worship the warp and are rumoured to generate biological electro-plasma, their electrical weapons are far superior to what the mechanicus can achieve. Warp-worshipping, is that the same as followers of chaos or something else? Is the Eldar described the same way? So are the Xenarchs followers of Chaos, namely Tzeentch or Slaanesh judging by their background, or some other deities? I'm thinking some slightly modified Necron bits and pieces could work to achieve a pommel, crossguard and/basket hilt for the sword to emulate the picture of the conduction spine, since wheter the sword is xenos or human in origin, it must have been able to be used by the xenarchs themselves to be able to be taken as a trophy. (Unless maybe the xenos use captured swords as decorations, who knows!) Also, from Kyr Vhalens background we know the Xenarchs used sabres, so perhaps Aegeas leans more towards looking like a sabre? Also, some unifficial fanart of a xenarch: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTh6mpX3_0R2Do-mS--Y-cUKZTKHWNGpj2rr4PI5zLbNQ&s "said to have its origins in the Dark Age of Technology" So is it from humans or xenos during the DAoT? If its from human DAoT origins then parts from the mechanicus and van saar could be appropriate, since the mechanicus see stuff from that era as the be all end all of technology, and the van saar got an stc, presumably from that era. Aegeas rules: +2 str AP3 Melee Breaching 4+ Blind Master-Crafted The blind rule combined with the xenarchs warp connection and electrical affinity has got me leaning towards Tzeentch(namely Tzeentchs connections with fire) as well as the winds of Hysh(light) and Azyr(heavens) from fantasy/age of sigmar. Hysh should be pretty self explanatory and Azyr is associated with the stormcast and lightning. And from what I know lightning is pretty blinding. However, backgroundwise the "extraordinary balance" part as well as the master-crafted rule got me thinking Slaanesh, plus Slaanesh loves putting on a "dazzling" display. So, that's pretty much all I've gathered information wise so far. I have been thinking about using the chaos terminator sword, due to its connection both to the warp as well as the pyramid shape in the middle of the blade, which calls back to the wind of Hysh and that college of magics use of pyramids. Another idea was to use the ossiarch bonereapers arch-kavalos speartip as a basis, since it is shorter and therefore more in line with the definition of a broadsword as well as looking more alien. My apologies to the mods if they feel this thread fits more in another part of the forum.
  4. My Chaos army has been calling to me for some time now. They've been a few things previously, they were Red Corsairs to begin with, then Black Legion and now I've settled on a legion. I read Storm of Iron last month and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them. I got a test scheme done on Saturday and absolutely loved how easy and quick it was done. I spent about 6-7 hours yesterday and bashed out another 4 models. Contrast really does work for the main 2 colours of this scheme Lots of Mark 3 armour (the best mark of armour), each squad will have a Comms operator and an Auspex scanner/spotter. The perks of having a large bitsbox and the army having been 2 other legions previously is that each model looks different even though there's a limited amount of sculpts for Chaos Marine bodies and legs. I'm currently building towards a 1k list which is: Chaos Terminator Lord with Power Axe Sorcerer 10 bolter Marines with 2 Plasma guns 10 bolter Marines with 2 AutoCannons 10 Chainsword marines with 2 flamers 1 Helbrute with Plasma cannon 5 Terminators 1 Rhino I'll be adding Daemon Engines of course and maybe a small unit of cultists but I want the main force to be Legionnaries which isn't great ruleswise atm but it looks damn cool
  5. Iron Warriors Showcase Show us picture of your IV legion models. We can give each other inspiration and make the other legions envy the metals and hazard stripes of the Iron Warriors.
  6. I’m working through my 4th legion for Horus Heresy and reading up on fluff to find out more about the Iron Warriors. What would be the likelihood (or possibility) of a large element of Iron Warriors left on a planet in garrison being completely cut out from the Siege of Terra and avoiding the the Scouring, resulting in them being intact and not being corrupted by Chaos? I understand if they were at some backwater planet that the imperium may not find them or may not even have knowledge that a planet was taken over and garrisoned by the Iron Warriors. Would it be possible to have a large unit of holdouts complete with all of their Heresy era equipment and support at this kind of Garrison?
  7. I thought I'd share my Chaos army and various WIP things, hopefully to motivate myself to get some more painting done! I have a decent sized Iron Warriors army, as well as a goodly number of Thousand Sons, which I'll get pictures of later. My current projects are a start up Emperor's Children Warband, and a force of The Cleaved. The Cleaved: I made this Plague Marine years and years ago when I had a spare blob of Green Stuff. The armour was a test piece for the new foundations, its straight Dheneb with a heavy devlan wash. He got some nice armour scores, and some weeping joints I abandoned them for a very long time, until the release of the new codex, whereupon I made a couple of plasma gunners to come later. I also have 5 of these guys that will be geting the cleaved treatment. My very first tank, well over 10 years old with an awful splotchy (but thin) nurgle paint job, back when the mark of Nurgle gave your vehicle +1AV all round. Rather than give it to the Iron Warriors, I've honoured it's heritage and dedicated it to the cleaved. The marine on the back was originally an ultramarine, but the blue wouldnt look good with the colour scheme. Green, however would, and seeing as there will probably be a few new DA players soon...and also to annoy Skink a little. The Nurglings on top need some detailing, as well as a few other bits and bobs, but I consider it table worthy after a weekend's work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With the new codex, I jumped at the chance to finally get some Slaaneshi marines under my belt. Noise marines with an 80's hair metal vibe. I wanted a full Sonic blaster squad, buy only had one and the blastmaster, so time to make up some stuff: Dude doing a squealy blaster solo, and regular blaster dude. You cant quite see the detail, ut they have hides/skin GS'd onto their leg armour, and regular dude has GW barbed wire wrapped around his thigh. Blastmaster and DeathKorg. You cannot have a band without a synth, so this guy got made up. The idea is that the bolter fires, gets some funky rhythm attached to it as it goes along the barrel, then hits the opponent with some music that they've probably never heard of. Noise Champion: Since squad leaders cannot currently have blasters, and in the hope that they can someday, I made something in between a combi bolter and blaster, the backpack (from the classic NM) and belt amp can also double as a Doom Siren. Smile:
  8. From the album: Iron Inspirit

    The symbol of the Iron Inspirit
  9. From the album: Pictures

    Iron Within, Iron Get Out

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