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Sometimes Excessus does hobby things...


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Excessus, great work as always. Question though, where'd this sword come from? Can't figure it out...




Looks like a Skaven halbard blade. 


Nice looking Alpha Legionaires.  Nice use of the loyalist parts along with the chaos gear. I agree with Eisenhorn's sentiment about to much Chaosy iconography.  Good stuf, keep it up!

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@Daemon Smith: Sure, but the hips are cluttered with gear now...though I think you can see it pretty ok. My heel-sculpting skills aren't that amazing, but it'll get better I reckon, hehe


@Tanith: Yeah, rednekkboss get's a gold star, it's from the skaven stormvermin sprue. I bought one aaaages ago thinking I would make some cultists or something out of them...but they were so small...I have maybe found a use for those bodies though...

@jimmy101: It's GS, combined with Galeforce Nine Hobby Glue! That stuff is insane! Permanently glues together, metal, plastic, paper, fingers...whatever you want and some things you don't want! :tongue.:

-My Lord there is a vox for you
-Ah thanks, yes, this is Lord Alpharius
-they summoned a WHAT???

Darn cultists, hehe


Gotta keep with the times and all that. My Alpha Legion doesn't work alongside daemons often due to the unpredictability of their nature and the difficulty of summoning them so far from the major warp storms. But sometimes the cultists can do a passable job at stabilising them in the material realm...

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Yeah, they look a bit more brutal. :)


Now, for my horrors. I made this a while ago, in an attempt to make the horrors a bit more...horrifying...






Any thoughts on that? Criticism is more than welcome, especially now before I start painting them...

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I'm not sure if its intentional but it kinda looks like he's screaming "ROCK ON!". The hair do adds to that.

Didn't have much thoughts when I was first doing it, just a vague idea...but strangely enough, the finished product somehow reminded me of these ones...but with real arms...




@Ludo, yeah the GS work is a bit shoddy, it needs improving for sure!

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I should be a clayshaper salesman as much as I sing their praises, but they make getting a smooth surface with your GS soooooooo much easier than metal tools. My only criticism about your sculpting work is the rough texture and some fingerprints in a few spots. Otherwise, the sculpting work itself is solid.

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Yessir! I had purchased some of the mini ones a few years back and they seemed OK, but this past christmas, I got a set of the regular size ones with the stiff rubber tips, and the difference they have made to my sculpting is phenomenal. They're a bit pricy, but I actively look forward to sculpting work now instead of doing everything I can to minimize it for a conversion I want to do.

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Here is a link to where I bought my color shapers. I got the firm ones, because I wasn't sure how well they would push greenstuff around. With some water, they can "polish" a surface smooth, or push up ridges and shapes without fingerprints ever coming into play. I used mine extensively when I sculpted up my Obliterators.



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Well, I'll have to make do with the tools I have for now. My horrors are needed in a tournament, and I need to get them done for that!


My jetbike progresses:








Now I need GS and some more...stuff...


GAH! I see a mould line!!!

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I didnt know you had a thread here?! =)

1. I have clay shapers. I can bring them some time to the shop and you can have a look/borrow them. Used them for my true scale Project, and they are great.

2. The jetbike is really cool!
3. You should take some pics of the army in action this weekend and put them up for all to see. =)


/ Obben


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